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  1. Welcome aboard. I have found that with my wife, with a buddy of mine, or alone, GeoCaching is always quality time. Goodluck on your adventures! I am not addicted to geocaching, really.
  2. quote:Originally posted by Where's_North:On a side note I've always thought a secondary horn should be installed in cars. A quieter gentler horn that would be used by the one who makes a mistake in traffic. Sort of a "my bad" horn. I've always wanted an "Ah-Hem" cough type of horn. Just a polite little thing. For when the guy in front of me is looking at his map, but the light has changed to green seven seconds ago. No need to be rude, but I've got a cache to get to. On a tangent, did you ever notice how the guy farthest back from the light sees it green first. HOONNK!! It must be something with that wave/particle thing about light. I am not addicted to geocaching, really.
  3. I was working on the road doing lighting and sound for a candidate [®Az.]during the 2000 primary presidential elections. We were in New Hampshire and hitting 4 to 6 locations a day. The ol' Rand McNally was getting quite a workout. One of the other guys on the crew had a DeLorme Tripmate GPS and Streets 7.0- After driving with him I just had to get one for my van. I went to the first Computer City we passed, in Nashua I think, and got a laptop, the GPSr and the software. I soon realized that the DeLorme GPSr had drawbacks and got a eTrex. (yellow was all there was at the time.) We could map out the next day's locations and route it, then just hand out floppys with the route to all who had the hardware. I've been hooked on GPS and its many uses ever since. I am not addicted to geocaching, really.
  4. quote:Originally posted by Sissy-n-CR: Leaving the find as is cheapens the other finder's experiences. I mean no offense to CR and maybe I'm just arguing semantics, but......... I say it's a not found because he didn't sign the log, but I disagree with the above comment. Just because some other cacher may post a false find on a cache, it does not take away from my enjoyment if I get there. I'm in this hobby for me, not anybody else. I do it for the hike, the views, the fresh air and excercise, not for the numbers. Even Captain Mad Morty McVane couldn't ruin my experience, he leaves the box and log. If I sign the log, throw in a lightstick and take a pic to post, I go home happy. End of story. I am not addicted to geocaching, really.
  5. Vista is primary unit. I love the magnetic compass. Pair of Rino 120s for me and the misses. eTrex yellow as backup. Vista is hooked to laptop running DeLorme Streets for driving to cache loc. I am not addicted to geocaching, really.
  6. Dan- Thanks for your post. I was interested in caching for a while after seeing a link on Garmin's Webpage. I didn't get actively invloved until I decided to do something about my weight, after much urging from my doctor. I'm only up to about 18 finds and haven't seen anything yet, but I'm sure that all the trudging through the woods is helping. I'm 6'1" 290# and now convinced that I can do it. Thanks, man. I am not addicted to geocaching, really.
  7. I would of put 7 rounds of .45acp in the dog, shoved in another mag and signed the log. I don't dislike dogs, but I wouldn't have thought twice about it. I am not addicted to geocaching, really.
  8. I fell on my rump one time while going down a slippery slope. I didn't get hurt too bad, lots of padding down there, but on the way down my only thought was that I was carrying with a round chambered. Heck of a time to think about it. I stood up, brushed myself off and cleared the chamber. The worst part is that I logged a not found that night. I am not addicted to geocaching, really.
  9. I am in buisness providing technical support to the entertainment industry. We do power, pyro, rigging, effects, but we primarily do light and sound. Lightnsound has been my sn and email address on just about every internet account I've had. When I needed a geocaching handle for this website, I just used the old reliable handle. I am not addicted to geocaching, really.
  10. Welcome aboard. I've been doing this for a short while, and got my 19th find today. It only seems to get better and better. We'll see you in the woods. I am not addicted to geocaching, really.
  11. Yes, it is. I am not addicted to geocaching, really.
  12. I don't wanna grow up -- I'm a GPS kid......... I am not addicted to geocaching, really.
  13. quote: Now i see what your doing just testing too, tnx. I am not addicted to geocaching, really.
  14. So far I got a guy that works in my department, two guys in the sales office, the president of the company and my doctor interested. The guy in my department and one of the sales guys now have logins on geocaching. The more people into this, the more caches there will be out there for me to find. I am not addicted to geocaching, really.
  15. Tried my first night cache last night and had a good time. Today I logged a not found. I plan on returning and doing it again at night, but I think that I'll go with a friend next time. As I was searching I realized that if I twisted an ankle or somesuch thing it would be a hard solo hike out of there. Safety first. I am not addicted to geocaching, really.
