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  1. How so? Are you saying that people only join the site and start geocaching because another person has X number of finds??? No, I'm saying a large number of people pay for premium membership because they enjoy the competitive side of geocaching, if you took that away the revenue would decrease significantly. Just curious, why did they remove find count at one point, was it requested by the forums. Why did they bring it back? I beg to differ. I bet if you were to ask why people get premium memberships, the top 2 answers will be access to pocket queries, and to support the site/game. I think you if got something from the numbers (i.e. a spot on a leader board, or a title, prizes, etc.) then maybe you might have something. At best, your arbitrary find count number and $1.50 will get you a cup of coffee. Premium memberships have been around much longer than the hardcore numbers game, which with power trails and the like, is a relatively new aspect. I would say it has more to do with the growth of smartphone users than premium memberships. And a smartphone user does not necessarily need a premium membership.
  2. How so? Are you saying that people only join the site and start geocaching because another person has X number of finds???
  3. And some people believe the world is flat. Doesn't make it correct. In its simplest form, yes, geocaching was the traditional. But the game evolved. Some took a step outside the box to see how they could make it a little more interesting, add that additional challenge. I suspect if they didn't, the game would not have lasted it as long as it has. It would have become stagnant and fizzled out long before you discovered it last year. Remember this slogan? "Geocaching - You are the search engine" Sometimes you have to search for the container, and sometimes you have to search for the container AND the co-ordinates. It's still a search. I like most puzzle caches (Not all puzzle caches are created equally). I see it as exercise for my brain, and then exercise for my body. It's win/win! I think many people can see how puzzles and geocaching compliment each other quite nicely. But like the great Satchmo once said, "If you have to ask what Jazz is, you'll never know."
  4. No, apparently you are not the only one who has noticed this. The Apple iOS 6 Maps are amazing. Not.
  5. That is awesome news!!! You just made my day. I'll keep posting on the KAG forum to see if we can help with the surplus. As well, I imagine with 500+ attending Spring Fling8, I'm sure you'll be able to "persuade" a few more. Thanks again to RCA777 and everyone that has helped make this project a reality!
  6. You can check out my TB Hotel - GC1DT3P It's been in place for over 3 years now. It has had, to date, 347 finds and 301 TBs and coins have passed through it. There are a few cachers in the area who regularly visit to pick up and drop off. Any trackables that end up in the cache don't last very long before they are on the move again. Say what you will about TB Hotels, but I think mine has worked fairly well. And just to note, there are NO prison rules on my cache. That would just be wrong! Cheers!
  7. I assume everyone has gotten the update? If not, check out the link in the OP. I'm really looking forward to getting my plates! Many thanks to RCA777 for spearheading this project. Cheers!
  8. I'm very careful with all my gadgets and I still have Invisible Shield screen protectors on everything. After doing over 1000 caches on every sort of terrain, in every type of weather, my GPS had it's fair share of battle scars. Through dirt and mud, scrambling over rocks, or climbing trees, I'm so glad I had the Invisible Shield on it. Worth every penny. I just retired my Explorist 500 for a GPSMAP 62s, and the first order of business was to get a screen protector on it. I would say this is even more true if you have a touch screen. The dirt that gets on your fingers and is dragged over the touch screen, will scratch the screen over time.
  9. I like Knowschad's thought about Garmin using the technology. It would be great for multicaches. Scan the tag and have the coords for the next waypoint instantly loaded into your GPS.
  10. With a little imagination, I'm sure someone will come up with an interesting idea to incorporate NFC device into a geocache. For those who don't have a NFC capable device, this article raises some interesting prospects to allow more people to have the ability you use them. NFC MicroSD card Cheers!
  11. Have there been any updates on this project yet? Are they close to the 200 they needed? Cheers!
  12. Thank you Team Goju for your explanation. What you have described is somewhat different than was described in the OP. I think your idea is great with each puzzle building on the previous puzzle. I think the maintenance concern issue would be the distance of the placed caches, but the suggestion to turn them into traditionals seems to negate that argument. I don't think I understand their decision now either. I would love to try your caches the way you have described them. Well that and the fact that I am too a student of Goju Ryu. Although I must admit it has been too long since I have been in the dojo. I do feel guilty every time I pass by. It's another one of those things were life's little issues seem to pile up. But that's another story. Thanks again for your explanation. Cheers!
