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  1. Thank you for that Robert. I don't know why that didn't come up when I did a search. Much appreciated.
  2. Can anyone tell me what is the difference between GPX1.0 and GPX1.1? And is there a benefit to using one over the other? I've noticed the option when exporting a GPX file from GSAK as well, I've seen it mentioned in Cachemate. Thanks for the help.
  3. Actually the eXplorist500 is a pretty good unit that is user friendly. It just takes a bit of getting used to. A few things though; No the basemaps for Canada are horrible. I paid the $100 or so to unlock the TOPO Canada maps that came on the disc with the GPS. Those maps were worth it. They are easy to load on to the unit too. Just create a region and upload it to the GPS. Another suggestion is if you haven't already, get an SD card. I have a 2GB card in mine which is a bit of overkill but I don't ever worry about running out of memory space. If you don't want to spend the money for the TOPO maps, then check out Magic Maps they have free Canadian TOPO maps for explorists and Tritons. They are better than the basemap that is preloaded. @The Fish Man for loading PQs on to the explorist definitely check out GSAK. It will make your life so much easier. Hope that helps. Cheers!
  4. My area's local geocaching site has some great tutorial videos done up to explain PQs and GSAK. They are very easy to follow. Here are the links - Setting Up Pocket Queries GSAK - First Steps There is lots of other useful info on the site as well so feel free to have a look around. Cheers!
  5. You're absolutely right. They never actually said SF was a liar. They did however certainly infer that he was lying. And when SF posted the email from Groundspeak, it certainly confirmed that that is what they were inferring. SF was asked to check on his cache. He said he did and that the cache was there and was all good. The reviewer then came back and said since there had not been a cache there for months/years, it was now archived. So why did the reviewer disagree with SF when he said there was a cache there? Did he simply think that SF was just mistaken or misinformed? Unfortunately the logical assumption is the reviewer believed SF was lying. Was there a cache there or wasn't there? At this point I don't think we'll ever know for sure. However I think the more diplomatic approach would have been to say, "Thank you for checking on your cache. Unfortunately I believe there may still be some issue with it. I am going to archive this cache until they can be resolved. Please contact me at ..." Had things gone that way, I don't think we would be reading this thread right now.
  6. Don't rely too much on the winter attribute. It seems to be the source of more confusion then anything because it means different things to different people. The actual attribute says 'Available in Winter'. I take this to mean that the area the cache is hidden in is accessible in the winter. This does not necessarily mean that the hide itself is winter friendly. I would say if you have questions as to whether or not you will be able to find the cache in the winter, read the cache page carefully and read the previous logs. This should give you a good indication as to what you are in for. If that doesn't give you the answer you are looking for, send the CO an email. Most will be happy to help you and let you know if you are going to have an overly difficult time finding their cache in the snow. Caching in the winter can be alot of fun. It definitely adds a different perspective to the game. Cheers!
  7. I would 'Mark' a new waypoint for each stage instead of editing the same waypoint over and over again. This way if I ever need to go back to the previous stage for some reason, I still have the coords. So for each new stage press 'Mark', give the waypoint a distinctive name, edit the coord info and then save. Hope this helps some. Cheers
  8. Bolded emphasis is mine. I wonder if this may be where some complaints are originating from? Someone looking to place another cache maybe? Just a thought.
  9. If you haven't heard anything back in about 48 hours or so, I would send a quick email to coin@kingstongeocaching.com Cheers!
  10. While that is a nice idea, dog treats are food. They would also attract some unwanted critters to your cache as well. Keep the dog treats in your pockets for when you meet up with geodogs on the trails. (Just remember to take them out of your pockets before you do laundry. D'oh!)
  11. Try a search for "geodogs" and you should have a bit more luck. Cheers!
  12. Personally, I like the mass publication a day or two prior to the event. I think it adds that extra excitement and anticipation to the hunt. I guess it's the "Christmas Cache" effect that CacheDrone referred to. I guess I'm still a kid that way. The other thing I like about the day or two before hand publication, is that I believe that it keeps the playing field relatively even. If you were to publish them as soon as they were submitted, say 10 days in advance, I know we can say, "please don't look for this until xxx" but at the same time I know you can tell some kids not to go snooping for their Christmas gifts but you know they're going to snoop anyway. With a cache sitting there published and just waiting, I think some people may be tempted to just "scout" a location. And yes, I know they could do that as well a day or two before hand, but I think with less time between publishing and being able to find the cache, it's less likely to happen. In the big picture should it really matter if someone wants to "cheat"? No not really I guess. It's just one of those things that would rub me the wrong way. Now, on the other side of the coin, if I'm placing a cache to coincide with an event, I know that I'm walking into that "geo-minefield". I accept that. I know that there are a number of other hiders out there looking to place caches and I understand that prime real estate is at a premium. I don't have a problem with being told that the spot I've chosen is in conflict with something else that I can't see right now. That is one of the side effects when you do things like this for an event. Are people getting upset when these issues arise? I would think that they should expect things like that to happen. This is just my two cents. Take it for what it's worth. Cheers!