  16. I started with the DeLorme Tripmate hooked up to my laptop for navigating while driving. I loved the idea, but the DeLorme GPS was not so hot. I bought an eTrex yellow and a cable and used it as the receiver, still using the DeLorme Streets USA software. The Garmin has much better performance than the TripMate and has the ability to operate as a standalone unit. My wife bought me a Vista a couple Christmases ago and a couple of Rino120 last Christmas. I love 'em all, they each have their strongpoints. I think Garmin makes a great product and am looking forward to getting a iq360 for my birthday in July. I know nothing of Magellan, as I have never used one. I am not addicted to geocaching, really.
  17. I have noticed my vista acting up too. It will lock up like yours, and on occasion, one or two buttons or clickstick directions will not respond. I can just cycle power and it gets better. I downloaded the latest firmware and put it in the unit a couple of days ago. I had already done this but thought there may be a possibility of data corruption, so I cleared all user data (twice) and reloaded the firmware. The unit behaved flawlessy on a couple of caches yesterday, but this IS an intermittant problem, so we'll see. I am not addicted to geocaching, really.
  18. I always leave a chemical lightstick or two. I've been watching the logs on caches where I left the lightsticks, and they seem to be popular and get traded out by one of the next finders. The lightsticks have now become my trademark item. I will also throw in an inexpensive compass, a fishing lure, or a couple of mini-biners from time to time.I make sure to put in only new items that I think somebody will really enjoy. I usually take nothing, unless I see something that makes me laugh, or if I plan on putting the item in the next cache I find. I am not addicted to geocaching, really.
  19. I know that I can not control, the actions and habits of others. I can only comport myself in manner which I think is acceptable. I stock my fannypack with new but inexpensive items I pick up just for trading. Twenty bucks at WalMart goes a long way. Chemical lightsticks have become my signature item. Kids love 'em and they may be useful to a night cacher. At $2.99 per pack of two, not too bad. Compasses are only a couple of bucks. Mini-biners are cheap, and I put fishing lures in caches near creeks and ponds. These items go in the cache in their original packaging so you know that they are brandy-new. I do this because I hope that someone will enjoy the items. That's good enough. And who knows, put out enough good karma or whatever you want to call it, and maybe, just maybe somebody else will start to do the same and I'll find some really cool things in caches. I'd rather take this action instead of ragging about other cachers, because the cachers who leave condoms and firecrackers just don't get it and probably won't. I'll admit that with only 17 finds, I'm an infant in this game, and maybe after I hit a bunch more my views may change. For now this works for me and that's all that matters. The bottom line is that it's only a game, and the day that caching becomes stressful for me, I'm out. Thanks for listening. I am not addicted to geocaching, really.
  20. Found a patch cable from a camcorder while doing Reservation One in Watchung NJ. If it's yours, email me. What a boring post this is. Sorry. I am not addicted to geocaching, really.
  21. #9 Do you enjoy whining or hearing others whine? I am not addicted to geocaching, really.
  22. We just went for a bike ride with Glimpse. He picked up two caches along the way that I had already hit a couple of weeks ago. As we returned to the parking area he bagan to tell us that we traveled 15.6 miles, our average speed was this, our max speed was that, moving time, stopped time, blah-blah blah. I had to chuckle because Missy and I took a walk along the Delaware River a couple of days ago (looking for a spot to hide our first cache)and as we got back to the car I told her that we walked 2.28 miles at this speed.......blah-blah-blah. Birds of a feather are we. Funny stuff. I am not addicted to geocaching, really.
  23. Welcome aboard, Skippy. I am not addicted to geocaching, really.
  24. Good riddance, "dumbass"(CCC). I am not addicted to geocaching, really.
  25. Alpinehoy--- I have a couple of Rino 120s, which can display downloaded maps, roads and such. I download from Roads and Recreation. Unfortunately, I believe the Rino 110 will not download maps, but will only let you download points of interest, basically as waypoints. If you are going to use the unit for geocaching I think it will be fine, but for navigating while driving, not as much. On the other hand I have found places while driving with no other directions using my yellow eTrex, which has no real mapping, it just takes a bit of circling sometimes. Good luck and have fun! I am not addicted to geocaching, really. [This message was edited by lightnsound on April 16, 2003 at 07:44 PM.]
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