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  1. Thank you for your help. Problem has been posted to the feedback site at geocaching.com. Team Polarbear
  2. I recently created a bookmark list, including traditional, puzzle and earthcaches. The list created just fine and I thought I would have a look at the list using the Google Map function out of my profile. When I pulled up the map with the geocaches overlaid I saw traditionals, puzzle caches and no earthcaches. Kind of looks to me like the earthcaches get turned into traditionals on the map. Have we got a bug or is there some different reason why I'm seeing what I see? Anybody got any thoughts on this? Team Polarbear aka Dave
  3. As a start, I would try rooting around.
  4. There is an article on geocaching.com about bugs and coins and how to log them. If you find one please remember it belongs to someone, so do log it under trackables both when you retrieve it or drop it. If you choose to just discover it, that is write the number down and then enter under trackables log entry discovered you will get the credit for the trackable find. If you pick one up, usually each one has a mission to go somewhere, try and move the coin/bug in the direction that is its mission. Bugs/coins can be moved without leaving an equivalent coin/bug but you may choose to leave one in any cache that it will fit. Maybe down the road you will aquire a bug/coin of your own, its a lot of fun to watch them move and you get an email each time that happens. Team Polarbear aka Dave
  5. Have seen the blank screen bit a couple of times when I was using my Blue Legend. Most times I just removed the battery cover and rolled the batteries a couple of times in their places. Fired it up and the problem disappeared, this happened while on 3.70, did the upgrade and so far have not seen it back. If you do see the problem, I would do both the roll on the batteries and the upgrade.
  6. Couple of questions here. Will the GSAK macro to IPOD work for a nano? Does the GSAK macro send all pages of the description of a cache to the IPOD nano in notes. If so, will it accomodate multiple pages such as found in earthcaches. We are presently using Cache Magnet to IPOD nano at the moment but looking at using GSAK if it will send more data to the nano. Team Polarbear
  7. I wondered if 3.70 had a patch for yards. Nothing I read indicated it did. Guess I will upgrade the firmware. Thank you for that.
  8. I have an Etrex Legend and am having a real problem in being able to project a waypoint. Here is the problem. Units are set with the following Datum WGS 84, Distance/Speed in Yards, Elevation in Feet, Vertical Speed ft/min, Depth Nautical If I mark a waypoint, save it and then find it again to use as my point of projection. In the distance box the distance shows as 0000.00 miles, bearing is in degrees and is OK. Is anyone with the same unit seeing anything different in the distance box and if so are you able to eg: project a distance of 195 yards. If different, what does it show in the distance box? Even if I change the units to be metric, the distance for projection shows up as Kilometers not metres. What do other users see? Team Polarbear
  9. I have this model, have used it for about a year and half. No real problems. It does sometimes lose signal in the trees but if you keep moving its usually OK. Some people think the writing and the screen are both a little small but it works for me. If $40. bucks is all you can afford or want to put out on a GPS then you should be fine with the Legend. There are better models for more money.
  10. I'm the cacher that was out with SigsPig the other day. I use an Ipod nano. I'm not sure if Cache Magnet has a Mac version, you could always contact them and ask. However, if your Mac can emulate Windows you should be able to run the program. You will have to be a premium member. If you are then here are the steps. Load the program on your PC, it will ask for another Windows file, pick it up from Microsoft and load it as well. Create a folder, perhaps under Document, called eg Geocaches. Start Geocaching.com and pick the cache that you want to find. Press the GPX Exchange file button and save the cache in Geocaches. Close and go to the next cache, repeat steps. Start Cache Magnet, it will open with a blank database. Under Waypoint, choose Import, highlight the caches in Geocaches and enter. You should see a line per cache on the database. Save database Under Devices import to your Ipod and GPS. (Assuming you have the cables already hooked up from PC to device.) Ipod has to be configured for disk through Itunes once. On the Ipod Cache Magnet comes up under Extras, Notes, Cachemagnet. The cache information should show up by waypoint. Hints are on a separate line and Logs are on a separate line also. If you want to have a list, then there is a report facility. I usually print the index, short description and 2 logs. Hope that helps.
