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  1. http://jeep.geocaching.com/photos/ Here's my picture--We're on the first page if anyone wants to vote for us! We're going for the original american heritage--indian country!
  2. This is depressing..... nice coin though
  3. I picked up a red jeep today and written with a sharpie on the bug tag it said mission: alaska...I know Alaska in not in the jeep contest (and I think that stinks but that's another topic) so should I try to take the writing off? Should I leave it and just plant it? I'm not sure if I even have any right to remove the markings on the bug--if it was someone's personal bug I wouldn't touch it but it's Jeep's bug...this is only my 3rd bug find--am I just flaking out over nothing?
  4. Does that mean you leave an unactivated coin for someone to add to their collection? That sounds like a neat idea--I wish there were more caches here but in West Texas they are far and in between! I planted a red jeep in a gorgeous wildlife preserve on 1 july and no one has touched it yet! I may have to go back and grab it next week and put it in a more accessible area....
  5. Ok, ya'll will probably think this is silly but we're a bit new to all this...we got our first geocoins in the mail today! I'm so excited! One is the sniper chicken and one is the air force coin...I'm so impressed with the detail and how heavy they are! We've only run across one in the "wild" and it was a simple design...The only thing is (blushing) I like them so well I don't want to send them out! How do you guys do it? I'm afraid it will disappear into some muggles pocket...and......well........they're so shiny! lol...I just don't want to give them up! maybe I should order another to put in a cache?
  6. Hi Tim! I'm Christy and my son John (8)and I are also addicted to coins. We've been geocaching for a total of 2 weeks and we've found 1 geocoin and 2 travel bugs. My son thought the coin was so cool--he wanted to keep it...I explained to him that it was someone elses coin and we were just helping it travel. Then we promptly went home and ordered 4 (none of them are here yet). We are totally addicted to this forum and the coins are the icing on the cake! Happy caching!
  7. I just got the Vista Cx and I love it!I get right up on the cache and it's very accurate. I pick up satellites in the house...tree cover is no problem at all...It's also very easy to read in the sunlight and the little stick on it makes navigating a breeze--JMO
  8. I have one within 10 miles--it was my first cache...There are 18 within a 20 mile radius--we've found 8 so far--that number will probably change today
  9. Is there anyway to search for red jeeps by distance from your home coordinates? I want to find any within 200 miles but can't figure out how to narrow down to that without getting every cache w/o one in it too... I guess I can go page by page through all 8000 but with 400 pages that might take a while! Also is there a place where you can view all the entrants in the photo contest? I think it would be nice to see all the different versions of each month's theme... Thx
  10. My son John with the Taurus geocoin... And finding his first cache....
  11. So the topic of the month is American Heritage...we are supposed to go out and take pictures of our jeep bug with something of an "american heritage" nature....that's pretty wide open....just curious--what do ya'll have in your neighborhood that can be defined as american heritage? We have oil field museums, ancient indian camp grounds, fourth of July fireworks shows, and military bases.... The definition: heritage Main Entry: her·i·tage Pronunciation: \ˈher-ə-tij, ˈhe-rə-\ Function: noun Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French, from heriter to inherit, from Late Latin hereditare, from Latin hered-, heres heir — more at heir Date: 13th century 1: property that descends to an heir 2 a: something transmitted by or acquired from a predecessor : legacy, inheritance b: tradition 3: something possessed as a result of one's natural situation or birth : birthright<the nation's heritage of tolerance>
  12. It's a (urban) jungle out there....
  13. I got the Naugatuck River (CT) Red Jeep Travel Bug. Never heard of it until now! Anyone live near this river?
  14. This is Ramses the Great--my 90lb goldendoodle... I smell cache... It's in here somewhere.... Maybe if I move this branch I can get it... Relaxing before the hunt.. Love those tankhounds!! We just moved to Tx from C.Spgs, is that 3rd ACR?
  15. So I got my jeep in the mail today--no instructions or anything...the contest says it starts July 1st. Should I hold onto it until then or should I plant it now? I've never done the jeep thing so should I take a picture with it?? Will "grabbing" it count as a find? Anyone know what to do or should I just hang out and wait? BTW This little red jeep will be placed somewhere in West Texas.....
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