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  1. The new map are also useless in Europe - with no details. They seems to only work in U.S... I always have to do click-eti-click for the old TB maps
  2. I disagree with the statement that plastic bag soak water - it vary based on how people treat it. Of course it requires that it is locked properly with a clips or twisted around and put properly in place. I have very good experience with mine during snowy winter. The dirty plastic bags should be changed in the spring to avoid moist and dirt during snow melting. Instead of removing the packaging that owners have prepared (and I will be mad if anyone do that with mine), it is better to help each other and spend the extra seconds to close it properly, and place the container back to its original place. Unfortunately some cachers don't do that, which create the unpleasant conditions. Luckely this is not a big problem in and around Oslo, since most active cachers take good care of each others caches. If any plastic bags are broken, we usually log it - and many bring new clean ones to change also others when needed.
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