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  1. Is there a way I can send a gpx file via email to an iPhone or Android phone, and then have it opened by the Geocaching.com app? Thanks in advance.
  2. Is there a utility that will display just the caches from a particular county AND just show the boundaries of that county? It appears I can probably filter the County piece in GSAK, but don't think it will show me county boundary lines in my map view on the web. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hey Droo - I'm right here.... Sarcasm over I'm not complaining - just commenting. I don't know if it's another coin, or the original coin, but the owner now only has one 'digital hell' coin in his collection. So he either removed the coin altogether, thus removing not just my log, but all other previous logs from other owners - or he kept the same trackable number, and removed all previous logs, and started a new mission for original coin (even though the physical coin is lost). Sounds confusing - so I'm sorry if it's not clear. You bring up the property issue, which is the real point I'm trying to make. And it goes not just for logs of coins, but logs for caches. So, as a cache or coin owner, I get to pick which cachers get to log a find or not. If I want to remove a find, then I'm allowed to do that, basically saying the person never really found it, or never really saw it. I know that's just the way it is, but seems backwards. Signed, OP
  4. I was reviewing some of my past entries of logged geocoins and noticed that one of them was missing. This particular coin (Digital Hell) was one that, unfortunately, I was responsible for it being lost several years ago. I found it while on a business trip, and intended to take it back to my state. Somewhere in between the hotel, rental car, and airline, I misplaced it. Feeling really bad, I offered to give a replacement laptop geocoin that I had yet to activate. The owner was indicated that was not necessary, so I didn't think anything of it. But now, I see that the owner still has one in his inventory, but there are no entries older than May of this year. And that one just travels with him. So he either removed all entries from the one he is carrying or he removed the first one from the system. I suppose there is nothing that I can do about it at this point, if the owner decides it has a new mission and wants to remove all traces of everyone else that logged the cache. I think the owner has some questionable caching practices anyway (doing virtuals in Germany, Latvia, Canada, Missouri, Ireland, Texas, Wisconsin, Florida, and Washington DC all on the same day). I'm just surprised that deleting someone's log of discovering or finding a coin is even an option. Anyone else experience this?
  5. I thought I received my 10/10/10 souvenir just for opening up the app on my iphone. I remember seeing a notice on the phone, well before I logged my 10 caches that evening. 11 Finds today, and even a hide (unpublished yet), and still no souvenir.
  6. Still not totally understanding the challenges. Can I make one to have someone come over and cut my grass? How about pick up my dry cleaning? Seems almost more like a "truth or dare" competition, and we all know those turn out just fine!
  7. That's quite a notification radius you have there! I ran a fresh pocket query the night before of my route. Then I filter the caches by last found in GSAK. I usually just exclude any without a date, or even some of the ones that are older than 9 months. But I make a point at looking at the date that it was hidden also. That is when I noticed this one. We were in a hotel in Salina, Kansas at the time, which was still a good 350+ miles away. I figured I would stop anyway, but was completely surprised that no one else had ventured out there. Cruising thru the village (yea, it's that small), and reading NO SERVICE on my cell phone, I can see why it might be a place that is not visited often.
  9. When caching once, I found a hard hat. Now, I sometimes take it with me for city caches. A clipboard just adds value to the part.
  10. Makes you wonder how many people might log the cache as a "Missed it by that much", if that was an option, besides the DNF option. Or maybe just and 'Attempted' option if it made them feel better.
  11. Have you ever planned any vacation specifically for caching? Or do you just end up caching on vacation? Last year, we took a cruise and ended up finding some caches in: Belize, Cozumel, Grand Cayman, Isle of Roatan This year, I ended up with some of these milestones: GC30 - Mingo - Oldest Active Cache GC2XHKX - Sorry, TBs, You can't stay here! - Most Westerly Cache (for me) GC16QMT - Pikes Peak Summit International - Highest Elevation (for me) GC2YW2C - Simla Ice-Cream Lodge - FTF over 900 miles from home (didn't plan on this one - it was just good timing) GC1HF1V - Tram Law on 84th - First Nebraska Cached (for me) GC2FV7Y - Dinosaur Footprints on the Skyline (closest cache to a fire) Ok - the last one was close, but the fire really wasn't that big. The city put it out within 30 minutes after they accidentally started it. It did cancel the rest of the fireworks show, though. Not too shabby. I also got my 1200th find in there somewhere.
  12. I was passing thru yesterday, and logged the find with the new container. I will post pictures with my log soon. I would describe the site as like a mini fire pit. There is a metal pipe about 16-18 inches in diameter, that is flush with the ground. The pit is about 8 inches deep with dirtt at the bottom. It sounds like, based on other logs, that someone leveled off the pit with dirt, but then that dirt was taken back out to put in the new container. A couple other things I noticed. The exit is right off the interstate. The cache is actually less than 200 feet from the interstate, but you wouldn't & shouldn't park along the interstate to go get it, cuz "caching is dangerous, and you could die". You have to take a small dirt frontage road to back track to the site, and can park with 50 feet of the cache. I think one of the reasons this has lasted so long, is because there is literally nothing else here. There has just not been any development here, which has helped it's longevity. And I honestly don't see anything happening anytime soon. The infrastructure feeder roads in this area are pretty bad off too. So, I'm glad I was able to find it, and I don't think it should be archived at all, since it is still fully functional as a cache.
