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  1. I have changed the forum title and forum signature on that page but the changes do not show in forum post. I must be doing something wrong.
  2. how do you change the title (i.e. premium member) under the cacher name in forums? I'm sure it's something simple I'm overlooking. Thanks
  3. I believe you need a premium account to view premium cache icons on the map and to access the premium cache pages. I know of families that have one paid premium account for the household and the rest of the cachers use basic accounts, i.e. Dad has the premium account and the kids have basic accounts. I have seen this with husband & wife teams too. For this example, the kids use Dad's account to access the premium cache pages, notifications, coords etc...and go find the cache. In this instance it's a FTF. Now to log the premium cache as a basic member, type or copy this into your URL window. (NOTE you will need to fill in the CGcode)https://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?wp=GCXXXXXThis should take you directly to the "Post a new log" page. From there, you can post your log as a basic member and you will receive credit for the premium find. I have seen this same exact task accoplished using GSAK as well!
  4. TFTCSLTNLNCOTD = thanks for the cache signed log took nothing left nothing cache of the day
  5. I would use multiple pocket queries using different Location Origins to get the "coverage" you are looking for. You can view each query on a map to make sure you're getting the area you need. I've used this method when visiting both Seattle and Portland. In Seattle, we had several queries that covered from Sea-Tac Airport all the way up to Edmonds PLUS I had a query for the caches on a route for the drive from Boise to Seattle. All of this was loaded on the Garmin, along with all the Boise caches, with no issues. You can customize your query for traditional caches only but I bet there are some pretty cool earth caches and virtual caches that would be worth checking out. I use a Garmin Oregon 600 loaded with queries, I haven't had a storage issue yet. Hope this helps.
  6. I like hides where the name contains a clue that you almost don't understand or you might not catch until after you find the cache. One of our caches uses this idea...if you pick up on the clue in the name it's like a 30second grab. If you fall for the bait well then you might be searching for a while.
  7. Ha...way too funny. I didn't even notice that when I posted (it was pretty late). Hey maybe it's just too tough to narrow down to 5 likes about geocaching . I'll edit the original post, again too funny.
  8. It's great to meet new cachers and learn their take on the game. Everyone seems to enjoy different aspects, what works for some may not work for others. Please share things you ENJOY the most about the game. I realize this could be an extensive list for some so please keep it to your top 5 favorite things. Please save the criticism for a different thread...this is about what you ENJOY. Our current top 5 (not in order of importance)...may change by tomorrow : 1 Finding a new location that we would have never seen had there not been a geocache placed there. 2. Including geocaching in our outdoor activities always adds a fun touch (i.e. camping, biking, hiking etc.) 3. Meet and greets, meeting new cachers and meeting cachers whose caches we've found. 4. Finding well placed and creative caches (both location and container)...something unexpected. 5. Reading friendly and original logs left on our caches.
  9. (if this question is already addressed, please just point me in the right direction) GPS device: Garmin Oregon 600 Here is how I've been using my Garmin for geocaching up to this point. 1) Using laptop I create pocket queries, I'll cover an area (i.e. Seattle) using zip codes and max out results to 1000 caches per query. NOT EVERY ZIP CODE...just enough zip codes so the query maps overlap and cover the area you intend to visit. 2) Download the pocket queries zipped GPX files to my laptop. 3) Unzip the GPX files then manually transfer them to the Garmin GPX folder (Garmin plugged into Laptop). 4) Go caching with the Garmin and the updated cache listings. MY QUESTION: I've noticed that the Pocket Queries page now advertises "You can download your lists using Garmin Express Try it now " Is there a way to use Garmin Express and LISTS to accomplish the same result? NOTE: I will use the Garmin if I intend on a cache run that could last a fair amount of time. The Garmin gets great battery life and it's super easy to carry a spare set of AA batteries. I use the geocaching phone app for brief cache runs but I'm often concerned about preserving the phone's battery power. Thanks in advance for any help here.
  10. Fellow goecachers...thanks for the diverse feedback on this topic. It was really good to hear all of your perspectives. We ended up messaging the cacher that posted to DNF to request that the log be changed from a DNF to "note". As a result, the cacher ended up deleting the DNF log entirely. Just an FYI
  11. Have you tried to message the CO to ask for any additional help or clarification? A lot of COs are glad to offer extra help especially to those who have really invested time in solving their puzzle. In your request for extra help, I would include your progress and thought process on the puzzle. You might be closer to the solution than you think.
  12. Thanks for posting the video, that cache looks really cool and fun to try. I would be honest with the D/T ratings (probably a Difficulty 3 or 3.5) keeping in mind it will attract cachers that are looking for that type of challenge. I would be one of those cachers and would plan my time accordingly. You had mentioned you are concerned about the cache getting damaged as people try to jimmy their way in if they don't get the hint. If that is how you feel, I would definitely set the cache to premium only, This won't eliminate all carelessness from cachers but it will definitely help reduce it IMHO. Setting to premium only might even encourage basic members to upgrade so that can try your cache.
  13. Our reviewer has a really quick turnaround on publishing cahes as long as there are no complications. I've submitted caches and had them published in the same day.
  14. Yeah...that totally makes sense. Maybe the cacher had started the hike to GZ and had to leave early for whatever reason - hence the DNF. Good point - thanks.
  15. New to posting on this forum (so don't blast me) but I had a random cache log that made me think...Huh? Our account was one of the recipients of the new Virtual Rewards. We have already placed the Virtual cache and it's already had a few logs - great. This morning I noticed a cacher posted a DNF on the Virtual Cache indicating in the log they didn't have the time...maybe on the next trip. Not the biggest deal, we just haven't ran across anything like this especially since we are new to owning / managing a virtual cache. I know the rules and laws to geocaching are relatively loose and self governed but would this be considered good caching etiquette and/or should the log be deleted...or does anyone care? I just thought I'd ask the pros out there in the forum world. Any thoughts?
  16. Looks like a fun cache...wish we lived closer to Florida so we could give that one a try! We are newer cachers but we have seen puzzle caches that are located at the posted coordinates but require you to solve a small puzzle to access logbook. A good example is HQ's GC32A0H HQGT: Ode to the Golgafrinchan Phone Workers (in Seattle). I think "Field Puzzle" better describes this type of cache but it could be listed as either a Puzzle or a Traditional...up the the CO I guess. Of course, with this type of cache...you could get to the physical cache container and not figure out how to open / access the logbook too which would result to a DNF- - boisestate
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