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  1. Hello! I couldn't help but notice that no one has commented on the The Mysterious Island Geocoin we just created. No comments positive or negative. Is it a correct assumption on my part that businesses like The Caching Place are looked upon unfavorably for posting on this forum? The Geocoins we produce sell very well and I receive many favorable comments on my website about our Geocoins. If I'm committing a breach of etiquette please let me know and I'll cease placing this type of posting on the web. I look forward to your comments! Cordially, Jim Berk Owner The Caching Place
  2. Hi "G6itchee-Gummee! Salt-free diet...... You know you might be right.LOL I lived for a brief period of time in Kenosha, WI at the marina. Lake Michigan sure seemed like an ocean when I sailed on it. If enough interested people are on your "salt-free" diet, I might change the rules. Cordially, Jim
  3. Hi Goosefraba1! I live in the State of Washington near Seattle. I have never visited the Ohio River. I'm assuming the reluctance "to willingly dive" is because of pollution or is it something else like temperature? Thank you for your comment! Cordially, Jim
  4. Hello Geocachers World Wide!!! Let's have some underwater fun! I was talking with a group of my friends yesterday in Everett, WA, USA who are not Geocachers, but are skin / snorkel divers, who asked me about exotic underwater Geocaches. They would love to dive for them (15 feet or less). I know they and other swimmers throughout the world would love to find additional under water Geocaches. We came up with the following: There are five (5) major oceans in the world (Arctic, Atlantic, Indian, Pacific, and Southern Ocean). They want to see an additional Geocache in each of the five (5) oceans. I'm donating ten (10) Pocket Decoder Geocoins and ten(10 ) 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Geocoins to five individuals who are willing to hide a Geocache under water (15 feet or less) in an exotic locale in each Ocean (one locale per ocean). Each Cache will have one (1) Pocket Decoder and One (1) 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Geocoin. How will the winners be determined? Submit your locale and a brief reason why it should be selected, history, personal meaning to you, etc., etc. Just reply to this thread in this forum. Once the five (5) individual winners have been determined, than I will send each of the five individuals two (2) Pocket Decoders and two (2) 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Geocoins. One set is to hide and one set is a gift to the Geocachers. World's Simplest Rules: Locales will be selected from replies to this topic thread Jim Berk will determine the five (5) locales based on the submissions to this Geocaching forum by June 27th, 2010. The winning entries must be able to hide the Geocache in locale they submitted for by August 1, 2010 Caches must be under water 24 hours a day and must not be deeper than 15 feet. They must be placed by swimmers holding their breath, no SCUBA or artificial air supply. Caches must be logged onto Geocaching.com by August 5th, 2010. All normal Geocaching Rules apply as stated on geocaching.com website. If there are any questions email jim@thecachingplace.com Winners will be posted as a reply to this thread on June 27th, 2010. Lastly, I reserve the right to change a rule or add a rule to clarify the contest if necessary. End of Rules I hope everybody has fun! Cordially Jim
  5. Hello! As the owner of The Caching Place my favorite part of Geocaching is collaborating with artists to bring you new and exciting designs. The Mysterious Island is the second in the Tribute to Jules Verne series of Geocoins. The first was 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Jules Verne is one of my favorite science fiction authors! The adventures he created are genuinely fantastic! Each of the Geocoins is made to look like a book with a spine on the front side. They are 51mm x 36.5mm. The artist T. Steele Jones in collaboration with The Caching Place is proud to present this new design to you. The front side shows Captain Nemo's Nautilus approaching his secret home base, The Mysterious Island! The back side shows a beach scene on The Mysterious Island with a secret map in a glass bottle along with a Geocaching symbol sand dollar, and a colorful menacing crab. I've also attached the pictures of the actual 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Geocoin, the first Geocoin in the series. You can see these on my site www.thecachingplace.com. I hope you enjoy them! Cordially, Jim Berk
  6. Hi Eartha! Please update the following post: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...;hl=Jules+verne I originally posted it February 19th (The Caching Place). New Post 3/25/10 Many of you wanted to see the actual production 20,000 Leagues under the Sea, tribute to Jules Verne Geocoin, so here it is! "20,000 Leagues under the Sea" a tribute to Jules Verne is now shipping! This is one of the most imaginative Geocoins we've ever produced! It's shaped like a Jules Verne Novel, with a front cover, spine, & back cover. This Geocoin is now shipping. We are shipping to our customers who ordered during the pre-sale period first. If you haven't ordered yet, don't wait. This has already become one of our best selling Geocoins!