  13. We will aslo be attending the Mega-Event - Our first one! I hope to arrive in West Bend in the afternoon, to do some early caching. I was thinkging about loading up the 50+ caches from the 2008 bash, just to get an idea of how things went. It might help with the 50 new ones for 2009 Here is the book mark for those from 2008 http://www.geocaching.com/bookmarks/view.a...bd-de6a5f26be24
  14. I go to Gaithersburg, MD occaisionally for work, and was disappointed to see that one of the A.P.E caches was there, but is now archived. Guess I'll have to resort to Mission 4 (Brazil) or Mission 9 (Washington), if I ever get near those locations. I do like the idea of new movies promoting geocacing. Project: T.E.R.M.I.N.A.T.O.R..4 DNF......I'll be back!
  15. I was a monthly winner (The Jeep-o-lantern), and didn't feel the need to "pimp" the Jeep up. The contest had 3 aspects to it: Humor, Creativity, Geocaching Theme. If pimping the TB still conforms to those, then more power to the contestant. I actually liked my other photo more... http://img.geocaching.com/cache/log/c7dbd0...5017170ff30.jpg Also, wasn't one of the monthly themes for the white jeep was to actually decorate the jeep. I remember finding one that had been painted, and spent a few days trying to clean it up. BTW - I LOOOOOVVVVVVEEEE my new Garmin. I use it on just about every road trip - not just for geocaching.
  16. Well, If we won, then they haven't told us yet. We submitted 3 pictures during the contest, with the most work involving our 2nd one with the giant jeep TB. We assume the fact that it had our boys in it as one of the factors that may have impacted the result of it not winning. When it came time to do another one, we thought about doing a jack-o-lantern with the jeep coming out of it. The more we thought about it, the more my wife wanted me to be more creative, so that's how I came up with the idea to carve a jeep out of the pumpkin. It was a little time consuming, but I think it turned out absolutely great. We took it to a pumpkin patch, and they loved it also, but it was still daylight, and you can't really see the details as much during the day, so we decided not to use those pictures. Then we went to a nearby park, where we wanted to put the jeep TB. The sun was setting, and the lighting was perfect (I say that like I actually know about lighting / photography) We had no idea that we won one of the first prizes until I got the confirmation sheet in the mail. I was totally ecstatic. Then it took forever to get the Garmin GPSr & to actually see our post on the winning page. But it was well worth it. I really love my new Garmin. It is different from the Magellan, but there are so many more features in it. Once we saw the other pictures, we realized that we were very lucky to win the first prize. There are so many great photos. As far as the Grand Prize, it would have been very cool to get that, but I'm totally ok if it's not meant to be. We already have at least 2 ideas for pictures for next year, so we are looking forward to the next challenge. One of the best things the contest has done is to get people out and about, and to actually get people to post their memories of their adventures that will be forever immortalized in print. -Geo-Jenkins Jim & Family
  17. Since I've started playing with my 60cx, and this cool, silly little trick, I have noticed something else. It seems like the GPSr will just have a single database if just one .*.gpi file is on the card. In the great example that Muni did, it appears that he created multiple .gpx files, and then created a .poi file for each one and then renamed them so that they would be unique to the GPSr. I actually think the GPSr is smart enough to do that, once you let it know there are <1 .poi files on your unit. I did they same trick, and called the first file My.poi to list all of the caches I had found to date.. I then uploaded 3 gpx files into one poi file and put that on my unit. Now, when I pick 'Select Database' under the Custom POIs, I have 4 different databases - but only 2 poi files. I assume the GPSr is seeing that there are 2 files, and then having to use the built-in attributes of the gsak file to determine which database it came from. This makes uploading POIs even easier. Just put a base.poi on your unit using Munin's first steps, and then just create as many gpx files as you want, and upload them all together & let the gpsr do the rest. I thought deleting old POIs would be a problem too, but it appears that it will work just fine. You just need to make sure you save the updates to the same gsak .gpx file that you used. For example: I had city.gpx with 500 caches. All were being displayed on the GPS under Custom POIs. I then delete 1 cache and resaved the file, and then uploaded it to GPSr. Once I did, there were now only 499 caches available. I love this feature and think it's one of the reasons this unit is so much better than my previous one. Now I can upload the thousands of caches that I plan to eventually go see, cuz it always seems - Where ever you are, someone with a ammo can, lock & lock, magentic key hold, nano holder has been there first.
  18. Looks like this got moved to a better location. I have started to play woth the POIs now, and like this feature a lot! I have a couple other questions pertaining to that. - Is there any way to display a map icon for the POIs? Also - Twice now, I have had all my geocache waypoints disappear. Has anyone seen this occur. I know my GSAK query had 497 wps, but that was pushed up to 513 with children. I'm wondering if that had anything to do with it.
