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  1. Is anyone having difficlty puting an image into the Adventure lab completion section. I get an Error 500 message each time. I can put an image in the Cover image section easily
  2. I enjoy listening to podcasts when using the Adventure Labs app. When I open the AL app my Pocket Casts stops playing and you have to start the Pocket Casts again. Is this an easy fix?
  3. This used to be a problem a few years ago when all finds were logged in US Pacific time. When logging in Australia the days are incorrect. It has been updated for other caches so it would be good if this can be fixed as well.
  4. Can I suggest having an alert when placing a hide which would not allow you to have 1.5 or more for terrain and accessible by wheelchair. A simple algorithm should be able to stop users doing this, making it easier for the hard working reviewers.
  5. If I lock a trackable, can it be unlocked when I want it logged again?
  6. Has any one travelled to the US and Canada and have the number of finds in States and Provinces recorded separately? Why not for Australia? I know we get separate souvenirs but we are just as big as both those countries (in area at least) so why not have the same lists. Any suggestions on how to make a recommendation to make improvements??? Brian
  7. Yes you do get souvenirs for each state and territory you visit but they are not listed separately like states and provinces in North America. Strange when we are such a big country. Enjoy your visit!
  8. Thanks That answers my question. It should be an easy fix when the location of each cache is by definition known. Perhaps a bit of adgitation to fix the problem for all members who don't live in the Pacific Time zone.
  9. I manually changed the date I collected two souvenirs to make them on the date they are awarded. My Question is still the same. Anyone know the answer?
  10. Is the souvenir on 11 June recorded when it is 11 June local time or when it is 11 June in one of the US time zones? Sydney time on most of 11 June will be a different time in the US.
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