  7. Please find the mint artwork for the new tribute to Jules Verne Tribute 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. This has become the second most popular pre-sale in our history! Cordially, Jim Berk
  8. Hi Jackalgirl! I thought about it further and I'm comiting to having an icon for the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Geocoin by May 30th. I will also have an icon for the next Geocoins in the Jules Verne Series. Mysterious Island will probably be next Cordially, Jim Very good; I think that the Nautilus would make an outstanding 32x32. : ) Would you consider posting the mint art when you get it? It's not that I don't trust your artist or the mint's ability to interpret the art, it's just that the mint version often ends up being pretty different from the original conception. I like that you're using IHE. Are you getting some of the shades of blue on the front by using multiple levels under (say) trans #8 or trans #21 (Mint wish list: more blues in translucent IHE, please), or are all of the patches of different blues going to be done opaquely? I'm assuming the latter because of some mints' reticence to two-tone black nickel over nickel (and translucent enamel over black nickel would not look good), but if you've got some kind of two-toning scheme going on, I'd be interested in hearing about it. Thanks for the response! Hi Jackalgirl! Yes, I will post the mint art when it is done. I'm in the process of working with them to interpret the art. The mint I use has been excellent in taking the original design and capturing most of the elements. If anything is lost it's some of the fine details that just can't be duplicated on such a small canvas (the Geocoin). In fact that's one of the reasons I've gone to a 2.0 format to preserve as much detail as possible. The artist I collaborate with is highly skilled in using solid pantone colors which makes it easier for the mint to copy the design. There are always some changes, but usually they are minor. You've asked some technical questions as well, which I will have the artist, Tom Jones respond as soon as he has the time. I have been working with the mint artists and we should be finished by Friday with the final design. I'll post the mint art this weekend. BTW this coin is selling very well in pre-sale. Cordially, Jim Berk Owner The Caching Place
  9. Hi Jackalgirl! I thought about it further and I'm comiting to having an icon for the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Geocoin by May 30th. I will also have an icon for the next Geocoins in the Jules Verne Series. Mysterious Island will probably be next Cordially, Jim
  10. Hi Jackalgirl & LionsLair! I understand your concerns. If you look at our history of converting the designs to Geocoins we've met or exceeded expectations each and every time. Feel free to browse the forum history and see the many pre-sales we've done and the results. The coins that T. Steele Jones has designed for me have exceeded expectations. See the "Born to Cache" coin for example. I generally like to keep stock on coins like this, but based on the response I'm receiving I will probably run out of the first minting. The second minting if there is one would be delivered approximately three weeks after the first one ships. I have not been doing icons for coins in general because of the expense ($150.00) and times are tough, however if we sell enough Geocoins I will create an icon. I'm a Jules Verne fan, and I hope to create a series of Geocoins based on his books. This first design that T. Steele Jones and with some minor assistance from me has a sense of beauty, action, and artistry that I hope to bring to the series if we move forward with it. Hopefully this answers your questions. Cordially, Jim Berk
  11. Hi drneal! If you order in the USA and your not in the state of WA (sales tax is charged in Washington State). You will see three charges: Line one: $12.95 Line two: $1.73 if you order this one item (by weight) and ship it in the USA Line three: $2.00 per order not item. You could 20 items in a large box and it would still be $2.00 The first line is the product itself which in this case is $12.95. The second line is actually postage, it reads shipping but it been that way for years and I can't change the software. The third line is for shipping and handling which is, boxes, tape, bubble wrap, activation cards, postage machine receipts, etc. etc and the labor it takes to pack the items and ship them. Hopefully that answers your question. Have fun! Cordially, Jim Berk Owner The Caching Place
