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  1. Not sure about that...most people are coming from the South. However, I will post your request on the Scottish forum just in case anyone from up North could help you out.
  2. I saw these advertised in my bank when I was there yesterday. Will pop in on Monday and get you two.
  3. Bumping this back to the top - less than a month to go now.
  4. Two actually: here's the other one http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=191406
  5. There appear to be TWO white jeeps here and here around the Perth/Arbroath area, being driven recklessly by the local caching population. And I am expecting another one to appear shortly in Edinburgh. Will that be 3 more than the rest of the UK, or are there any others yet?
  6. However, if it is a premium members only cache, then you can see a log of who has been looking at it and when.
  7. A veteran of the Scottish caching scene, Billy Twigger, claimed his 600th cache this week somewhere down in England. He is now the 3rd Scottish cacher over the 600 mark, and chasing Pooter's tail, who in turn is chasing mine. Congratulations BT! PS Sorry I couldnt be there to take the commemorative photo!
  8. Probably The Athens of the North simply because of the great views from there. It's a well hidden (but easy to find) micro on the top of Calton Hill, which is at the East end of Princes Street. It's a short climb up. Just don't do it in the dark (which we don't have much of at the moment!), or you may find yourself the recipient of some unwelcome offers.
  9. I have to second what HH said - it's not an easy path at all, as it is largely composed of rocks all the way up and is very hard going on the feet. Beg, steal or borrow some boots! And walking poles too if you can get them!
  10. But there aren't any trolleys stuck in the mud in the Cairngorms, Kev!
  11. Yes. And no. 642 caches - most of them done on my own, but not all. Would be attackers are not particularly likely, IMHO, to hang about in areas of the countryside waiting for a lone female to come by. I'm more worried about breaking an ankle in a remote spot than being attacked; and that concern applies to both sexes not just females. You are more likely to be attacked doing your shopping. And I'd much rather be out caching than either going shopping or doing housework!
  12. Well, actually you can hold an event to go geocaching together, as the first SGDO walking up Ben Nevis and the next one walking up Ben Macdui, have been and will be. As long as there is an opportunity to meet somewhere afterwards, and for others to come along who might not want to do the hike, such events are acceptable.
  13. Actually, you don't want it to be too hot, or else you will need to carry about 6 litres of water with you. Just to confirm.....there is NO restaurant at the top, as a teenager enquired of me on the way up. And watch out for the daftest footwear: last year we saw someone in sandals, and another man in wellies.
  14. Six definites already - that's great. Even if noone else comes, the day will certainly be worthwhile.
  15. Last August on the very first SGDO we climbed Ben Nevis, Britain's highest mountain, so it seemed fitting for us to climb the second highest mountain this summer. Come to Scotland for what promises to be another highly enjoyable SGDO on August 13th. Ben Macdui is in the Cairngorms, near Aviemore. There is a virtual cache by Highland Nick at the top, and another new cache will be placed along the route for the event. There is a webcam cache at the parking coordinates. There are many other wonderful caches around the Aviemore area. Highland Nick will be our very own qualified mountain leader on the day. The event page can be seen here
  16. There are lots of ordinary size caches in Edinburgh. 'The Other Side of Edinburgh' might be a good one! Also, look at Haggis Hunter's profile for some very good bookmarks of caching tours of Edinburgh.
  17. I live near the shore of the Firth of Forth, and cross it 3 or 4 days a week. Rivers are nicely symbolic of lots of things.
  18. I must, once again, say a big thank you to Mongoose and Powerbook fanatic for giving me an escorted geocaching tour of the south side of Manchester. and waiting patiently while I hunted for those dastardly disguised caches (and gave me a clue or two). It was a great afternoon and evening (and I did bring the sunshine with me ) But the nettles are BIG in Manchester.
  19. And also to Haggis Hunter and Ullium, both of whom took yet more pictures of some strange people standing on a traffic island with a beach ball. Sorry for purloining the ball Rutson; it was all Mongoose's fault.
  20. Looking forward to it. See you all soon. I'll try to bring some sunny Scottish weather with me!
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