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  1. This is a pre-sale and you can order it now! It ships to our customers November 5, 2009. By popular demand! We've had so many requests for a trackable version of the Moab Kokopelli, that we are excited to announce a brand new trackable circular Geocoin version! The new Hopi Kokopelli Geocoin is 51mm (2.0 inch) circular coin that is trackable. The Hopi Kokopelli design duplicates the artistry of the original Moad Kokopelli which was a smaller, tomb shaped, and non-trackable coin. Please visit my website at www.thecachingplace.com for further information. Cordially, Jim
  2. This is a pre-sale that will ship to our customers November 5, 2009. "It's a Geocacher's World" Geocoin captures the global presence of the sport of Geocaching. The colors are earth tones that represent our Earth. The 3-D transparency of the world positioned on a compass is fascinating view. The Satellite in orbit and Geo Symbol on earth proudly proclaim "It's a Geocacher's World" It's a Geocacher's World" Geocoin is made of stamped bronze imitation hard enamel. It measures 2.0""/ 51mmin diameter and 3mm thick. This 2-D design as 8 colors on the front and 4 colors on the back. Engraved tracking code is on the back of the coin. It is packaged in a PVC pouch This coin is trackable. "It's a Geocacher's World"Geocoin is a 2.0" , 51mm diameter coin so it is significantly larger then the 1.75" diameter Geocoin. We chose the larger size to optimize the detail of this beautiful coin. The price is slightly higher because of the size, but well worth it! Please visit us at www.thecachingplace.com for more information. Cordially, Jim
  3. Hi Kristi! I've talked to the artist who designs these for me ( I have input as well) and I think we will do a series of motorcycle themed Geocoins over the next few months. The new 2.0" diameter format will display the artistry of these coins more optimally. I appreciate your kind words on the Geocaching Snowman Seasonal series. The series has been appreciated by Geocachers all over the world! Cordially, Jim
  4. Hi WRITE SHOP ROBERT! I appreciate your input on the safety issue. I'll consider your suggesion.... This is not a limited minting (in the sense I don't know how many I will eventually produce). Eventually, they will be discontinued. I plan to make these available for a while depending on the response. Cordially, Jim
  5. Hi Eartha! Refrigerated chaps, I wish I'd thought of that! We may design a series of GS Bikerz coins, so I will take another look at the helmet issue..... Cordially, Jim
  6. Hi Write Shop Robert! I'm glad you think they are cool! So do I! These are not personal coins. They are for all to enjoy. Visit my website at www.thecachingplace.com. Cordially, Jim
  7. Hi! I don't know the specifics of your coin, however when I have coins made the sample / proof is correct in every way except that no tracking code is engraved. Perhaps you have a sample / prototype coin... Cordially, Jim
  8. Hi Everybody! I'm surprised at the controversy of the "helmet issue". The designer and I (I have input into the design) discussed the helmets before we finalized the design. It is my belief that this is purely an artistic expression that should be free of political correctness. I feel that the design stands on its own artistic merit, and should be judged solely on artistic merit. Some mentioned that it would be inappropriate for the Todie's Wild Ride. While that wasn't a consideration when the coin was designed it baffles me to believe that people or kids would not wear helmets because of a pair of helmetless snowfolk riding on a motorcycle. Once could write a treatise on this subject. but suffice to say the designer and I both liked the snowpeople better without helmets. It allowed us to have the snowfolk convey more emotion. The decisions were made without consideration of political correctness. If that costs The Caching Place sales, than so be it! Lastly, I'm aware that helmets save lives and prevent injuries. I support all efforts for adult and child education in the matter of motorcycle safety. There are appropriate venues for education. The design of our Ride to Cache coin was to convey the Joy & Freedom of riding on the open road. It was not meant to be anything else. Cordially, Jim Berk Owner The Caching Place
  9. Hi Ladybee4T: This was an artistic decision for our anthpomorphic snowpeople. In the real world if our snowman had an accident he wouldn't be taken to the hospital, he would just melt. There is no flaw, unless you believe the famous biker movie THE WILD ONE starring Marlon Btando should be re-edited to show him wearing a helmet. LOL Yes, I know how important it is for HUMANS to wear a helmet while riding.... Cordially, Jim
  10. GS Bikerz Alpha Geocoin is available for pre-sale today! This larger format 2.00" diameter Geocoin was chosen to optimize the detail & artisty of this magnificent Geocoin. The themes "Ride to Cache"& "Live to Cache" are embodied in this beautiful coin! We expect to Ship 9/22/09 or sooner. The GS Bikerz Alpha Geocoin is made of stamped bronze imitation hard enamel with black nickel plating. It measures 2.0"" and 3mm thick. This 2-D design as 17 colors on the front and 15 colors on the back. Engraved tracking code is on the back of the coin. It is packaged in a PVC pouch This coin is trackable. This magnificent coin embodies the "Ride to Cache" theme. It is a 2.0" diameter coin so it is significantly larger then the 1.75" diameter Geocoin. We chose the larger size to optimize the artistic detail of the GS Bikerz Alpha Geocoin. The price is slightly higher because of the size, but well worth it! This promises to be one of our most popular Geocoins, so please order early. Visit us at www.thecachingplace.com Cordially, Jim
  11. Hello Again! I was able to upload the codes earlier than I thought. As of 9:05 am Pacific Time the tracking codes ready to be activated. Enjoy your Geocaching Snowman in Fall Geocoin! Cordially, Jim Berk Owner The Caching Place
  12. Hi Howlingmoon! Try again at 10:00am Monday (today). I forgot to upload the tracking codes to our database. Thank you for your patience! Cordially, Jim Berk Owner The Caching Place
  13. This is the fourth and final trackable Geocoin in our seasonal Geocaching Snowman Series. This coin meets the standard of excellence of the previous three coins in the Geocaching Snowman Series! Each coin can be ordered separately, or order all four as an exceptional gift for your yourself, friend, or fellow Geocacher! The coin(s) are in stock ready to ship. Visit us at www.thecachingplace.com for further details and to place your order!
