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  1. Yep - everyone made it back down safely and some refreshing and welcome beer was consumed in the Ben Nevis Inn in the warm sunshine, before those of us who were headed down the A82 sped off to the Kingshouse Hotel to meet Option2 cachers.
  2. And without any locationless ones Bob: I know how much you dislike those!
  3. Roolku completed his century on the way to the Scottish Geocachers Day Out. I was told that he didn't even remember that he'd done it until he was several caches past it. Obviously not a numbers man! Congratulations!
  4. Congratulations to Allieballie for getting her ton today at the 1st Scottish Geocachers Day Out! Bet it feels good! It was touch and go, thanks to the midgies, but the goal was achieved. And the wee man, who is only 4, has trudged alongside his Mum to most of these caches. Best to start them young, eh? Apparently, instead of calling them 'treasure' and 'the machine', he is fully conversant with the terms 'cache' and 'GPS'.
  5. Back home 9pm after nipping in at the Kingshouse Hotel. Highland Nick has summed the day up well. Everyone made it to the top - varying times of between 2.5 and 4 hours - youth and long legs helped! Discussion was already taking place about a possible venue for another day out. So far (and I'm sure that there will be more) the suggestions that I have heard are: Snaik's Cateran Trail Water of Leith Walkway Isle of Arran Ascent of Ben Macdui - to take in 'Another failed climbing stash' and 'Summit to the sea - the summit' (is this Britain's 2nd highest cache?) Thanks to Haggis Hunter and Ullium for organising everything. Perhaps we should start a new thread for another event - this one must have set a record by now??
  6. The maps are brilliant - thanks!! I can see my house on the aerial one!
  7. Hey Ullium, That zimmer of yours sounds fab. Perhaps you should patent it and start taking orders now! If not on bikes, then the best way (other than cadging a lift off me!) is to get the bus. No 22 into town, then no 44 goes all the way out to Balerno.
  8. There is a small book that looks useful, details are here: Guide to the Water of Leith Walkway I think it's available from the WoL Visitors centre, and there is also a map here: WoL map
  9. Allieballie, I think what you could do is get bikes from somewhere, borrow a bike rack for the back of your car that I have, cycle down the WoL caching, and then get me to take you back to your car at Balerno. I am assuming that you would only have two bikes and that the wee man would be on a child seat. I have two roof rails on my car at the moment to put the bikes on. Will discuss it further with you at work!
  10. And congratulations from me too!! Look forward to seeing you next weekend.
  11. I'm pleased to report that today The Tupperware Party found their 100th cache at Colony Co-op. The centuries are coming thick and fast these days. Congratulations and well done to the team.
  12. I would like to say a public thanks to the Approvers. My latest cache was approved within half an hour on a Friday night. I couldn't believe how quickly it happened. Other caches have similarly been approved very quickly, usually within a couple of hours. Given the number of caches that appear each week, and the number of postings on the Forum that they have to keep an eye on, these two must be kept very busy. Thanks again.
  13. Well done Team Mady. An excellent achievement. No doubt you're all looking forward to the next one hundred!
  14. Never heard of this midge repellent before - will get some. However, I very much doubt that I will manage to persuade 15 year old son to put some on, even if I do tell him that the army uses it! He reads the fine print of all containers of lotions and potions and if there is any hint of it being aimed at females then he wont touch it. Something to do with adolescence I guess.
  15. Photos have been sent. There were too many to choose from, so I have sent my favourites. Look forward to the CD.
  16. Myself and son have booked a pitch. Don't worry, I wont have any of your beer. If he wants to get up in the morning and get up that mountain, my son won't be having any either.
  17. Had never seen a wasp's bike (as they are apparently called) before, but recently found one in my garden shed. Have been advised to get some spray from B&Q to kill them before removing it. Not sure if this is OK to do out in the open countryside though! However, the nest is a beautiful work of art Just look:
  18. Well done Perth Pathfinders, and thanks for so many great caches in and around Perth.
  19. 50 caches in a day?? What are these English caches like?? I've just spent 2 and a bit days caching nonstop in Weegieland (Ayrshire, West of Glasgow), and although I didn't start before dawn, I managed 7 yesterday and 6 today. It would be impossible to do anything anywhere near 50 caches in a day in Scotland. A good marathon might just be possible in Edinburgh where there are plenty of caches, within the city limits, but even a lot of these involve walking up hills. You must be able to literally jump out of your car and nab these English caches. Personally I prefer a good walk with great views with a cache at the end of it. There were a lot of these on my recent tour, such as Fairlie Tricky, Teatotaller's Way and Murrin's View. Just take a look at the photos.
  20. Its great to return from holiday and see that everything is organised for a grand day out in August. Thanks very much to Haggis Hunter and Ullium. I'm hoping that one or more cachers will be willing to do a wee write up of the event for the online geocaching mag at www.geocachingtoday.com. Keep it in mind.
  21. I've just seen this thread after my return from a cache-free holiday in France. Well done indeed Silver Fox. I hope that there will still be plenty more for you to enjoy.
  22. Many congrtulations TartanT, Using my last few telephone credits to send you this from France. Look forward to meeting you in August at Ben Nevis. B....y French keyboards11 Cheers Firth of Forth
  23. You know when you're addicted to geocaching when: ... you are going on holiday and you wonder whether you will survive 18 days without access to the website.
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