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  1. I would like to be added to the waitlist. I would like to be on the waitlist for a Tornado.
  2. Email sent You're making it tough on Santa ya know :laughing: Dang it... I was worried about that.
  3. Trades made for the Washington 2005 and an Alaska Bronze. Still looking for: GCC Selective Availability Red Any other Alaska makes or finishes Or an interesting offer... :-) I still have an Oregon 2004 and UK to trade.
  4. I have an extra Oregon 2004 and a UK coin that I am looking to arrange trades for I am looking for: GCC Selective Availability Red Alaska (Any style or finish) 2005 Washington Or any coin I don't have that might interest me! Here is my list: Coin List Send me an email if you're interested.
  5. I am looking for: First Finders Dance Selective Availibility Red And a Dec 2005 GCC coin (what is it called?) Winter Wind coin? I am willing to trade for any one of or combination of (for multiple trades) of the following: 2004 California 2004 Oregon SWAGS Christmas (for combination trade only) Email me! ~Bill aka: GeoNap
  6. I am looking for the following, anyone who has one of the following coins they are willing to trade, please email me. If you tell me what coin(s) it would take for you to part with one of these, I will check my "secret stash" of coins as well as work on acquiring whatever I don't have. Email me so we can start to work something out... I am looking for: Moun10bike ver1 Indydiver Capt. Prozac Waypoint 15 MiGo Fall MiGo Winter Gold Shadow Thanks in advance!
  7. Throwing this one out there... I have GeoNap coin #5 and a Ghost SWAGS Christmas 2005 coin to trade for any one of the following: Indydiver Capt. Prozac Waypoint 15 MiGo Fall MiGo Winter Gold Shadow Email me if you're interested.
  8. GeoNap coins: 103 coins sequentially numbered 3 LE blank coins (no number) Is someone compiling this information to a spreadsheet or word document?
  9. Trade made... Square Groundspeak coin gone!
  10. Any chance on getting my hands on a couple of these? Let me know and I can Paypal. Thanks ! ~Bill
  11. My wife just vetoed me trading my MIGO winter for it. Sorry to hear that ND... let me know if she changes her mind.
  12. It's actually 50, straight from the owners mouth. My understanding (from the owner as well) was that there were 50 of the round GD coins made and only 25 of the square ones. Are you sure you're referring to the square ones? I just double checked my email correspondance with him and he said 25 of the square ones. Either way though... pretty rare.
  13. I have a Groundspeak Project Square coin I would like to trade (see the picture below). There were only 25 of these coins made, which obviously makes it pretty valuable. I am looking for any of the following coins in trade: Indydiver Mou10bike ver1 (I can wish can't I?) MiGo Fall MiGo Winter Capt Prozac GeoWoodstock Bronze LE So if you have a spare one of these you've hidden away in a drawer, drop me an email.
  14. Ok... so what does it take for a guy to get a MiGo Fall and an MiGo Winter to complete his set? There must be some coin I have someone wants... or perhaps a coin I have which isn't even listed on my cointracking list (I have a few special ones saved in a drawer). Seriously... if anyone has a MiGo Fall or an MiGo Winter, let's talk!
  15. Thanks Team Nazgul and Blind Avcado... I think you're probably right. I will "call" it a bronze coin for now. Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it. Being from Calgary I can tell you with 100% confidence that coin #0936 is bronze. Thank you! I appreciate it. I have logged it as such...
  16. Thanks Team Nazgul and Blind Avcado... I think you're probably right. I will "call" it a bronze coin for now. Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it.
  17. I am trying to determine if a Calgary Cachers coin I have is either bronze or gold... they look VERY similiar! I think it's bronze, but wondered if anyone can tell me by the number of the coin? The coin is numbered 0936. Thanks in advance for any help! ~Bill aka: GeoNap
  18. I am almost out of GeoNap coins (except for the low numbers I held back)... when they're gone they're gone... no more will be made. Here's you're chance to get one of the last few GeoNap coins. I am still looking for a MiGO Fall and MiGO Winter coin to complete my set. If you are willing to part with one of these please drop me an email. Thanks!
  19. Ok fellow traders... I am loooking to complete my MiGO seasoanl collection... I would like to think I have a coin (or number) that someone wants. Please send me your information if you're interested... I havd added a MiGo Summedr coin.... but I am still looking for a MiGO Spring, MiGo Fall, and MiGo Winter coin. Take a look at my available coins on www.cointracking.com and keep in mind my available GeoNap coins. By the way, there have been a total of 106 GeoNap coins made (103 numbered and 3 blank)... after these are gone no more will be made. I've still got a few left but they have been flying out at light speed (check my website at www.geonap.com if you don't believe me). Not to sound negative, but there are not that many more original GeoNap coins left... if you want one now is the time. I have set a cutoff number... after that time I will only accept exceptional and/or rare trades. I am looking forward to talking to some traders with extra MiGO coins! ~Bill aka: GeoNap
  20. I'm still looking for that MIGO seasonal set... If anyone has extras of a certain season, let me know and perhaps we can arrange a trade.
  21. No offense taken. I been trying to get a complete set myself. I have half of the MIGO seasons so far but would not mind getting extras. I'm from the Mid West too. I'm sure your coin will get a offer before my offer considering your geocoin is one of the first original geocoins found in any geocache. Glad to hear we're still friends! :-) Even if I have a seasonal set before you ;-) Hope all is well with you... ~ GeoNap
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