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  1. What is the best type of gps to use when you are out and about. How much money should a beginner plan on spending on a good gps.
  2. I did not see it, but I heard about it. Most of the time, no all the time, these episodes are made for one purpose, to sell something for the sponsor of the show. Let get real, we love our state and know the real dangers. Hollywood, what else could it be.
  3. I was at the state fair this year and had a good meeting with a park ranger who loves to geocache. He was very helpful and even let three of us into a fenced area for a short time on the fair grounds to search for a hidden cache. It turned out to be dnf, but he understood our passion. Being educated himself and knowing we had good intentions, he felt comfortable with us hunting. I think the more we educate and inform people about what we do and how we do our very best to protect the enviroment, the better it will be with the SDGFP.
  4. I am about to cover some gpa'a this weekend. They are located North of DeSmet. Am I going to find nothing if I go out or are some of the caches till in place.
  5. I like to tell muggles I am conducting a geological survey of the area for the Federal government.
  6. I found this travel bug and it has no number. It has a name on it. It is AOMAFA. I tried to trace it, but no good. What is the story with these little bugs. -PieSlicer (>
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