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  1. That was in '07? They fix it now? The line is shut down. The track was compromised in over a dozen places and the cost of repair has not been justified as far as I can tell.
  2. Here is another old style disk. QE2273 RIDGE Enjoy, MS
  3. Very nice find 2/3 Marine. Maybe instead of re-blazing, I could carry some stone drills with me and drive … No, maybe not. It’s disconcerting to think that the SCHOOLMARM blaze and the Rockhounders’ blaze that Bill93 posted are about the same age. Life must be really tough above 11,000 feet in Colorado. MS
  4. Bill93, The two live oak markings are very enlightening. I don’t think I would have recognized those as a Bar-X blaze. Most of the blazes in my neck of the woods are on Oak, Maple, or Doug Fir. m&h, Thank you. Re-blazing a tree is starting sound a little like vandalism to me, now that you mention it. I think I’ll put away my stamp freshening up kit too. MS
  5. The Triangle Blaze I have recovered several Marks that have a tree with a Triangle Blaze as an RM. Most times the tree or stump is no longer there. But on at least two occasions, I know I found the tree and yet could not recognize a Blaze or even a scar. I did find one on a Power Pole but that doesn’t count. One historian told me to look for a scar that looks like a cat’s face. Anyone have photos of these scars that could give me an idea of how they change with tree growth? Also, If you found an old scar, would you re-blaze it? MS
  6. "I couldn't help but think of this comedy sketch when I read your log and took a gander at your photos for BALD" Ha! I keep thinking that naming that mountain top Bald, is like naming a bald man Curly. I guess a lot can change in a hundred years. MS
  7. QE2398 SLICK In the Oregon Coastal Range. MS
  8. I found QE2396 BALD today. Maybe you'd like to see it? MS
  9. RD1266 more photos here This is a RR bridge over the Nehalem River. Note the odd dip in the tracks in the background. High water in 2007 washed away the Foss Rd Bridge, and disturbed some of the track. I apologizes to foxtrot_xray MS
  10. Here is a six pointed star MAGNETIC STATION set in 1917. QE0491 MS
  11. Hi George, Just being literal. PID RD1728 is an NGS Disk that was NOT SET PRIOR TO 1972. Recovered in Oregon 1/27/2008 Once again, you may publish any photo that I have posted to Groungspeak. MINN
  12. The Roof Hatch The manager made it clear that I was to push the round hatch lid “up and then toward the center of the roof”. I didn’t understand until I was up there, that the hatch is in the very corner, and lid would have a great fall if someone moved it the wrong way. The roof hatch lid is closer to the edge than its radius. Getting To the Top There lift is a steel cage just barely big enough to fit a man of not too great of girth. The door at one time folded closed like a telephone booth. Now it is jammed and rusted open. There was a rusty old wooden handled screwdriver jammed in the corner holding a limit switch closed (so the lift thinks the door is closed). The control was a box with a black and a red button. At least I could choose when to ‘go and stop’. As long as the black one is held in, the lift went up. Hold the red, you go down. Let your finger slip and you jerk to a stop. It was a wonderful adventure! MS edit spellin
  13. Gosh! I'm glad I didn't know about Paul's Principle before I hunted AH2324 Friona ET Otherwise I may never have left the house. It was one of my best adventures. MS
  14. Paul, I have been seeing this too. Thanks for discovering and publishing this simple work-around. Three BACKSPACES and ENTER. Why didn't I see that? Thanks again, MS
  15. "Summers indicated that commencing on January 10, 2009, a $1,000 bounty would be paid for each fully-documented recovery of an NGS benchmark, thus stimulating the spending behavior of benchmark hunters and freeing up resources at related state and federal agencies, such as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)." Obama becomes POTUS on January 20, 2009.
  16. Ok, this is only slightly related to Benchmarking. But, I stumbled across this story and just have to share it with you. The world’s weirdest engineering disaster may have been caused by a miscalculated triangulation station. I hope you don’t think it’s too far off topic. Lake Peigneur Louisiana 1980 A Texaco oil drilling rig set up at the wrong location and ended up destroying millions of dollars worth of property. No one was killed. See this Amazing 10 min video MS
  17. Here is a couple that I did not find. I wonder if the surveyor will ever know the appropriateness of the name he gave this station. RD1682 I wanted this one bolt so bad that Malnut and I hiked for twelve miles (round trip) to hunt it, only to return joyless. RD1255
  18. Well I'm still getting error messages when I try to log ALL my Benchmarks. RD1255 RD1256 RD0758 RD0759 RD0745 If it were only 5% of them, I wouldn't be posting here. M S
  19. Yah, It was me that didn't look. It maks me feel sooo stupid.
  20. Well You have to go and look ... Don't you? All the metal may be gone. Look for the concrete. I bet you find it. edit to add: I should look at the satellite images before Post.
  21. Heck pgrig! I couldn't even find your dime in that photo. What a great and well earned recovery!
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