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  1. I had this problem and found that the cable must be FIRMLY attached to the eTrex. When I pushed it down very hard, then my PC and gsak had no problem finding the eTrex.
  2. Funny. This past spring, I bought an eTrex just to take hiking. I'd never heard of geocaching, but wanted the GPSr just to lay out and track my movements when I was hiking. It actually was helpful (and a great toy!). Then on my second day of hiking, I met Duncan and Gaynor who were geocaching. They told me quite a bit about it, so I decided to try it a few weeks later. My wife and I now try to find several caches each week and really enjoy both the exercise and the hunt. But where we hunt, the tree canopies can be pretty serious, so we're now thinking of upgrading to an Hcx model. More toys!!
  3. Hi, I bought a basic eTrex a bit over a month ago just to take hiking (I knew nothing about geocaching at the the time). Since then, I have been introduced to geocaching, found a few caches, and have been having a wonderful time searching for and finding caches, and surfing the Groundspeak forums (fora?). If I do much more geocaching, though, I will soon want to be able to download waypoints to my eTrex. I know there's a serial cable available, but we don't have any computers in the house with serial ports (all we have are PCs with USB ports). So we would also have to buy a serial-USB cable PLUS the Garmin eTrex-PC serial cable. Buying the two cables amounts to some serious money. It might just be better to buy a new/different gps unit and not be out much more money. I am writing to ask opinions/sources. Does anyone know of a reliable place via the internet for someone in Canada to get inexpensive cables? And if not, does it make sense just to buy, say, a LegendCX rather than shell out for the cables? Thanks!
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