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  1. I'm hoping someone on here can help me with a predicament. I made a travelbug noobie mistake and didn't activate a trackable before I placed it in a cache. We were in California on a trip from Delaware, and I figured I could activate it after the fact, but it turned out I didn't have the activation code with us. When I went to activate it when we got home less than 2 days later, it had already been found and the finder activated it as his own!! I've messaged and e-mailed the finder and have not heard back. I also submitted a help message to Groundspeak. I sent the finder the link to transfer ownership via adoption, but I have a fear that they won't do it. What are my options? Do I have any? I'm really upset about it since it was a special one and we hung on to it to plant someplace special. I didn't expect this to happen. The initial mistake was mine, but this seems like a breech of travelbug etiquette to me. I appreciate any suggestions. Kim (Kimba-Rex)
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