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  1. Who is it ? <added by moderator> Questions like this are inappropriate for this forum. I'll refer to this section of the Forum Guidelines: </added by moderator>
  2. Cool Would you like to trade for a Fastest Turtle ?
  3. Cool I like it ! Neat Idea Why didn't I think Of that
  4. I have to agree with this PS..... please get Roddy his Yime
  5. Thank you very much ! I understand !!! We are like proud parents Anyway, I hear it's a Yemon Yime you seek !!! Working on that trade list ?????? I've been working on it here and there while watching the NHL playoffs! Red Wings play at 10pm....OUCH!!! I'll pay for it come morning, but wild horses couldn't pull me away!! I would love to own a Yime, so I'm taking a serious look at my keepers...anything not a gift is fair game for this special coin (problem is, I don't think I have what it takes). Maybe a trade later on?? I might have something you'll like soon... Sure ........ yes, it will be worth it though, you gotta see the game, we just watched the Mavericks get put out of the Basketball playoffs - lost by 5 Don't loose hope, you will get a Yime ! He is a very special & cool guy !!
  6. Thank you very much ! I understand !!! We are like proud parents Anyway, I hear it's a Yemon Yime you seek !!! Working on that trade list ??????
  7. Thank You Team FIREBOY !!! Nice to hear from you I love your pathtags also !! They are way tooo cool, Thanks a million for trading ! I'm glad you like the geocoin too, the samples look really nice, I can't wait until they get here, and I can get them out to you all Yes, yes, must have shiny hunks of metal
  8. Wow ! Congrats ! That's very cool !!! Of course, there are several coins I've tried to get, but didn't, but you said one So, here goes any one of the Avalanche coins, I have been close in trades, but got the 'found a better coin than what you have reply' I've lived in Texas all my life, and that snow just don't happen much 'round here ya see so, that there Avalanche coin, just looks mighty fine to me, and would be held near and dear to this 'ol pee pickin' heart
  9. I don't think I would have bought this coin had I known that at that price that I wasn't getting an unique icon . In fact, I Know I wouldn't have paid that much IF they would have told us that on the site that they were for sale on I noticed that on That site that the sale is on hold. Any reason for that? I DO like the look of the coin very much though They are sold out
  11. With these numbers, aren't they all LE's?! Yes, I guess they are !! We will be doing trades also, when the dust settles
  12. Glad you like them I have to get back with you on the glow, I'm finding out right now
  13. Offered is the Gold Version in the pre-sale which is the LE of 30 out of the 100 Should have mentioned that !! No Icon, because we are only having 100 of them made 40 - Silver/Nickel 30 - Gold 20 - Black Nickel 10 - Copper
  14. The Fastest Turtle Geocoin is on pre-sale at cointracking.com if anyone may be interested the price is a little higher than your average $9-10 coin, but with the glow-in-the-dark features, coating, size of the coin and design, we don't think you'll be disappointed Thank You
  15. Okay, I give up..... How do you create a link and name it in your signature line ?
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