  11. Geocaching.com has the notices in many languages. Download and print.
  12. Yes, but you have to contact Geocaching.com. They have do some work and can move your username and finds to your new username adding the previous to it. I'm not sure how easy this really is. I like Graystone Gopher as a name, maybe you just need a catchy avatar to go along with it. Team Polarbear
  13. Be truthfull, the cache ownerwill see your log and if there is a problem your telling him allows him to fix it. Usually check a few of the previous logs to see if others didn't find it, ask the cache owner if the cache is still there and OK. Team Polarbear
  14. With the concerance of the owner his cache could be adopted by someone else, on the other hand he might just ask that it be achived. Can't speak to whether or not he would be allowed back in to the caching community but its pretty hard to ban someone from geocaching forever.
  15. More times than I care to think about. Put those caches on the back burner, go find a few more and come back to them when you have more time, experience, and feel like a challenge. Maybe even bring a friend, four eyes are better than two.
  16. Seems micros and spruce trees go together like toast and jam. Micros are small, eg. a film container. Nanos on the other hand are really small, some about the size of your small fingernail.
  17. You'll have 1,000 finds before you know it! Thank you so much Mizdeeds1 for the avatar. Would it be possible to rotate the image to the right 90 degrees and move the title underneath the rotated image? I love the ladybugs that you have done. Looking forward to seeing the new image. Thanks again, lady bugz.
  18. I use my IPOD and a program called CacheMagnet, its free. Create a folder perhaps called Geocaches say under Documents. On a cache that you want to do hit the GPX button and save the cache in Geocaches. Open Cachemagnet as a blank database and import under Waypoint the file from Geocaches. It will show as a single line entry. Assuming you have the cables from your PC to your IPOD and GPS you can download the cache using Devices. The GPS gets the co-ords and GCname, the IPOD gets the complete text from the cache page, a second line gives you the Hints (decoded) and a third line gives you the last five logs. Works great, plus you can listen to music while you cache.
  19. hi I'm one half of the team LADY BUGZ and I would really love to have an avatar which would represent our name LADY BUGZ I was kind of thinking perhaps two ladybugs each holding a GPS maybe standing on a patch of grass, that's about all the ideas that I can offer. Hope you will consider this request from cachers with 10 finds. Thank you!☺
  20. I don't have an Etrex I have a Legend but I would think it would work pretty well the same. To test: Stand at your front door and do a mark to establish a waypoint. Call it Home. Go down the block, turn on the GPS and bring up Home under Find. You should be able to see a compass and the distance in either meters or feet. If you see that, then walk according to the arrow and it should lead you home. As you get closer to home (cache) the distance keeps getting less and less until you are very close. Best I can do on short notice.
  21. I do paperless caching with an IPOD. I use a free program called CacheMagnet. Easy to understand and use. Initially set up a folder perhaps called Geocaches under Documents. Go to a cache and hit the GSX button to copy the cache data to Geocaches. Bring up Cachemagnet, open and import the file using waymark. The cache shows up in a single entry. Under devices highlight your IPOD device and it will copy through your IPOD cable to the IPOD. The entries show up under Extras then Notes. It shows both Names of caches and waypoints. You see the cache name, difficulty, terrain, cache type, co-ords, owner, everything you would see on the printed page. Under the waypoint heading there is another for Hints and another shows I think the last five logs. Cachemagnet also under devices will load the cache co-ords to your GPS as well. I use cachemagnet only to pickup a number of caches at one time to load to my devices, after I have found them I erase them from cachemagnet, delete them from my GPS and the next load from cachemagnet to the IPOD I do a complete overright which picks deletes everything that was and replaces it with the newer caches. Its not as great as a PDA, you can't sort caches for example, but hey it didn't cost me a bundle, the software was free and I can listen to music while I cache.
  22. Another suggestion? If you want to do it on the cheap, use your IPOD. We do it all the time, plus you can listen to your favourite music while caching.
  23. I've seen the problem twice with my eTrex Legend. First time just quit for the day and turned it off. Second time turned it off and pulled the batteries and then put them back in and powered OK. Still working today.
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