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  1. ditto on the crappy tire purchase for us...duck brand too I got mine from Home Hardware. You can also get the Krylon Camo Spray paints from them as well. You may have to get them to order it in special but it shouldn't take more than a week or so.
  2. This one has gained quite a bit of notoriety here in Kingston Ontario. It even spawned a Support Group night. I am still working on it myself. It has given me many, many hours of frustration. But yet it still calls to me in the night. AMIAT...0h,hum! GC13W86 (Another Micro In A Tree...) If you read the logs, you can get an idea of the frustration it has caused. Yet we still love it Cheers!
  3. Sometimes it's part of a Puzzle or Mystery cache. Have a look at GC17EY0. The keys for the locked cache are travel bugs. I think it makes for a very interesting twist to the game. Cheers!
  4. When I first started playing this game, which wasn't very long ago, I thought the same way. It was going to be all about the swag. I learned very quickly that wasn't the case. But what I also learned very quickly was that it WAS all about the hide. I've heard it said that there are two types of hides - those hidden from muggles, and those hidden from cachers. The majority of cachers in my area seem to prefer the latter. It's the challenge of finding that devious hide. A game of matching wits even. Sometimes they are physical challenges, and sometimes they are mental challenges. The really good ones are both. IMHO, what it really comes down to is the thought the hider puts into their cache. I really believe that's where the fun starts. Remember not all micros are created equal. I've done the lamp post cache in the parking lot. Is it my favourite? No. But I do know it has it's place in the caching game. And of course, I've also done the ammo can it the bush. Was it a tough find? Not really but the hike getting to it made it worthwhile. Each hide has it's own story. You'll have alot more fun if you make each one of those stories your own. That's just my take on the game and how I see it. It may not be the same for every one. Take it for what it's worth. Cheers!
  5. Maybe it's just me, but I don't worry about it as much if I'm out with a partner. I feel alot more conspicuous when I'm out on my own, which is 95% of the time. Safety in numbers I guess. Cheers!
  6. As well as my full time job I also work part-time at a hardware store, so I try to pick up some items from there that would be cool in a cache. The most recent thing has been a small 17pc bit set. It's nice to have a discount. As well my sister is living in New Zealand. The last couple time she has come home I've had her bring me some little NZ souvenir trinkets like Kiwi pins and such. Something a little different that you don't normally see around here. I've also left decks of cards (compliments of my full time job ). I doesn't always take alot of money to find cool swag for a cache. Sometimes it just takes a little thought. Cheers!
  7. I must have gotten lucky with Magellan. I purchased my 500LE in June of this year. Like Flatouts, I also received the wrong cable with my purchase. I took it back to where I bought it and they replaced it for me (the whole unit not the cable). Same thing. Wrong cable. No problem I say, I'll just call Magellan. It took one phone call and after giving them some info like serial number and purchase date etc., I had the correct cable at my doorstep in a couple of days. They even told me to keep the wrong cable. It never hurts to have an extra USB cable kicking around. My 500LE is working just great and I'm having a grand time with it. It can take a little getting used to if you're unfamilliar with it. Cheers!
  8. When I got my Explorist 500LE they included the wrong USB cable. It was a regular type USB cable (like would fit a camera or such) instead of the Explorist screw into the back of the unit type. I called up Magellan customer service and explained the situation. "I need this cable, but it came with this cable. Part number #####." They took a bunch of my information, including serial number, where and when I purchased it, etc. I had the proper cable at my door within days! That was back in June of this year. I know everyone harps on Magellan customer service but I didn't have any problems. Maybe I just got lucky. Now later on I tried to order a Magellan battery and adapter from GPSCentral, they were backordered and had appeared to have been that way for months. I eventually cancelled that order and went to ebay for 3rd party accessories. Got them with no problems, and they were alot cheaper. That's just my experience. Take it for what it's worth. Cheers!
  9. I have the Explorist 500LE. I shelled out the $100 or so for the unlock code for Canada Topo. It was well worth the money. Not only is there detail, it's way more accurate. Mapsend Lite really doesn't have much on it for Canada. You can still find caches without it of course. You just need to be a little more prepared in knowing where to go to start your search. Pricey, yes, but in my opinion, it is worth the money. That's just my two cents. Take it for what it's worth. Cheers! Bill
  10. Try this one. I think this may be the one you are looking for. This is the news article that aired that goes with one of the links Stepshep provided. It was on CTV's Canada AM last week sometime. Ok, I don't think I can get the link to post correctly. But if you look on Stepshep's post, go to the article entitled Uncovering the rising popularity of 'geocaching' If you look to the right on this page you should see a video link to the news broadcast. Hope this helps. Cheers, Bill
  11. But if it was in the cache listing that that particular cache was set up with the main idea of trading DVDs wouldn't cachers come prepared? I personally like the idea. If you go to your local second hand store you can usually pick up some good DVDs at a real good price(ie. 3 for $10, etc.). As long as they aren't scratched, a previously viewed DVD plays just the same as a new one. I would just make sure your cache is as water tight as possible. Cheers! Bill
  12. Just 'cause the whole world is against you, it doesn't mean you're paranoid!
  13. Here is the article to go along with the video clip. The article is pretty basic although I think they could use a little work on their math skills. http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/stor...808?hub=SciTech Well, yes that would be over 7000. Cheers! Bill
  14. I'm going through AAA batteries like there's no tomorrow. Although mine seem to be lasting a bit longer than you have mentioned. I have ordered the Lithium-ion battery from GPSCentral.ca but it is on backorder. I'm hoping it shows up soon. I'm getting tired of going through the batteries. Other than that it's a great unit. I'm really enjoying it. Cheers! Bill
  15. I went for the Invisible shield. Not a Canadian supplier but the prices are reasonable. I think a few people on here have them and the feedback has been quite positive. Here is their website: http://www.shieldzone.com/ Cheers! Bill
  16. Some people are under the impression that it's like satellite radio where you have to pay a subscription fee. I had a guy at work here this morning ask if you needed a subscription for a GPSr. He was surprised to find out you didn't need anything of the sort. Just buy the unit and turn it on and you're in business.
  17. I haven't had it happen to mine recently. Thanks for the info though. I will keep it in mind in case it decides to act up. Cheers! Bill
  18. Yes! I have noticed the same thing. I have had my unit just as long too. I've had it happen a couple of times while out caching with the GPSr firmly in my hand. I've also noticed it happens when the unit has slid off my lap down to the centre console while I'm driving. Not a huge fall, maybe 6 inches at most. I think it has something to do with the AAA battery clip. When I was changing the batteries the other day I noticed that one off the contacts needed to be pushed back in. I have a LIon battery on order. I'm waiting to see if this makes a difference. Thanks though. I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who has seen this. Bill
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