  12. The Caching Place has been in business since September 2005, and we presently ship to 27 countries world wide. I want to personally thank all of my customers & friends! - - Jim Pre-Sale:"20,000 Leagues under the Sea Tribute" ships on or before March 18th 2010. This may be one of the most beautiful Geocoins that The Caching Place has ever designed & minted! Artist T. Steele Jones & The Caching Place has designed this Geocoin as a tribute to the great author Jules Verne. The "20,000 Leagues under the Sea Tribute" Geocoin is shaped like a book 2.0" x 1.75". It has a "front cover", "spine", and "back cover". The Geocaching theme is depicted in this fabulous Geocoin! The front of the coin has the Nemo's mysterious submarine Nautilus, with divers searching a sunken ship for buried Geoaching treasure! The back of the coin has Captain Nemo fighting a giant squid in an epic battle! The detail, colors, and action make this Geocaching themed Geocoin a wonderful collectors item! You could even place the "20,000 Leagues under the Sea Tribute" Geocoin in a cache for a 20,000 leagues adventure on land! Cordially, Jim Berk Owner The Caching Place
  13. Now Shipping!!! The pre-sale first shipment has sold extremely well, but I still have some in stock that can be shipped now. I've placed a second order that will arrive in a couple of weeks. I'm wearing the Men's necklace and it looks great (according to my wife). She is wearing the earrings and Women's necklace and they look elegant! Geowelry can be worn to the theater, work, most social occasions, and of course Geocaching events! Remember, Geowelry has tracking codes, so they can be used just like Geocoins. Geowelry is packaged in a black valour pouch for safe-keeping or gift giving. Value priced at $17.95 for the earrings and $18.95 for the Men's or Women's necklace. They look like you paid a much higher price!! Women's Earrings Men's &Women's Necklace Pendant Close-up. Men's Necklace Women's Necklace ________________________________________________________________ Moderator edit at OP's request to add everything above this line. I kept the original text below to preserve the information about the items. Men & Women's Geowelry Necklace and Pendant Men & Women's Necklace Pendant close-up Women's Earrings Pre-Sale, ships January 22, 2010! Men's and Women's Geocaching Geowelry! The Geowelry Necklace is trackable just like a Geocoin! The tracking code is engraved on the front of the free-form Geosymbol (great conversation starter!) and the words "trackable at Geocaching.com" is on the back. This gold color finish necklace can be worn everywhere, to work, normal social events, Geocaching events. They are unique, fashionable, and terrific conversation starters! The Geowelry Necklace free-form Geosymbol is made of bronze, nickel-free in gold color finish. The diameter of the free-form Geosymbol is 29mm (slightly bigger than a US quarter). The chain is made of iron material with a Gold color finish. The free-form Geosymbol has a tracking code engraved on the front (great conversation starter!) and the words "trackable at Geocaching.com" on the back. The men's necklace chain is 24 inches in length and the Women's is 18 inches in length. It comes packaged in a black valour pouch. They will ship to our customers January 22, 2010. The price is $18.95. Pre-Sale, The Women's Geowelry earrings are trackable just like Geocoins! One of each pair of the earrings has a Geocaching.com tracking code engraved on them. The tracking code faces out (great conversation starter), the words "trackable at Geocaching.com is on the other side facing toward the ear. These gold color finish earrings can be worn everywhere, to work, theatre, Geocaching events. They are unique, fashionable, and terrific conversation starters! The Geowelry Earrings are very light weighing just 4.5grams ea. The earrings are made of bronze, nickel-free in gold color finish. The diameter of the free-form Geosymbol is 29mm (slightly bigger than a US quarter). This earring set is designed for pierced ears. One of each pair of earrings is engraved with a Geocaching.com tracking code. They come packaged in a black valour pouch. They will ship to our customers Janurary 22, 2010. The price is $17.95. Please visit us at www.thecachingplace.com for further details and to order.
