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  1. Sorry BuckBrooke, I just found out that the links in my last post didn't work. Don't know what I did wrong. RD1700 (US) U.S.Coast & Geodetic Survey (oldest type) QE2315 RD1752 (OR) Yamhill County (with logo) RD1708 (OR) Polk County M S
  2. Thank you, I found one other like this in MAY RD1700 The photo isn't as good. I think that the "+" was put on when it was stamped. Here is YAM 1903 I don't guess I'll ever see another. Nobody's THAT lucky. Enyoy
  3. Thanks Difficult Run, MARY was not an easy mark. But I have to say, the pure joy of brushing off the last of that dirt, followed by an almost sinful sense of pride, makes me think that this Benchmarking stuff might be addictive. —M S
  4. I tried using a metal detector and a probe on the first attempt. But neither would penetrate the crushed stone. Also, there are a lot of metal artifacts and the ground was far too hard to dig up everything. So I took a lesson that I learned here in the Forums. (What a gold mine for Benchmarking knowledge.) I acquired the best compass I could afford, with an adjustment for declination and mounted it on an aluminum and plastic tripod. Malnut and I stretched string along the azimuths from the box score. We made all the measurements we could find to make and left a mark for each one. We ended up with an ellipsis shaped area about one by two feet. Then we started digging. The sod over the mark makes it clear that the ground hadn’t been disturbed in the last five or ten years or more. MS
  5. So I went up to Mary's Peak in Oregon today and unearthed this old style disk. QE2315 I thought some of you would enjoy it too. Meet MARY 1903
  6. Carry a whisk broom with you. A vigorous brushing will sometimes bring out detail and not change the patina.
  7. A bump to keep this interesting thread alive. So here is my small contribution: RD1700 (US) U.S. Coast & Geodetic Survey – Oldest - better photo RD1752 (OR) Yamhill County - 2 RD1708 (OR) Polk County
  8. Portland OR must be an inexpensive city for vandals. $50.00?
  9. RD1682 Here is a photo of HOLD RM 2 and part of the quarry that is about to eat it. Here it is from the other side. Not very scenic I know, but may be worth seeing?
  10. It would be hard to get that one right. The 24 is dominant.
  11. Close. I was thinking BMU 137 1957 because of the previous ones. That is really busy.
  12. “RNYRNF” So what’s with all the extra stampings? Are there a lot more like this out there? I can almost imagine them running out of room and adding another disk. Well ... almost.
  13. Can you guess what the designation of this disk is by looking at the stamping? Check your answer HERE
  14. Here are two more. I wonder if they were Bright-Dipped or Anodized? Look how PTS 8 is starting to oxidize in the center where it's damaged. PTS 9 PTS 8 Got the Titles mixed up.
  15. I have my fingers crossed. Sure hope this works. Mary's Peak RM 3 and the Oregon Cascades.
  16. VERY nice! And interesting to note that all eight notes on the mark are MONUMENTED, not RECOVERY. Seems that everyone felt the need to upgrade the mark in some fashion. Yes, the mark looks like it could very useful. To the East, it overlooks the Willamette Valley to the Cascade Range, and to the West, the Chehalem Valley to the Coast Range.
  17. In Oregon, This must be one of the oldest Disks. It's an old style C&GS disk placed in 1903. RD1700 YAM 1903 I found it today and ... ok I'm very proud of it.
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