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  1. ubuntu ftw! I've been linux-only since dapper, and now I'm on Intrepid. I used sendmap in the past to load some of ibycus' maps onto my unit, but generally I avoid connecting to my computer like the plague cuz I figure there's nothing good out there. (I'm a gui guy, not much for command-line) I'm gonna try out gpsbabel seeing as how there's a bunch of people who say they use it, and I'll try your geoqo as well. yamar
  2. odeargod, it works! I didn't bother to check the firmware because I didn't know how to upload a more current version to my unit. the test screen is rather interesting. I call bs on the accuracy of the thermometer though. 25C? I would've been cracking windows open. Maybe it's an internal unit temp. numeric battery strength and signal strength values are interesting. did the reset, and was excited to see the unit get a fuzzy grey signal on a satellite. more excited still when it got a lock and displayed my coordinates! although I'm shedding a tear for all my waypoints and 10 tracks. at least I have 10 new spaces for tracks now. the reset did not delete my 12 topo maps though, that was nice. thanks webscouter Yours in Scouting, Wrongway (the sober rover)
  3. any other ideas then? I left my unit to try and acquire for hours on end over the weekend as I was canoeing down the Fraser River.
  4. need a little help... my Garmin eTrex Legend won't acquire any satellites. not even partially. according to my unit, there's nothing but clouds in the sky. the only thing out of the ordinary I can find on my unit is that the date&time displayed are wrong, and I'm thinking that's causing the problem. my GPSr is trying to convince me that it is currently 6:31pm on Apr 1st, 2009 the actual time/date is 1:20am Apr 16th, 2009. I can't find any way to change it on the unit. Am I missing something? Simply connecting it to my serial port isn't automatically updating the time from my computer. Do I need to use a program to do that? Is there one out there that will? And just to throw an extra wrench into this, I'm on Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid), not windows.
  5. haha. "What the heck are all these points there for?" there are soooo many POI's all labeled as 'Other' it seems like everything shaded grey (green? treed areas) is indicated as Park when you hover over it, in much the same way you said the dark grey (blue? water areas) are indicated as Lakes. But with the treed areas, there wouldn't be something proper to label it as, just strip it of its claim of being a park. (unless it happens to be a park I suppose) I'm loving the detail and the accuracy. this is awesome. I have noticed one road problem, but that's to do with the data. It's a re-done hwy interchange that I always look at on a map to gauge how up-to-date it is. (just a little nerdy?)
  6. ogod! it works! I went back to trying sendmap, and managed to figure it out! now I'm able to get the .img files onto my GPS, and wow. good job! thanks! by the way... in case anyone else is wondering how to make it work... sendmap doesn't require an installation. just download the file. I used sendmap17Lstatic. so in terminal, type something to the effect of $ /home/sendmap17Lstatic /dev/ttyS0 -u "/home/092/G - Vancouver/10920701.img" depending of course on the location of the sendmap file, and the .img file
  7. I went and upgraded my OS to Feisty. qlandkarte is ... mostly working my GPS will now tell my computer stuff, like showing my waypoints and tracks. but I haven't managed to get the computer to share its info with the GPS, like uploading the .img files... it's always something ain't it. dadgum you murphy! (haha, stupid censor. 'dadgum'? jeez)
  8. I kinda figured I was missing something. my etrex didn't come with such a CD. not that it would help me, being on linux, but I feel a little shafted
  9. bahaha. of course. qlandkarte is for feistyfawn, not dapperdrake. I might have to upgrade. (for those of you on windows scratching your head, think of it as me having XP and the program being for Vista) I'd actually like to avoid that hassle for a couple months though.
  10. nope, I haven't but I will be, thanks
  11. does anyone know if there's a how-to out there for making my etrex talk nicely to ubuntu? or if there isn't, maybe detail the how-to here. I'm not that great with command line stuff, but it looks like I might have to do that. I've dl'd all the .img I want. I dl'd sendmap but haven't been able to figure out how to install it. I've installed gpsbabel (version 1.2.7-1), which should be able to do the trick, but I haven't figured out how to use it. thanks
  12. wahoo, awesome I guess I should start trying to find out how to upload such stuff to my etrex I'm on Ubuntu, not Windows... so it might not be easy
  13. dude! that's so awesome! I just bought my first GPS a week ago, and I'm far more interested in mapping than geocaching, but I've found 2 caches so far, and it is rather addicting. could you do 92? thanks a lot!
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