  13. Thank you for quoting that. It just reinforces my argument. Of course there are variations to a multi. You gave some good examples of them. But where I get confused is, don't the caches you describe in you OP, fall perfectly into the definition of "most" multi-caches? EDIT: I posted my response before I had a chance to see Keystone's response. I think he has said it best, as always.
  14. Definition of a multi: A cache with more than one stage. Pretty simple huh? No mention of having to be sequential. No mention of which stages must be hidden. Heck, I've seen a multi with more than one final even. The definition of a multi is definitely being confused. People are making up their own additions to the basic definition. Here's the guideline again: Where does it say it has to be sequential? Except you've quoted the additional listing guidelines, which says to list a mutli-cache you must provide the coordinates to all stages of a multi-cache, not the definition. Yes, you don't have to make all the waypoints hidden, but then what would be the point of the multi then? I could just go to the final stage and sign the log. It's not really a multi anymore but a traditional. If you look just above on the page you quoted it gives a link to Cache Type Definitions And for multi-caches it does say,
  15. A multicache can be a sequential series of stages. It can also be a bunch of random stages and a final. Both ways of doing it are in the guidelines which I quoted above. Yet I don't see caches with a bonus being forced into being a multi. How can a multi-cache be a bunch of random stages with a final? Usually when a multi-cache is published, it has one set of co-ords. The second stage is dependent on the first, the third on the second stage, and so on. The final stage contains the log and you get the smiley. I think the definition of a multi is being confused somewhere in this thread.
  16. What you have described is a multi-cache, pretty much word for word. From the guidelines: The series caches I have seen have all been traditionals with each containing a part of the co-ords to the final which is a mystery cache. I have never seen one like you described.
  17. Have you tried using GSAK? I have an explorist 500 and I'm using windows 7. Put your PQ into GSAK and then you can export the caches from GSAK into a .gs file. From there I just drag and drop the file on to the sd card in my GPS. I haven't used the Magellan software in years. Cheers!
  18. I think the biggest thing to come from the chirp was the beginning of the alienation between Groundspeak and Garmin. If I recall correctly, the introduction of the chirp came as somewhat of a surprise to Groundspeak. And things have only seemed to go downhill from there. Other than that, I think it will stay more of a fringe cache type unless you can use more than a small number of Garmin devices to find them.
  19. Yes it does tell you how many satellites you're locked on to. But did you happen to notice the display on the opposite side of the display? The one that says Error? It shows your coordinates are accurate up to 24 meters. That's a possible error of just over 78ft. A little more than what is considered acceptable when placing a cache. My handheld GPS regularly has a lock of at least 10 out of 12 satellites and an accuracy of 3 to 5 meters. That's a considerable difference between devices if you ask me. Don't get me wrong, I love my Android phone. I'm on my third one. When I'm caching it's always with me. It has all my cache info on it. But it stays in my pocket. As good as it is, it's no replacement for my dedicated handheld GPS.
  20. Sometime you may not even realize you are in a cemetery. This park, and by park I mean children's playground, basketball courts, etc., is located in the city where I live. It has a fascinating history. I think it shows that the "somber respect for the dead" idea wasn't always the case. McBurney Park, Kingston Ontario Of course the park is the source for many local ghost stories. I'd love to put a night cache there, but I haven't figured out how to work something out yet.
  21. By looking at your profile, I'm assuming it's the Orca tag you are referring to. I would contact the owner of the TB. It looks as though they have set it to 'Not Collectible' which would only allow for discovery or a note. The 'Not Collectible' option should only be used if the owner is keeping the trackable and not releasing it into the wild. Hope that helps. Cheers
  22. Ice Hokey? The American education system must be in a sorry state if that's what you've learned in Geography. But if that's your idea of "humorous", it failed to amuse me. Actually I thought it was like the us virgin islands where it had its own government and completely separate from the us while still technically owned by it.
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