  13. As well, most of the regional forums have lists of geocaching organizations pinned at the top of the forum. They should have some links to some great websites. Cheers!
  14. I've bolded your problem. You need to check the box that says 'Yes, this listing is active'. Until you do that the reviewer will not see your submission. After that, if all is good, the norm is up to 72 hours for a cache to be published. Cheers!
  15. This may be the information you are looking for. It's from the Groundspeak Knowledgebase. Creating Trackable Geocoins
  16. If I understand this correctly, when you get to stage 1, you will find two sets of coords. Then I'm assuming you have to guess which set to pick? One set is the direct route, the other is the more roundabout way? If that's the case, I like it. Just make sure you let people know what they are getting into before hand. Otherwise you may end up with some hate mail. LOL I really like the idea. It's a neat twist. Mind if I use it? (If anyone from my local area is reading this, please move along now. Nothing to see here! )
  17. I think that is a really good question. I think an argument can be made for it depending on how the cache is set up. I should just say that I am just proposing an argument here for debate. That is not how I prefer to play the game. In most cases, I like to do caches as they are intended. That is why the hider put them out there.
  18. If they've found and signed the log book then they get the find. It may not be the way you intended them to find it, but they found it none the less. My hat is off to them for using their smarts. One thing you may want to consider is that the cachers whose logs you deleted, could now make a case to Groundspeak to have their finds reinstated. The bolding is my emphasis.
  19. I take it then you've never ever driven faster than the posted speed limit?
  20. I do it because I refuse to live in fear of such things. In my opinion, if I get blown to smithereens, opening a geocache for crying out loud, it's because the Universe has decided my time is up. /We all gotta go sometime. I think that hits the nail on the head right there! I refuse to give in to the belief that the Boogie Man lives around every corner. I will live my life to the fullest that is possible using a little common sense (which doesn't appear to be standard issue anymore btw) and deal with the "What if..." when it actually occurs.
  21. Nope, I wouldn't worry too much about it. Could be a "lazy logger", someone who will log something months after he or she found it. My step-son is a prime example. He will come out caching with me and then months later ask me for a list of the caches we did so he can log them. He's 13. The other possibility is someone who was part of a team find and now has their own account. They will go back and re-log all their previous team finds on their own account. Both are completely reasonable scenarios. I'd question it if they said they found it today and you know for a fact that the cache is no longer there. Otherwise, it's really not worth getting worked up over.
  22. Did the online log make sense in relation to the cache? I know once I gave my stepson a list of GC#s so he could log his finds. About a month later when I was looking at his finds I noticed he had a find in Virginia and Germany(or something to that effect) logged on the same day. (We are in Canada) Turns out he had misread the number and didn't even look at the cache page. He just entered the GC# and hit Log your visit. I should mention that he was 11 or 12 at the time. It can happen and the person may not have even noticed. Other than that I'd say in the big picture, it's probably not worth getting all worked up over. Cheers!
  23. I think I see what you are trying to say here but please correct me if I'm wrong though. I would say the hike or the bike ride would be open to any and all geocachers in the sense that all are invited to join. However, every geocacher may not have the ability to do the hike or bike ride. In that way I think it's a bit like a cache. Not everyone can do every cache, but we still have them.
  24. I would probably say it depends on where the posted coordinates of the event are. If the posted coords are at the beginning for the informational chat, then anyone who shows up for that should be able to log the event as attended. On the other side, if the posted coords are at the destination, then I would say that is the spot where you have to show up to to log the event. If that was the case, I would have worded the event page a little differently - "We're having an event at spot x. For those who are up for it, a group of us are going to meet at spot y and cycle to spot x for the event. We will probably grab a few caches along the way too. See you at spot x." This past summer I co-hosted a very successful terrain 5 event. GC1TY6Y To log the event you had to be on the island because that's where the event was. We said you needed a boat to get there only because that was the most realistic and logical option. However, if someone decided to come by parachute for example, you couldn't tell them they couldn't log an attended just because they didn't come by boat. The other issue is actually caches. I think the guidelines are clear that you cannot have an event for the sole purpose of finding a cache. I believe someone already mentioned this but it could, in theory, lead to some cachers having an event anytime 2 or more people got together to find a cache. I think what you can do though is say "We're having an event and FYI caches a,b, and c are in the area which you could do before or after the event." I believe that would be a different situation.
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