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  1. Well, I did it, I bought the Dragonfly coin, this is getting crazy... I had too, couldn't resist. I watched them sell for $60-$70 on eBay and I jumped on one (at a lower price) when I had the chance. 'Hi, my name is Tim and I'm a geocoin addict.'
  2. Does anyone know why I might be getting a 'No results' PQ when I know there are caches in the search area? I did a simple search - All caches within 100 miles of my home coordinates - but I'm getting no results. I've tweaked a few other PQ's and one returned results but all the others are giving me nothing. Any ideas of what I'm doing wrong?
  3. No, not yet... There's one up on eBay now but I'm trying to keep myself from bidding higher, it's up to $18.50 and since I've already purchased 3 other coins this week (not to mention a new Garmin 60CSX ) I figured I better hold off. That is still one of my favorites I've seen, though.
  4. I'm up to 3 coins now. I've been bidding on some I really liked on eBay but set a limit for myself and they went past that. Maybe next time, I'm still waiting on one to come in the mail. Waiting, waiting, waiting......
  5. Uh-oh, what I've I gotten myself into! Is there a 12-step program for geocoin addiction???
  6. Trying to get my hands on this one right now... eBay is addictive as well.
  7. I guess it's my own fault for having friends that aren't geocachers. Isn't the meet in middle GA next weekend, I'm pretty sure I could make that.
  8. Wow, that is super nice of you! Email is on the way! Thanks so much. Tim
  9. Thanks, looks like the GGA is quite active, hopefully I'll get to a function soon. I better get some more coins together...
  10. Hi folks, I got my first geocoin in the mail today, 2nd if you count my LizardToadz coin. I got a new and shiny GA Geocachers 2007 coin - it's very cool. I have a couple more on the way that I won from eBay. Here's where I'm stuck, I feel like Gollum from LOTR. We wants it, we needs it. Must have the precious. They stole it from us. Sneaky little hobbitses. Wicked, tricksy, false! I don't want to part with my coins!!! I don't want to put them in a cache, I want to keep them all... for.... myself. Anyone else have that problem? I guess in the future I'll need to get 2 of any new coins I get, that would make it much easier to set one free... I 'thought' I was only going to go after coins in these 3 themes: Georgia, Dogs and Christian. However there are a lot of really cool coins out there. Maybe I won't limit myself TOO much.
  11. Ouch. Around here, friends don't let friends use minimags. I carry a Fenix P1D-CE, literally ten times brighter than a standard minimag at half the size. It has let me find camo'ed micros tucked deep into bushes when just sunlight and eyeballs weren't enough. I assume these can also serve as a torch/arc welder/fire starter/light saber??? Quite a pricey little light! Tim D
  12. Hi Folks, What do you pack to take along when you go caching? Me personally... I've got a light canvas backpack that I stock with the following: - Water - 8-Pack GPS Food - Notebook / Cache List and Notes - Digital Camera (LOVE to photograph the areas I visit) - Swag items - Pens - Small dog water bowl (GeoBoo goes with me on most of my caches) - Small bag for CITO Some items I'm going to add now that I've been on a few hunts (as well as a note to what prompted me!) - Flashlight: Yes, I got lost in the woods at night WITH a GPSr on me. NOW I know why it has tracking!!! - First Aid Kit: Thorns and rocks are bad. Very, very bad... - MultiTool: Thorns are bad. Very, very bad... - Towel/Rag: Ford Prefect is a very wise man. Anyone else have any suggestions or favorite items to tote along? Tim
  13. I just thought of a neat "micro"... Take a MicroSD card and hide it real good. The log is on the card and you have to open a Word doc to "sign" the log. Tim
  14. Just curious as to what caches you like to hunt??? My personal preference are ones that take me into nature and help me to explore areas that I didn't even know were there, it's amazing what can be in your backyard and you not even know it! I love the woods and hills and hiking and getting a great workout, to be honest it doesn't really bother me (yet) if I get a DNF. My least favorites are urban caches, especially those dang micros! I like to see the swag, even if I just TNLNSL! Plus, I feel kind of weird digging in a lowerbed in fron of the local grocery store... What's everyone else think? Tim
  15. I think the price is pretty darn cheap for the PQ's as well as member's only caches. I know it's a mentality thing but I do the $3.00 per month as opposed to $30.00/yr. seems cheaper to me although I know over the course of a year it's another $6.00. One of the main reasons I do it is (gotta be honest with myself) that my hobbies are usually temporary. I really get into something and buy all the gear and enjoy it for 3-6 months and sell it all on eBay for half what I paid! I guess only time will tell... Tim
  16. FYI... If anyone is interested in simply buying this unit please make an offer! Cheapest price I found on this brand new was right around $400.00, I'll entertain any reasonable offer. Tim
  17. itsme_timd


