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  1. I have been involved with hosting an Event in Fundy National Park in New Brunswick, Canada every year since 2008 only missing 2020, so 14 years and still going.
  2. Can you reuse a Lab? If I delete a Lab do I keep the credit or is it gone forever? I assume if I edit it to make a new one the people who already found it won't be able to find it again?
  3. I swapped three coins and I just sent all three off in the mail tonight. #1 sent to Maristua in Norway #2 sent to Bowlr in California #3 sent to Rdyklwt in Utah Now I sit back and wait for my gifts..lol Thanks For doing this!
  4. Name sent: November 13, 2016 Name received: I sent my gift: My gift arrived at destination: I received a gift:
  5. The teams are in a high-stress situation for long periods of time, which will take its toll. When they're stressed enough (sometimes even to the point of panic), tunnel vision can kick in and obvious details can become invisible. We've seen many times in the past where teams will run right past a clue box several times without seeing it. Sitting at home on our couches with a camera focusing on the detail, we don't get a true picture of what the teams are faced with, visually, physically, or mentally. As for the flags, it appeared to me that they were digging down through the box until they saw a flag that they thought was the correct one, then stopped digging. It wasn't until later that they dug deeper and found the similar one, at which point they all seemed to clue in almost immediately. BTW, are all New Brunswick caches just sitting out in the open like they appeared to be in the clips for that half of the detour? We had originally hidden them a lot better but the producers were concerned that it would be too hard. We had a few well camouflaged containers but they made us change them and move them to make them findable and most of them were in parts of the park not open to the public so they were safe out in the open. Most of our caches are in trees due to the amount of snow we get, the winter friendly attribute is used a lot here, which is better than snakes
  6. That sounds cool, but too bad not one chose it, any idea how long the other task took? Over two hours, it would have made a huge difference if they figured it out quickly, the hides were not difficult. We sat there watching them struggle with the flags hoping one would switch.
  7. I was the geocacher that created that detour. They contacted Cache Up NB in February and we agreed to do the challenge for them. I spent two days setting it up and also tested it multiple times the day before with the producers to ensure it was exactly what they wanted. There were 15 caches total and 12 of them had items to collect. It was much larger than a football field, all in the woods and took me about 45 minutes to do, knowing where every thing was. They were provided with a brand new Garmin 64 with the caches preloaded and given a two minute crash course and sent on their way, if they had chosen us...lol. It was a lot of fun setting up and I am disappointed that they all went the other way but that is the way it goes.
  8. I go to this event every year and have a great time. Sometimes I go out to find caches, sometimes I just stay at Ma&Pa's place to eat and chat.
  9. Is this only for geocachers in Ontario or can we do it in Atlantic Canada since the Ontario reviewers do our listings as well?
  10. Another site is www.cacheupnb.com it is a site about caching in New Brunswick. It is not an association but a meeting place with plenty of information and promotes a healthy atmosphere for caching in New Brunswick.
  11. On fathers day last month, myself and 3 other "dads" got a day of caching gift from our wives and since it was the longest day of the year we decided to cache from dawn to dark. We planned our route and we found 128 during daylight. Most were about 100 meters or less from the car except for a series of 8 in a 4 km stretch hike. We packed food and water so we didn't have to stop to refuel. We started out at 4am and got home around midnight, we started about 100km from home. One of my best days caching ever.
  12. We had a new cacher appear in our area one day with 2 hides and no finds. The caches were two 35mm containers, completly taped up so that they wouldn't leak(cover taped over, had to cut it open). No logs and the co-ordinates were way off, 10-20 meters. He has since hidden 25 more, which now have logs, and still only has a few finds. Most of us ingnore them now and most of them are poor hides in poor areas. We have emailed him and invited him to some local events but he doesn't show up. We have a good support system in our area with many local events to socialize and we always invite any new cachers. I believe that most cachers should get a few under their belt before hiding, I wasn't comfortable untill about 200 finds. Some people love to hide and that is great but if you get a reputation for poor hides you won't get any finds on them.
  13. I asked a question 3 days ago and still no reply, maybe it's just me.
  14. Ok, I'll keep watching and trying, I still want to do it, Thanks
  15. There have been many questions asked in here and there are no answers or there are guesses by the other forum members. It seems that the only way to make this work is to buy a "Colorado" that Groundspeak is pushing. How about a making it work on other platforms beside the colorado or PDAs with GPS, most users will already have both separately and will not be willing to buy new equipment right away. If this was available to most geocachers it would take off quickly. I would love to do it but if my 6 month old GPSR and 5 month old PDA can't do it, I won't be doing it anytime soon (according to my wife ).
  16. I asked this question 2 days ago, no one answered me, maybe you will have better luck.
  17. I have a HTC P4000 PPC and I have installed Wherigo, now can I connect my Magellan 500 to it via the usb? I am getting an error stating that no GPS device could be found NMEA-0183 protocol and to make sure they are paired via bluetooth. I have tried all the NMEA setting on the GPS with no luck so am I to assume it has to be a PPC with built in GPS?
  18. why do "needs maintenence" logs to the cache owners, not count in my total finds? Do I have to do a separate "found it" log?
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