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  1. Ok Now I'm really confused I know the error is on my part but I just don't know how to fix it....I have some caches showing the MORE button and all the hints and then the rest aren't how do I correct this...... :
  2. Ok everything seems to be working but I don't see the more on the Garmin.....this is my first time at a Macro...I first worked it a downloaded to the 760 and ended up wih more than I wanted went back and did a filter and it worked great but no more button....
  3. I believe so....I just purchased the Garmin 760 yesterday and updated from Garmin and have downloaded I think everything you recommended....to be honest with you I haven't a clue of what I'm doing....I'm a silly female that is in love with geocaching...but hubby isn't haven't a clue what a macro really is...I have had a vista cx and a palm 515 for a couple years and figured a little bit of it out enough to go caching and have some logs on the palm...other than that I no nothing.
  4. I've followed your instructions, but I can't see the MORE button or all the writing for each cache is gibberish. I have also tried going back and following the instructions
  5. Ok Can someone help me I don't have a clue about macro's I do have a vista cx and a palm 515 and have been using GSAK....I have just purchased a nuvi 760 can I do the same things with it all in one and could someone please walki me through of of this....
  6. hisgrace1

    Garmin Nuvi

    I'm wondering does the nuvi have all functions where I can get rid of my palm and use GSAK on it.....and be able to download caches also...how many waypoints can you down load on a Nuvi....I got a Nuvi 205W for Christmas but had my husband take it back because I wan't sure ...I presently have a vista CX and a Palm M515 would like to see if there's a easier way
  7. Hey everyone....How are you all....We have been out of service since December....I ended up overdoing it this summer geocaching, aggravated an old broken foot from years ago...It just proves that unfinished business always needs to get taken care of...LOL...God is so very good...we survived the flood by about 3 blocks....our very precious friends are the ones that called it in....what's amazing is the water totaled their yard but spared their house with very little damage...we have been looking at all the new caches that have been placed around Fernley and are unable to go get them...hubby won't go with out me...the grandkids keep bugging about going so after I get the cast off...will have to go at it....but I just finally had surgery on Monday....LOL....need do maintenance on some of ours it looks like...Take care everyone and enjoy
  8. Downloaded Firefox also....everything works great.....took just a few minutes
  9. same problem here using vista and ie7....very frustrating
  10. I attempted to save onto my sd card put it back in the palm but I don't see where I can import it from the card
  11. Can someone please help me I'm just not understand ...I'm brand new to GSAK and POI's, CSV< and everything else haven't even a clue what a macro is and how to make or use one....I did down load the custom icon POI....and I have POIloader now what I don't even know how to create a directory
  12. I think I need someone to walk me through the forest on this ....I have down loaded POI loader...have a 1gb in my garmin vista cx now what do I do...I can't seem to find the 1gb on my computer and where do I get the POI's or create them...
  13. did you figure out a way to use the gc and smart names...and how do you export from cachemate to gsak when logging....found....
  14. Please don't think I'm crazy...but I have a 1gb micro in my Garmin now...I downloaded POI loader and am wanting to put caches on it...do I have to have a card reader to do this or just through the USB cable like I do my other caches from GSAK?.........
  15. Did you figure out a way to add more waypoints?...I just purchased a 1gb memory card thinking I could add more waypoints on my vista cx but haven't a clue of what I'm doing
  16. Well here I go again being confused...I just purchased a 1GB micro card for my Garmin CX.....I was assumingI good expand the memory so I could download more caches....I get the impression this is not so....so what is the point in having this card..for maps?...and why do I need maps and what kind of maps do I need if I need them...
  17. what do you mean about arc/poly filter...it will create a route for you?
  18. What is a gmail...I have been trying to run pocket queries and I get a e-mail that there are no results...how can that be when I'm asking for ones within a 100 miles radius that I haven't found......
  19. Ok so I purchase the Palmvista simple Installer...and still can't get cachemate on my palm....it hotsync's apparently just fine but that is it...I'm ready to throw this in the garbarge.....
  20. what size sd card did you purchase...i'm having the same problem I purchased a used 515 from e-bay with no manuals or cd's...i donloaded gsak and purchased cachemate but haven't a clue how to get it on my palm.............
  21. Ok I'm needing some help here....I prchased a M515 off e-bay...it didn't come with cd-s or manual....I own windows vista...I have now downloaded GSAK and purchased Cachemate...but I don't know how to get cachemate onto the palm and where to go from there....frustrated....I should have bought one with the manual and cd's i guess...how do you check and send e-mail on a palm i can't figure that out either.
  22. OK... now I'm offended. There's no need for language like that here . I've never quite understood those who's dislike for religion is so strong that the sight of a Bible, religious literature, the Ten Commandments or "one Nation under God" sends them into convulsions. Let me preface this by saying I'm not the most religious person in the world either (haven't been to Church since childhood), but I have my beliefs. I believe there are lessons of value in many religions. I begrudge no one their faith, I'm even polite to the door-to-door folk delivering their messages. A polite word is all it takes to send them on their way, no harm, no foul. I see religious items in caches the same way... if I'm not interested, on to the next cache. Do the religious items burn some of you when you touch them? That might be a problem . I guess there are plenty of things out there to be offended by if one's goal is to be offended... I just don't have time for it. Live and let live, oh yes, and God bless, DCC Placing a cache that solicits is against the rules for caches listed on this site. Swag is another thing, and even more freedom is had by finders when it comes to swag. This is what Freedom looks like. No. People all believe what they believe because they are free to do so. Thank god we are free to act on what we believe right down to leaving or hating tracts. That too is freedom. Bitching about it in a forum...that's also a freedom. Freedom like Democracy isn't always pretty in action, its just better than the alternates. Feedom. Did I advocate legislation? No. And I wouldn't call it bitching... just stating my (reasonable) opinion. It's pretty funny how so many people have problems with religious items....but yet it's ok to leave other items that might offend religious people....we all have a right to participate in this game and enjoy it...there's no need to get hostile...let's just have fun...I'm a CHRISTIAN and very proud of it do I try to shove Jesus down anyones throat...NOPE...it would be wonderful if everyone could realize the LOVE he has for us all...it really makes my day when another christian has placed something special like a devotional just too make a positive affirmation...if it offends you that is not the intent at all...so please let's geocache and enjoy....and if you want to, ignore the items that refer to God....OOps I guess that would include money also ...since....IN GOD WE TRUST is on it.... ....just a pun....HAVE A wonderful time
  23. Ok I'm so very confused still on all this stuff...This is the way we have been doing it but is there a better way.....I use my laptop and save all the logs on it one by one....then I use the GPS and save the location one by one ....and then we are off....is there a better way....PLEASE TELL ME....and what is the differnce between the GSAK< cachemate< and all the other stuff.....
  24. do the palms work with windows vista
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