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  1. Sorry if this is a newbie question... I wondering what this POLoader app is all about. I've got it loaded and I'm going to do some traveling at some point, and I see on the Garmin site that there are all sorts of aftermarket "type" sites... are there any that you folks recommend? How exactly does it work? The travel will be US based. Thanks in advance, Pete
  2. Just wanted to thank everyone for their help and their questions... the auction looks like it is set to end shortly and I wanted to be sure and thank everyone for hints, tips, and ideas. Thanks again, Pete
  3. All set to go on eBay tonight... I wanted a fellow forum member to get it. Just something about knowing it'll go to a cache-type that would have made a nice home... Thanks for the chance, Pete
  4. I've always gotten good results in thick tree cover, etc. The last time I was crawling around in some thick brush looking for a cache on Island Beach State Park (NJ) -- (I didn't find the cache, but I did find plenty of ticks.) Used it in NYC which is about as close to "between buildings" as I can get... worked very well. Hope this helps, Pete
  5. To answer your first question: The CD's got destroyed when the last woman I was dating kid's decided to throw them around like "frisbee numchucks" (I doubt I spelled that right)... anyway, one crack and the other was so badly scratched that I could use it. To answer your second question: I do have back-ups of the other disks, but I have to wonder why anyone would want them (they are welcome to have them) if the originals work 100% Does that help answer your questions? Thanks, Pete
  6. Ok Folks... I'm ready to sell it. I'll post it here for a couple days and if it doesn't go I'll put it up on eBay. Truthfully, I would rather see it get a good home here. Here is EVERYTHING that it comes with along with a description. 1) Twelve (12) BSTRONG LCD Protectors, Plus the one that is on the unit. The twelve unused ones are in the original package. The display is 100% perfect and like new. These screen films are awesome and do not change the view in the least. In fact they improve glare, etc. when caching, etc. 2) Magellan Serial Interface wire (This is the original one that came with the unit and not some third party junk. 100% perfect, and 100% original.) 3) Automotive Bracket (This is made by Magellan, and not a third party junk -- the real deal, and 100% perfect) 4) Cigarette Lighter Adapter (which integrates into the back of the Automotive Bracket, if wanted) -- This also, is 100% Magellan, and perfect. 5) SanDisk "Cruzer" USB SD Reader/Writer. Pop the 256MB SD in this and you can update maps, etc. MUCH faster than using the serial cable. It is 100% perfect. This also comes with nice, well made case. Really nice to have. 6) SanDisk 256MB SD Card. This is an ACTUAL SANDISK card, not some no-name brand. It is inside the unit, that is why it is not in the picture... It is perfect as well. 7) MapSend Topo 3.0 Original, with Box (UPC has been cut off for rebate when I bought it) and Case. Perfect. 8) Meridian Color (The actual GPS Unit) -- What can I say. It's perfect, the LCD is perfect and bright -- comes with original box. (UPC has been cut off for rebate when I bought it.) 9) REAL NEOPRENE case. This is the part that I get most excited over because often cases simply aren't very good. I paid top-dollar for this one, it is made in the UNITED STATES!!! Not some China knock-off. The clear plastic is in great shape, and it is heavy duty so will do a great job of protecting the unit. It fits the unit like a clove and has heavy duty release clip for the belt clip (the clip is on the back of the case that you can't see in the picture.) -- All I can say is I know I'm probably being silly, but the case, at least to me, is what made this unit that much more of a pleasure to use. When I bought it, I thought I was insane, but it was worth every cent. I hope whoever gets it enjoys it as much as I did. 10) MapSend Street v1.0 (THIS IS A BACK-UP of an ORIGINAL that *I* BOUGHT) -- the original was destroyed, and being the slightly cautious person that I can be, I backed it up when I bought it... which most times turns out to be a waste of a CD ROM, but in this case was a good idea! There is nothing left except the two CD-ROMS. Right now the best offer I have is $218.00 and that includes the shipping and insurance. So... I'll offer the same deal here. I'll ship in anyplace in the lower 48 for $218.00 (or more, depending on the best offer I get.) I'll take Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover. I will also take a check or a money order, but I won't ship it until the check clears. I don't take PayPal. Let me know if you have any questions or comments. You can see my eBay user ID, which is "buyacandle" 100% feedback, and I take pride in the condition of the things I own and, in this case, have to sell...