    I had a flight attendant make me put my PocketPC/Phone away one time because phones weren't allowed to be used in flight. I explained to her that it was in airplane mode and was note emitting a signal, I was using it as an MP3 player. She looked at me for a few seconds and then just told me again "Sir, you'll have to put your cell phone away." I just put it away and didn't argue with her. Oh well... Tim
  18. If the Legend only has a serial port then you might (sometimes it takes some tweaking) be able to by a usb to serial converter cable to use on a computer that only has usb ports, most newer computers don't have serial ports any longer. The cable is not expensive, around $10-$15 most places. Tim
  19. I just purchased a Legend C and am having a lot of issues in the heavy trees here in GA. It's been commented that my unit might not be reading accurately but I've also heard from many people that there is a huge difference in the two in heavy cover. Not sure the difference with the new H models but I also heard this is closing the gap between the two. I really like the operation of the Legend and the size is nice when toting it along on long hikes. With the issues I'm having in the trees I'll more than likely upgrade to the 60CSX. Tim
  20. For those that are in the area this Kroger is clearancing their Lock & Lock containers, there is a cart full of them (at least there was this AM) at the front of the store. The smaller ones start at $2.25 and the large containers are $4.50 - I'm not sure what normal prices on these are. The store's 'address' is: N 34 03.720 W 084 25.312 Tim
  21. Excellent info everyone, thanks again. To address some of the Q's... - I do have the latest firmware installed on the unit. - WAAS is enabled on the unit. How do you verify if a unit is defective / readings are off? I noticed the comment about it being off .15 being high. I thought so too, it's not like I'm even getting within 50 - 60 feet of the posted coordinates. I'll take a look at those HC models as well. Tim
  22. Excellent, thanks for the info.
  23. Thought I'd post and see if anyone is interested in a trade. I have a home/small office laser multifunction machine that I'd like to trade for a Garmin 60CSX. Here are some details and a pic... - Flatbed printer/scanner/copier/fax - Automatic sheet feeder (up to 50 sheets) - Network Ready - 27 pages per minute - 250 sheet paper handler upgradeable to 800 sheets - 600X600 resolution - Handles paper up to legal size This is a large unit, I live in metro Atlanta so if you are in the area we can arrange pickup. If not I will ship the unit via UPS Ground at my expense. I don't have the manual or CD for this, they can be downloaded from the net or if you'd prefer I can order a hard copy to be sent to you. You get the printer with feeder tray and the power cable. This unit has not been used much, it was purchased for my office and I upgraded to a large machine almost immediately. Not sure exactly how much toner is in it but it 'should' have a decent amount in it. This is a stock photo but if someone is interested I'll get some images of the actual unit. If you are interested please reply or PM me. Tim D
  24. itsme_timd

    Stupid trees!

    Hi All, I'm new to the hobby and have a question about GPS accuracy. I live in GA, just north of Atlanta in Woodstock, and many of the caches here are in heavy, heavy tree cover. I have a Garmin eTrex Legend C and in the tree cover I cannot get a good read at all. I have several DNF's that I know are simply because I cannot get the GPS to stabilize! The unit will tell me to go .15 miles to the West and after 5 steps it does a 180 on me and wants me to go .15 miles East. If I upgrade to a unit like the Garmin 60CSX how much will that help? I know that the Garmin site says it will read in heavy cover but I'd like to get a few user opinions before upgrading - my Legend is only 2 weeks old! Also, I purchased City Navigator for my Legend can I transfer that to a new unit? Thanks, Tim D
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