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  1. I wonder if Amateur geocachers have ever cached a simple QRP radio, wire antenna, key, logbook, etc - and made logging a few QSOs a part of the find? To prevent unlicensed operation, the radio cache may need to be a puzzle cache that only an Amateur could solve. To make the "cached radio" experience available to non-Amateurs, substitute the transceiver for an SWL receiver and wire antenna. Bands.. probably 7 Mhz nighttime and 7-10-14 MHz daytime. 2M for a hilltopping cache? Modes.. keeping it simple, CW or SSB QRP Enter stations operated (or heard) in the cache log, and share on the website? Maybe I've been reading too many cold war spy novels. A few ideas to ruminate on. 73
  2. It is no longer possible to download cache info from the Groundspeak site to my Garmin 60CX. The USB connection seems all right. I select the "send to GPS" and nothing happens. It has been many months, the CX60 has not changed but the site has. Can someone give me some troubleshooting hints? Thanks
  3. Another spin-off of this idea might be to cache QRP-portable transcievers, batteries, temporary wire antennas, keys... etc. Find the cache, set up the transciever, see how many you can work, avoid being made by muggles. Some of the kit QRP-CW transceivers are small enough and cheap enough to fit an ammo can with room to spare. A couple watts and good wire antenna do the job. It could be a casual, fun thing or become more of an organized contest thing with people calling CQ QRP GC (for geocaching). Personally, I prefer the tradecraft of setting up QRP-P and avoiding muggles, or just operating from new unusual locations, to weekend ham contests. Of course the cache log would also include stations worked. Traditional caches might include riddles or codes (not morse) that only a ham would know, that would give the ham clues to the ham-only geocache. One would not want muggles to get their hands on a cached radio!!! 73 SINCGARS W6...
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