  19. Thanks for the great advice. I've started playing with the Smart Names in GSAK, and think this will ultimately be superior than the way Magellan would track caches. For the Waypoint Name, I use this: %typ1-%smart=8-%last4 Here are the descriptions of those Special Tags: %typ1 - letters used are as follows: T=traditional, M=multi, B=letterbox hybrid, C=CITO, E=event, L=locationless, V=virtual, W=webcam, O=Other, G=Benchmark, R=Earth, and U=mystery/Unknown. %smart - uses the calculated unique smart name from your database. This tag also supports the form %smart=nn (but not when used in the maco language, only in the GUI) where nn is the number of characters for the smart name. For example if you only want six characters in your smart name, your tag should be %smart=6 %last4 - Last 4 found/not found logs. Found = F, Not Found = N, No log = 0. For example, if the latest log was a not found, the next a found, and there were no more logs this tag would return NF00. It will display names like this: T-Geocach1-FNFF = Traditional cache, 3 finds out last 4 entries V-Geocach2-FFFF = Virtual cache, 4 finds out of last 4 entries M-Geocach3-NNFF = Multi cache, 2 finds out of last 4 entries (I would probably pass on this over another one) For the Waypoint description, I am experimenting with this: %datelf-%con1/%dif1/%ter1/%hint Here are the descriptions of each of those Special Tags %datelf - Date last found %con1 - letters used are as follows: R=regular, L=large, M=micro, S=Small, V=Virtual, and U=unknown. If the cache type is not stated, the letter used is U. %dif1 = Difficulty reduced to 1 digit (dif * 2 -1), so 1=1, 1.5=2, 2=3, 2.5=4, %ter1 = Terrain reduced to 1 digit (dif * 2 -1), so 1=1, 1.5=2, 2=3, 2.5=4 %hint = The decoded hint Here is how the descriptions would be listed: 12/29/2007-M/2/3/mascot 01/13/2008-R/5/5/magnetic It appears that my description is only displaying 30 characters, which will limit me to about 13 characters for the hint. I might be doing something wrong with my character count, so I'll have to look into that. My next task is to start playing with the POIs to see what I can do there. Overall, the functionality of the Garmin is better than the Magellan. I think the Magellan has a great caching interface out of the box, but am enjoying the wasy to get the Garmin to do what I want.
  20. I was lucky enough to 'acquire' (thru a contest ) a brand new GPS60Cx. I have been using a Magellan eXplorist 500LE for the short 7 months that I have been geo-caching. I have a premium membership, so that I can build pocket queries of 200 caches, and then process them in gsak, so that I have individual files that I export to my eXplorist, for example: City1, City2. The User Interface is pretty straight forward with the eXplorist. I just have different files that I load into the Active Setup, depending on where I want to cache that day. One of the good things about it, is that I can delete a city if I don't want those caches to show up any more. One of the bad things is that sometimes I have overlapping coverage of caches from city1 to city2, which messes me up if I don't either mark them as found on both cities, or just process a new query for each city, less the new finds. I'm sure GSAK can probably help me with this, but not sure. Now that I have a new GPS60Cx, it seems so much more advanced as far as the features and functionality of the eXplorist. So my real question is: What is the best way to get out of my old user-interface mindset from my eXplorist. I've already started playing with my 60Cx, and created a GPX file of 500 caches, and have uploaded them. I was surprised to see them immediately on the map. I would have thought that I had some kind of setting that would let me load that particular gpx file when I wanted it. Also, how would I go about deleting the caches now that they are there? Am I limited to how many caches I can have loaded? One of the other items that I noticed is that there is no 'hint' option on the 60Cx, like the eXplorist. I thought that option was pretty useful at times. Is that information still in the GPX file, and for some reason, I'm just not seeing it? I was also a little disappointed that the detail of the maps are not as good on the 60Cx. I haven't purchased any additional software for either GPSr, and the eXplorist seems to show more side roads than the 60Cx. So, I guess I'm just wondering if there is an easy way to learn about my new GPSr, giving the fact that I have to unlearned what I did on my eXplorist. Any assistance / tips/ hints to my new toy would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,
  21. 1. Participating - email sent 1/3/08 2. Received Name (sometime in the group with people that have 29-Dec as their birthday) 3. Mission Sent 4. Birthday Arrived
  22. Do you have any New Year's Resolutions that pertain to Geocaching? Here are a couple of mine (more like goals than resolutes) 1) Hide my first cache 2) Achieve 500 finds before my 1-year geocaching anniversary. 3) Find a cache in at least 4 new states. 4) Spend 1 month finding at least 1 cache per day. All are pretty obtainable, I think, with the last one being the hardest, since it's really committing me to finding a cache every day in a given month. Any one else want to share thiers?
  23. "Just because a mouse is in the cookie jar, doesn't mean he's a cookie."
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