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  1. It's logs like these that make all the time and effort of making a quality cache worthwhile...... GC165HM Shickshinny Valley December 13, 2007 by mtndave (262 found) Mental Health Day from work. I never put any trust in the weatherpersons so since it was early and it wasn't snowin yet I'd decided to give it a go. Met up with Bear and we headed on down Rt 11. Of course by that time the sleet and sno had begun. No turning back now. Arrived at parking and proceed to part 1. By now there was a good inch or two and coming down so hard I has to keep swiping the GPSr screen while entering coords for part 2. Off we went and what a nice walk in this newly found part of Penns Woods. The falling snow on the Hemlocks and ground only added to this journey. Spied part 2 with no trouble.....getting it was a different story. Now this is a very clever hide that will escape those that don't pay attention and think too much. On the way to the final we sidetripped (I do a lot of that) to take in the strong flowing stream. WOW !!!! What a drop and I love the keyhole below. Continuing on we explored some of the non-natural features and imagined it back then. Found final without trouble (good hide) and did that thing we all do. Yes, it was still snowing hard and now about 4 inches. As is my custom I now went into explorer mode. Hey, if it brings you to a neat place take it ALL in. Spied some lower trails and bushwacked our way down. Made our way along the trail around the ledge (tricky in the snow) for a better view of the falls over the dam only to discover that I was directly above the second falls thru the keyhole. I took the risk and bellied out on a snow covered rock for a fantastic view directly down the falls. The water was running strong and it seemed to go down a series of "steps" but at the bottom must be striking an obstruction that launched the torrent up into the air launching the flow to land about 40 yards down stream. VERY COOL and I suspect the water has to be just right for this effect. The snow only added to this marvelous scene by framing the waters in a white frame of beauty. I did take pictures but the heavy snowfall seems to have added a popcorn effect. RATS. I fully intend to return to this cache area in the near future for yet more exploration and some real photo work. (PAWaterfalls - NEPAG cacher/photographer would love this spot) Thanks so much for placing this cache. This is a true cachers cache. I look forward to discovering the other nearby soon. This I will save for just a little more snow and don the snowshoes for what I expect to be another fine adventure. I don't usually write a book on a cache find but this really deserves all it can get. For those who wish for a true geocache with a great hike, cleaver hides and a journey to another treasure on Mother Nature. "Here's your Sign". MtnDave
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