  14. The new center wheel for the Pocket Decoders looks great! The detail is excellent! We will finish shipping pre-sales July 2nd. This is a stock item and is ready to be shipped. If you have a Pocket Decoder, you will want the CAV! Cordially, Jim
  15. Hello Atwell Family! Thank you for bringing it to my attention! I try and be an optimist in life, but you're correct not to tempt fate! Cordially, Jim
  16. The Geocaching Snowman in Summer is in stock. Attached are the actual photos of the coin. Cordially, Jim
  17. Hi Geocachers! The Geocaching Snowman in Summer Coins arrived Friday afternoon! The coins looks terrific! We will have all pre-sales shipped by June 30th as promised. If you haven't ordered yet, now is the time! Cordially, Jim Berk
  18. Hello Geocachers! The new CAV (CAESAR/ ALBERTI / VIGENERE) Cipher / Decipher Center Wheel is here! This new CAV Center Wheel is for our Pocket Decoders. It will allow you to cipher / decipher Caesar type codes. This will be a stock item, however because of the possible huge demand we are offering it for pre-sale as of 6/18/09. Shipping will begin on July 2, 2009. Please visit our website at www.thecachingplace.com for details. Cordially, Jim
  19. Additional notes in regards to colors on the back of the coin: Some of the colors didn't post properly: The hammock is a brighter red color. The sand under the hammock is whiter than depicted The sand bucket and shovel is more orange than depicted. Everything else is accurate. The Pantone color codes are correct, however for some strange reason the aforementioned is slighty off as posted. Cordially, Jim Berk
  20. Congratulations to Steve Owens & Tom Jones! Steve won for his 600 milestone design and Tom for his 700 milestone design. There were entries but no winners for 800 & 900 milestones. Tom & Steve each won $125.00 plus milestone coins. Both designs will be produced. The designs will be posted once they are ready for production in approximately a month. Cordially, Jim Berk Owner The Caching Place
  21. Hello! The Caching Place is proud to announce the third in a series of four seasonal Geocaching Snowman Coins is available for pre-sale today! We will be shipping the coin on June 29th, 2009. Like the first two coins the third coin in the series has a theme. The theme is: "Summer Cachin'.... and relaxin' ". The Summer coin is beautiful. Those of you who ordered the first & second in the series know the quality of the coins. We've gotten great comments on the coins thus far. Please visit our website at www.thecachingplace.com for further details. Find out what our Geocaching Snowman is up to in the Summer Months! Cordially, Jim Berk
  22. Is it possible to edit the topic line? I (unbelievably) misspelled Geocaching! I've got to stop these late night posts.....
  23. The Geocashing Snowman in Spring Coin has just arrived! We have completed shipping to all who ordered during the pre-sale. This coin is now in stock. The feedback for the Geocaching Snowman Seasonal series has been terrific. Please view the attached pictures. The designer, T. Steele Jones Tom Jones (painting under the name T. Steele Jones) has been painting with transparent watercolors for 30 years. His current works range from detailed chrome reflections of motorcycles to whimsical, heart warming snowmen. Jones uses his own photos to capture the light and shadows in his realistic creations, but when it comes to painting snowmen he leaves it all up to his imagination. Tom earned a Bachelor’s degree in art education from Northeastern State University in Oklahoma followed by a Master’s degree from Pittsburg State University. He went on to become an art teacher, a profession he’s been enjoying for the past 18 years. Jones is a member of the Missouri Watercolor Society, Spiva Center for the Arts and ArtCentral. The latter of which awarded him Best of Show at their annual competitions in both 2001 and 2003. He also received the Best of Show award at the Thomas Hart Benton Competition in 2004 and the People’s Choice Award at the Lamar Fair in 2008. He currently resides in Missouri with his son, daughter, wife, and two dogs. Jones comments, “The idea of lifting someone’s spirit or giving them a laugh (which is a blessing) to possibly make their day better has always been important to me, I hope my art does that”. Many of his original paintings can be found in private homes and on display at Cherry’s Custom Frames and Gallery.
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