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  1. That's where discretion and common sense come into play. You can always come back to grab the cache later after the person has left.
  2. I love the history that surrounds cemetery caches. This cemetery is located along to way to 3 different caches. The cemetery has many headstones from the mid 1800s and many more that time has worn away. This is one of those spots that I never would have known about if not for geocaching. A real hidden gem.
  3. Sorry, I should have mentioned that 72 hours was the normal maximum. Sometimes, depending on the reviewer, as long as there are no issues with your cache, it could only be a couple hours. Sometimes even less. It really all depends.
  4. The accepted norm is 72 hours. There may be reasons that it can go beyond this at times such as a heavier than normal review workload. The other thing to remember is that reviewers are volunteers with lives outside of geocaching. (I know, I know, I have a hard time believing that too! ) There are times things come up and publishing of caches may be delayed. There are also a couple of things you can do too. First double check that you've actually checked the box to make your cache active. If you haven't done this, the reviewers won't see it. Check your email spam filter. Sometimes emails can get diverted. And lastly, check your cache page for any reviewer notes. Your reviewer may have some things they need clarified or changed. Hope that help some. Cheers
  5. The creator of c:geo has recently stated that he is in the process of developing a version using Groundspeak's API.
  6. I've never been one to claim a find if the cache is not there or if for some reason I've not been able to sign the logbook. I've never been comfortable with throw down caches either. That's just me though. If I was the cache owner and someone really wants to cause a stink over it, I'd probably let them have their find. I mean really? If you're going to get your underwear in a bunch over it then take the find. There are probably bigger things in life to worry about. I'm not losing any sleep over it. Ultimately, as the cache owner, and you are now the cache owner, the decision lies with you. It's your call. And yes, the standard typically is, "No signature in the logbook, no smilie." They can appeal to Groundspeak if they're so inclined.
  7. Just a little bump. I still have this for sale if anyone is interested. Make me an offer. Cheers!
  8. Me too! I thought it was a new perk with the purchase of a premium membership. I think TPTB should consider this. Jeez, you guys certainly went to the wrong ceremony D'oh!!! Well that would certainly explain the rope burns!!!
  9. Me too! I thought it was a new perk with the purchase of a premium membership. I think TPTB should consider this.
  10. Well Groundspeak only has 40 employees, I'm sure that they don't post their yearly financial statements for obvious reasons, I'm sure that they host outside of their Seattle office hopefully at multiple locations for safe data backup, as they use youtube for video hosting, and another third party program for these forums, You are right that I want the premium member features and benefits without paying the fee, but I don't think you can call search filters "premium". The main thing that bothers me about it is that this is a members run community, members create the caches without the help of Groundspeak, members moderate this forum for free, members audit the caches before they go out without getting paid by Groundspeak, all Groundspeak does is charge membership fees, sell "official geocache" items, hosts the site, and moderates events organized by individuals and volunteers. It has always baffled me that for some reason, some people can't wrap their head around the fact that Groundspeak is a business. They are not a non-profit organization, nor have they ever claimed to be. And they are also a private company. They don't have to share their financial statements. What they do with the money they bring in is entirely within their discretion. Do you ask your local department store what they do with the money you spend there? Groundspeak sells Premium memberships and with that you get access to certain features that are not included with a basic free membership. I think some people mistakenly believe that premium memberships are actually shares in Groundspeak and therefor they should have a say in how Groundspeak runs their business. You are correct in one thing in that the activity of geocaching is community driven. The community hides the caches, and the community finds them. The main focus of Groundspeak's business is listing those geocaches. You are more than welcome to go out and hide a geocache without listing on GC.com. But, I'd be willing to bet that almost next to no one will visit your cache. I have no problems with the Groundspeak's business. Hell, I wish I'd thought of it first. But I didn't, so I'll just have to settle for playing the game. One of the best things about geocaching, and some will say that it is also the worst thing, is that there is something for everyone. Some like the numbers, or the FTFs, or the LPCs, or the puzzles, or the long hikes, or the urban caches, etc, etc, etc. You get the picture. From the amount of negativity you have brought with your first thread started, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this is just a passing fancy for you. So have some fun while you're here and enjoy the new places you'll discover. But I'm betting in six months or less, you'll be gone. Cheers!