  14. Pre-sale, ships to our customers on December 2, 2009. Our Geocaching adventurer is looking through binoculars trying to discover a way off this beautiful island. The boat that brought him drifted away! Dolphins and Sharks surround the island, however he sees a ship on the horizon that will rescue him! I'm sure that being the FTF this tropical Geocache was worth it! Cordially, Jim www.thecachingplace.com
  15. "The leader of the Cache" was also "Born to Cache". This fantastic new 2" Geocoin from artist T. Steele Jones is available for pre-sale today. The Geocoin ships to our customers on December 2, 2009. This affords enough time to ship around the world and arrive in plenty of time for the Holidays. This is my personal favorite Geocoin of the series. Our rough & tough rider is ready for anything. Stay out of his way unless you are a fellow Geocacher! Cordially, Jim www.thecachingplace.com
  16. Pre-sale, ships to our customers on December 2, 2009. Three Geocachers are hiking on an alien world that is covered in sand. However, the fact that they are on an strange world doesn't deter them from accomplishing their mission of a finding a cache in the world of infinite sands! Cordially, Jim www.thecachingplace.com
  17. Hi Haysonics! You're welcome! We we redesigned the coin we listened to the requests for a new size and shape and being trackable. Cordially, Jim
  18. Hi Everybody! Please pick-up the thread at my first entry today. There are pictures of the actual Geocoins and they are shipping as of today. Cordially, Jim
  19. Hi Everybody ! Please pick-up the thread at my first entry today. You can see actual pictures of the coin and it's shipping as of today. Cordially, Jim
  20. "It's a Geocacher's World" Geocoin captures the global presence of the sport of Geocaching. The colors are earth tones that represent our Earth. The 3-D transparency of the world positioned on a compass is fascinating view. The Satellite in orbit and Geo Symbol on earth proudly proclaim "It's a Geocacher's World" Visit us at www.thecachingplace.com for more information. Cordially, Jim
  21. Now Shipping! By popular demand! We've had so many requests for a trackable version of the Moab Kokopelli, that we are excited to announce a brand new trackable circular Geocoin version. Introducing the Hopi Kokopelli a 2.0" / 51mm diameter trackable Geocoin! Visit us at www.thecachingplace.com for more information. Cordially, Jim
  22. This is one coin I might buy, but I have a question about the compass rose. In some cases the compass rose is behind the earth and in some cases it is in front of the earth. For instance the W of NW is hidden by South America while the needle end that is pointing in a NW direction is above the continent of South America. This is disconcerting to me, but I am not an artist. Here is a really rough version in paint that I think looks better. Hi Webscouter! It is much more difficult trying to convey 3-D transparent images in paint & Pantone Colors. I wanted to keep the world/globe transparent as well as 3-D that's why you see the compass rose points with the tip of Africa covering the North symbol. Sometimes these things come down to personal taste.... Thanks for your feedback, I appreciate it! Cordially, Jim
  23. Hi Paganfrog! The coin is colorful and the detail is exceptional. We've already sold a large quantity during the pre-sale! Cordially, Jim
  24. I've been a customer of The Caching Place for several years, and it isn't a question of trust with your company. I just would like to see an actual picture of a coin before I purchase. I'm sure the coin will be a quality coin. H! MustiangJoni! I understand... I can't wait to be able to post the picture for you! Cordially, Jim
  25. Hi MustangJoni! Thank you for the catch on the misspelling, I've already corrected it, however I forgot to post the corrected version in the forum. Good catch! I will post the actual geocoin picture as soon as I have one. My customers trust me on these pre-sales and we've always met or exceeded expectations! The whole concept of a pre-sale is based on trust. I appreciate your feedback! Have fun! Cordially, Jim
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