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  1. Depending on the clue, some caches are possible to find without a GPS. I did about 20 of them before I bought one. I can recommend 'Billy Goat's Gruff' and 'Path to Arthur's Seat' as being Ok to do without a GPS. Also in the Pentlands, 'A hike in the Pentlands' and 'It hot and windy here' are good walks and provide good enough clues. Happy geocaching.

  2. Does it really matter? Cant help feeling, that although there must be guidance about placing caches, and that there must be persons in charge to approve them, that the system cannot be completely watertight. Its only a hobby after all.

    I couldn't believe how anxious some people were getting on another forum about their missing caches in the New Forest, and were even wanting to know how they could go about asking for them to be returned to them. They are only plastic boxes with not very valuable things inside them.

  3. As a relative newcomer to geocaching I feel dismayed reading this kind of stuff in the forums. I thought it was all about people having a bit of fun, getting out into the countryside or exploring parts of towns and cities not visited before, and occasionally meeting others sharing the interest. This kind of debate just puts me off, and I hope that those getting drawn into a 'political' side of geocaching are in the minority of those involved in the 'sport'. No doubt someone will post an irate reply to this, and I will not bother looking on the forums again.

  4. Looks like you can access them when you do a search (eg by postcode) but the maps I've tried give no detail, just show symbols for the nearby caches. Looks like as far as the UK is concerned this will not give us much information. I see that logged caches will only be shown for premium members.

  5. I have been geocaching since March without a GPS and managed to find around 20 caches, but decided I needed to buy a GPS if I was going to continue the hobby. It seemed to me that others had several GPS models as their needs had increased so I decided not to go for the basic model and bought a Garmin Vista. It was either this or the Legend, but I settled on the Vista as it has a built in compass and altimeter (which are useful for hillwalking) as well as more megabytes. The Magellans are HUGE and I can't believe how light and small the Garmin is which is a high priority is you're going walking with it.

  6. I think that all of you should consider 'emigrating' to Scotland. Gorgeous scenery (as someone said), all accessible, and above all, easy to get to. Within an hour or less from most large cities you can be in the depths of the Scottish countryside. There is a very noticeable difference in the density of people, cars and houses up here. And the English are welcome, don't let the image of a cursing Jock put you off. As for the weather, many bright clear sunny days can be had, especially on the East side of the country, and the sky is a lot bluer the further North you travel. Any takers?

  7. Probably not many I guess, but its still possible to geocache plotting coordinates on multimap, decoding hints, being on the alert for likely hiding spots etc. I'm more interested in visiting scenic spots and the geocache locations provide ideas for good walks, as do trigpoint pillars. I may have to team up occasionally with a GPS owner if I want to be really serious about geocaching. Geocaching gives boys a good excuse to buy a new toy to play with, maybe girls have better things to spend their money on?

  8. The interest in 'collecting' these may be that they are generally on high ground, so if hillwalking is a prefered pasttime, they provide a good excuse. And if they are pillars, hard to miss, and therefore better for those of us without a GPS.

  9. Message for Teasel.

    Am relatively new to geocaching etc (& dont havea GPS), but today on a walk near the Crinan Canal daughter and I found a trig point. I downloaded the 1000 list compatible with Microsoft Autoroute from your trigpointing website, to find it not there. Is this because the list is incomplete or some other reason? Also couldnt access the forum page of your website, hence the message on this page (a few of the links dont seem to work). Is there an easy way for me to log the trig point without having a GPS?

  10. Good grief! What have I started?? The benchmark in question is in fact carved into the stone as described by 'Morseman'. I have now had a reply from OS saying that they dont keep track of these any more and therefore it does not need to be recarved into the stone.

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