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  1. We are getting this same problem, too. I have tried IE6, IE7, Firefox2, firefox3 and Google Chrome and the same thing happens on all of them. I also updated my Java and Flash player but it has made no difference. This is very annoying. If you look at the history, this problem first manifested itself over a year ago. Why hasn't it been fixed? Very fed up Solesearchers
  2. my 19yr old only really likes caching when it is extreme so we look for the 3-5 star terrain difficulty. If there is a river to jump, ladder/cliff/tree to climb, cave to go in etc. His friends love it too as they get competitive, they are out of the car and dangling over the edge of a bridge over a sream etc before i can even park sometimes! We have had a number of discussions about quality of life etc
  3. Hi there We are Premium members and have been for some time but suddenly we are not getting emails notifying of new caches any more. Can anybody say what has happened? thanks
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