  7. Thanks for the interest folks... I'm going to take a few days and think about it. It looks like I *will* be selling the whole setup... I just want to snap a photo of it all and write a good description. Pete
  8. It is in all like-new condition (I take pride in caring for my stuff!): Magellan Meridian Color (w/box and all docs) Neoprene case 12V Cigarette Lighter Adapter Plastic "Screen Protector" (Color-form like stuff) 256k SD Card MapSend Topo (Original Copy w/box) DataCable Direct Route v1.0 (COPY of **MY** ORIGINAL, THAT I BOUGHT, original ruined when used as frisbee) (GRRRR!) Automotive Mount I'll try and snap a picture of everything when time permits... Please any other questions you may have. Thanks, Pete
  9. That's just it... I don't know what it is worth... I've been looking on eBay and they get a good dollar for them! I also have the neoprene case and I'm sure other goodies that I can't think of... I should mention that the v1.0 Road discs I have are copies made from discs that *I* owned that were ruined when a certain somebody thought they were a frisbee! The Topo software is original and I have the box for that as well. Searching by completed auctions on eBay the unit alone is getting between $130 and $193... plus I have a ton of things for it... I'm really looking for somebody who: A) Knows what it is worth to kinda help me along Will make better use of it than I will. Pete
  10. I have no idea what it is worth, but I have my eye on a different toy... I figure before I put it all on eBay I'd poke around here... I even have the original box. I even bought a pack of screen protectors for it. I love the unit, but if someone else can enjoy it... it'll make me happy... Let me know if anyone is interested, Pete
  11. ---------- Addition #6 The Exit / Route number or Street name does not appear on my Meridian Color when traveling on a limited access highway and using the street to street go to function. Secondary roads are OK. Ed: This is a regression from V1/V2 and ultimately caused Skramblr such frustration that he returned the product. From the link above. Am I crazy (hehe, like my name) or does this mean that that for navigation, v3 is just not as good as v1? I like my v1... I'll be doing some driving the weekend, so I'll let you folks know what I think. Pete
  12. Ok. I have v1.0 and I'm *thinking* about getting v3.0 (which is on DVD)... my question is, what did they change? Is it worth it? Thanks! Pete
  13. Thanks guys! Looks like I'll need MapSend Direct Route 3.0 - which is on a DVD... anyone know the best place to get?
  14. Hi, I have a Magellan Meridian Color and the MapSend Topo CD... My question is, how will (if at all) my on-road navigation abilities with this GPS change if I had the MapSend Streets CD? The Topo has streets, but doesn't seem to work right. If I had the MapSend Streets, would I get turn-by-turn directions, etc, or am I missing something? Sorry for the newbie questions, but I really want to get this thing working for things outside of Geocaching... Thanks, Pete
  15. Thanks Stunod! You always seem to answer my Qs... I'm thinking I may back things up and toy with the that mod (#3)... dunno... Thanks again, Pete
  16. Skippy2, I bought the 256 and I *wanted* the 512. To make a long story short, I'm using about 32 of the 256. IMHO I can't see using what I have, unless I plan to drive cross country with the wife or something... then I can certainly see the use. Just my opinion. Pete
  17. Ok, I've had some good time to play with my Magellan Meridian Color. And I have to say, I love the thing. Now for some questions: 1) What does it mean when the bread-crumb trail becomes "scatered" -- like instead of one line, you get three "fanned out" lines... then it becomes one again? 2) Some times, the thing shows me being dead-on the right spot (i.e. the right side of the road, etc.) Other times, the thing is telling me I'm way off from being on the road, yet I have a bunch of satellites being read... Does this have anything to do with initializing it? 3) I found a modification that seems to make the map "less cluttered" at certain zooms... the instructions show it for the non-color. Has anyone done the mod for the color? This is the mod I'm talking about: http://www.dengoods.com/meridian/index.html That's all for now. :-) Thanks to everyone that gave me help I love my "Strong" display plastic, and everything else... I really appreciate all the help. Pete
  18. Marky, Let me tell ya... it rocks! I got my Meridian color for $311 deliveed (after rebate)... I swore it couldn't be legit. But it was... In any event, before you buy something... always use it. (well, except for maybe a can of peanuts or something.) Happy I could help, Pete
  19. Hahahaha -- sorry, but then they add $14.95 for shipping!!! LOL. So the real price is almost $80.00. Just buy it from Amazon, and get the free shipping. That's what I did. In the end, everyone was the same price on this, +/- $1... Just use froogle.com and you'll see what I mean. Pete
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