  11. I do still have the tutorial I wrote on exporting caches from GSAK to an Explorist. Please send me a PM if you are interested in it. Cheers!
  12. With the explorist 500 you need to be aware that the maximum number of geocaches you can have in a file is 200. You can have as many files of 200 caches as you can fit in either internal memory or on a SD card. I use GSAK to generate my files for my explorist 500 and then just drag and drop them in to the Geocache directory on the GPS. I'm also using Windows 7 and having no problems. I wrote a little tutorial for the explorist 500 and gsak some time ago. When I get home in the morning I'll have a look for it.
  13. This might not be a good idea if you're in the pacific northwest. Article Can you hear the logs now? "Found what we thought was the cache..."
  14. This one is mine - GC1ZRV7 At the 1st re-direct you are given two sets of coords. One set leads right to the final, the other to a 2nd re-direct. It's a nice hike through a conservation area. Most have seemed to enjoy it.
  15. My handheld GPS has accumulated more than one battle scar in the time I have been geocaching. It has bounced off rocks. It has been dropped in the snow. I have used it in the pouring rain. And I have used it in temps of -20C. Never once have I worried about it's durability. I would think the ultimate test would be to take both the iPad and a handheld GPS and drop them both in a big mud puddle. See which one fairs better and that should give you your answer. Cheers!
  16. If you're interested, I still have this available - Palm Tungsten e2 Make me an offer. Cheers!
  17. Are you having fun? If you're not having fun, you're doing it wrong.
  18. The part from the previous thread that seemed to be completely overlooked by those who wanted to take issue with it was the fact the CO contacted Groundspeak first and received the okay to do it. He even posted the response he received from Groundspeak. The bolded emphasis was mine. That to me seems to answer the question right there. On a personal note, if I found a coupon in a cache for a free sandwich... Alright! Free Sandwich!!! Honestly though 95% of the time I don't even notice the swag in the cache at all. I may take a quick glance for coins or bugs and then just sign the logbook. If some coupons sitting in a cache somewhere really upset you that much, I would venture to guess there is not enough stress in your life. Cheers!
  19. You may want to look at the site for my local caching group. There are some very good and easy tutorials. GSAK - First Steps GSAK - Cool Stuff Hope they help. Cheers!
  20. Check these two caches out: GC1MPEX & GC1MT82 Cheers!
  21. When you email another cacher though GC.com you can chose whether or not your email address is sent to that cacher. There is a check box for this. If a cacher sends you an email through GC.com and includes their address and you reply directly to them, they will see your email address. If you are really concerned about this, it may be an idea to set up a separate email account for caching purposes. Hope this helps. Cheers!
  22. One man's mountain may be another man's molehill.
  23. Online logs aren't necessarily in order of finds. Don't cause yourself a whole lot of undue stress trying keep them that way. Log whenever is convenient for you. For many different reasons the FTF may take hours or days to log their finds. It happens. They will still mention in their log that they were FTF (if they care about such things. Some may not.) Whatever order their logs appear in the online log will not take away the fact that they were the first to find the cache. Go find caches and have fun. No more, no less. Cheers!
  24. This is perfect for anyone who is looking to make the move to paperless caching. Included is: Palm Tungsten E2 and case (Invisible Shield on screen) 1 Lexar 1GB SD card 1 Palm Wifi card with CD and manual 1 Bluetooth Dongle with CD and manual 2 USB Sync/Charging cords 2 Extra Stylus Asking $100.00 or best offer. Please send me a PM for more details. Cheers!
  25. I love getting out with my Geo-pup, Jasper. He's not so good at helping finding caches, but he does have a liking for cache cammo (i.e. sticks). I've tried to explain to him that it's bad geocaching etiquette to eat the cammo but he still doesn't get it.
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