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  1. US Army 1977-1986 1977-1979 - Tank Platoon Leader, 4/37AR, Ft. Knox 1979-1980 - Flight School, Ft Rucker 1980-1983 - 8th Combat Aviation Battalion, Mainz, Germany 1983-1984 - Armor Officer Advance Course, Ft Knox 1984-1985 - Aviation Directorate of Combat Development - Ft Rucker 1986 - Co. B, 82nd Aviation Bn
  2. I'm Steve, or sumajman. I live in Quito, Ecuador and am a relatively new geocacher. Found out about geocaching while at some training in northern Idaho in June. As soon as I got back to Ecuador I found the first of the several caches here up on the Pichincha volcano. I was hooked! We have a low cache density but are working on that.
  3. We are just gearing up here. We've placed a number of geocaches in and around Quito. We're a small geocaching community and we welcome geocaching tourist coming through. Try out the many caches in the Metropolitan Park. If you are living in Ecuador and interested in caching, get a hold of us via Facebook.
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