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  1. If you plan to visit Scotland, it's a lot simpler (the laws are different here to those in England). There is Access Code, which allows anyone the right of access anywhere, as long as you behave in a responsible manner. That includes on the land, underground, and on the water. You can find out more here.
  2. This one is in plain view, but hard to find!
  3. It was over two years ago that Haggis Hunter and I wondered whether Edinburgh had reached saturation point. As you can guess, there have been many more caches placed since then (including ones placed by us), and there are now around 100 within a 10mile radius of the city centre. Some of the more recent caches have been very inventive; someone always seems to have a new idea. We've had ingenious micros and we've had orienteering trails. There will always be new ideas and new places to hide caches. I don't think we should worry about it too much, unless we are literally tripping over them and they cease to become fun or interesting.
  4. If anyone has visited the Isle of Bute, you will know Billy Twigger. His caches there are unforgettable. BT is now the 3rd Scottish cacher to celebrate finding his 1000th cache, and he chose to do it in style: not quite at the top of a Munro, but still a very high place at The Empire Strikes Back. Congratulations Ewan!! I hope you have a suitable photo to show us!
  5. I suspect it's because it's now a virtual TB, and these are no longer allowed. Sorry.
  6. Sounds like something that you should discuss with the approver(s) in private, rather than bring to the public forum, IMHO. Most likely a misunderstanding.
  7. Jack Aubrey and I found around a dozen caches while on holiday in Portugal recently. All of them were wrapped in at least 2, sometimes 3, plastic bags; mostly holed and grubby of course. None of the caches were lock & lock boxes and some of the containers were very flimsy and unsuitable, hence requiring some form of protection. It's been some time since I have found a cache wrapped in plastic, and it was a frustrating experience to have to deal with plastic again! I can only presume that it isn't possible to buy lock & lock boxes in Portugal! If I go back, I will be taking some with me.
  8. Thanks very much indeed everyone. Three years and 3 months to 1000. Lots of adventures on the way! What a wonderful addiction hobby geocaching is!
  9. Brilliant! Got it! I knew that it wouldn't take long to get a good response.
  10. Help someone please! I've lost the link for the micro log sheet - the one that has the stash note in the first column.
  11. But how do I log trigpoints found in other countries?? I found two near caches in Portugal last week. They make funny shaped trigpoints there: and BIG trigpoints:
  12. As "the other cacher" I can confirm that the estate wanted "my organisation" to provide them with evidence of liabiility insurance. I couldn't get them to see us as indivduals carrying out a hobby rather than as a group with a membership organisation. However, as Mckryton points out, this attempt was before the new Scottish access legisation, so you may have better luck now. Hope it works out.
  13. Correct. Well done. Did you google or have you been there?
  14. Since I have recently returned from Portugal, here is a topical question: In which Algarve town is there a statue of Prince Henry the Navigator who, although he never left Portugal, funded many voyages of discovery and in particular hoped to find a route around Africa to the Indies? Unfortunately sailors did not succeed in this quest until after his death.
  15. Indeed - so what's your answer? Cheers! Seasidr 284, or 277, or any number thereabouts
  16. Indeed they do as they are re-surveyed but I will accept a reasonable figure. Cheers! Seasider Resurveying and some rather arbitrary reclassifications. Munro never published definitive criteria for a Munro and Munroists have been arguing over what exactly constitutes a 'top' ever since. Munrosists share the same obsessive characteristics as geocachers - in fact there are many people who indulge in both hobbies at the same time. I heard a story about someone who climbed all the Munros, then acquired a dog, and did all of them again so that the dog could bag them too.
  17. 104 no there are more. Easy for a Northern rambler...214. Next question... how many Munroes are there? Cheers! Seasider That depends which year you count them, as the Munro Tables keep changing
  18. I think that The Forester is referring to the fact that this street used to be a place for ladies of the night to hang out. However, they were moved on many years ago to another part of Leith that is not on the trail of this cache.
  19. I'm pleased to report that Dallan72 found his 1700th cache in Edinburgh on Tuesday. And a a very riveting cache it was too! PS Sorry for mispelling your name in the post title! Should be Dallan72!
  20. If any or all of you are planning to return to the west coast of Scotland next year, you might want to plan your hols to coincide with the last weekend in May, the traditional weekend of the annual Scottish Cache Bash. Rumour has it that the 2007 event will be held in the West
  21. And no less than 21 caches put out by marmal for the event plus a paltry 3 from Jack and me. Is 24 caches a record for an event? (Would have been 25 if the Woodland Trust had responded more quickly). Edit: recount - marmal has set 22 caches!
  22. I take full responsibility for introducing Haggis Hunter (indirectly) and Allieballie to the joys of geocaching. They are both avid and fully addicted geocachers.
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