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  1. You know that you're addicted to geocaching when..... you start having geocaching dreams. Last night it was about being at a cache bash!
  2. There used to be a link from the main page when I first started geocaching over a year ago, but it disappeared for some inexplicable reason. Luckily I had it saved in my 'favourites'. But there is also an interactive customised map that you can access through geocacheuk.com and the link for it is on this page.
  3. I've spent a while looking at caching opportunities in France for a forthcoming holiday. If you look at the map of Europe, France is a complete caching desert. Look here Many of the caches have been set by holidaymakers rather than by locals. Those that have been set by locals seem to be in a very poor state, badly maintained and often using METAL containers which soon rust and let the water in. What is it about the French that so few of them are addicted to geocaching? There must be thousands of great spots for caches around the vast countryside. I guess my holiday will also be a holiday from geocaching!
  4. The page for the maps is here. There appears to me to be no obvious link to it from the geocaching home page. Sometimes the map does not appear on the cache page until a day or two after it has been approved.
  5. I was pleased to be able to celebrate DeputyDawg's 100th find with him today at a very pleasant spot at 'Binherebefore?'. Bumped into him at a previous cache, and rather than follow each other around West Lothian, we teamed up for a few caches. Unfortunately I could only offer him water to drink, but it was better than nothing!
  6. I'm delighted to announce another Scottish century. Snaik completed his ton at my latest cache, Lomond Views, today. Well done, and onwards to the next 100.
  7. All that Allieballie and others have said... and... .....you feel a little thrill of excitement when you find that a new cache has been placed within striking distance ..... your week is planned around caching opportunities ......your children know that you're going to start talking about caching even before you've opened your mouth ....your daughter notices something new in the house and and doesn't have to ask you where you got it .....you take up work offers because they will enable you to travel to a new caching spot .....you have a 'caching' backpack complete with GPS, camera, TBs, swaps, printouts, torch, batteries, pen, binbags and spare notebooks that is never unpacked between caching trips ....you feel a sense of great satisfaction when you introduce someone else to the hobby .....and can't wait to swap geocaching information with them.
  8. Been doing exactly the same for a long time now and never had any problems. However, the quality of the photo is slightly impaired, but I reckon not enough to warrant spending the extra time resizing them myself. I usually take pictures if the weather is good, and the views great, which for the Scottish caches they usually are.
  9. Hey Nick - good to see that you have stopped 'lurking' in the Forums!!
  10. Thanks for all the congratulations everyone. I'm sure that there will soon be a few more double centuries in Scotland, as there are a fair number with well over 100 caches to their names.
  11. Congratulations!! Lots of milestones reached in or going to Aviemore last weekend.
  12. Oh, but I didn't. It was just another way of writing 'beasties'!! You did however, and probably have lost one of those little pink boxes as a warning!
  13. A number of years ago my daughter picked up 9 ticks all over her body walking through wet ferns on the west coast. Got back to Edinburgh, didn't know how to get rid of them, took her to GP, they didn't know either, sent us to Sick Kids Hospital and they didn't know either! They had to ring someone up for advice. A smear of vaseline suffocates the b*******, and they come up for air so you can nab them with tweezers, otherwies you run the risk of leaving the head under the skin. Lovely! Easy when you know.
  14. Well Done from me too! But not only did he bag his 300th, on the same day he was high up a hill at 6am, bagged a Munro at 7am, did a day's caching and last I saw him at around 9pm he was headed for a six hour drive back to Manchester!! Is he really human?
  15. And Snaik has announced his intention to place some caches along the Cateran trail in Perthshire now. He's a busy man!
  16. That's definitely one for the evening or weekend then!
  17. Thanks Pharisee and Dogastus. I have just downloaded GSAK and played around with it for a bit. On first viewing it looks tremendous, but will take some time to get to grips with. A tutorial in Aviemore would help I'm sure. Thanks
  18. Ok Snaik, you have now put me right off doing that cache - knowing that I'm likely to be spied on while looking for it!
  19. Good grief!! Is this goobledegook to anyone else apart from me?? I can download waypoints using EasyGPS, but that's as far as I've got. I can't even work out how to convert the files for Mapsource. Perhaps someone could write a beginners guide to the technical side of all of this?? Or does one exist somewhere already?
  20. For someone whom I'm told doesn't "do" birthdays, I hope that The Forester enjoys all the attention here! Congratulations, happy birthday and a fitting way to celebrate it too.
  21. Thanks for that. I had done most of what you suggested, but the TB's whereabouts are still unknown. It was a last resort and a long shot to post a message on the Forums.
  22. And some of it is mine - with two teenagers and one of them female I seem to be in that shop far too often. And see the prices...!! I couldn't believe it when I saw the green flash Dunlop plimsolls that I used to wear at school for gym more than 30 years ago being sold as a fashion item.
  23. A TB called 'Hello Kitty Angel' appears to have gone missing from a cache in Edinburgh called The Other Side of Edinburgh. It was placed there on March 24th by Eldar, but the following visitors to the cache have not seen it. Does anyone know where it is?
  24. Great news! Well done! And in only a few months too.
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