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  1. I put PQ into GSAK on laptop, and upload waypoints to GPS units. Then I keep the laptop running in the truck with Streets & Trips to see where the caches are, and to figure out a route to drive. I keep GSAK up so I can read the offline cache page and read the last 4 logs just before searching for the cache. I like this setup because I can cache with at a moments notice- If I find that I have some time, I just power up and go to the nearest cache. In the past I would print out _lots_ of caches pages and keep a folder in the truck - it was too time consuming and akward finding the right printout.


    This system works for me. Some folks seem to love the "geek factor" and the gadgets. I've read about some who just use a map and compass, without GPS. They love the hardcore outdoorsman thing. Most of us are somewhere in the middle. We each play our own way, and that's one of my favorite things about this game.


    Most importantly, welcome back!

  2. Looks to me like a nice person asked a simple question. For that, she was immediately and unfairly attacked. Now she's too uncomfortable to ever post here again. So much for the nice-warm-fuzzy-family feeling of geocaching.


    I realize that there is always a bit of sarcasm and jabbing in the forums. When this is friendly banter between members who already know each other to some degree, it's okay. When we blindside someone new with a rude comment that does not answer their question, nothing productive or positive is happening. Yes, everybody is entitled to their own opinion, but not entitled to it shove on someone who never asked for it.


    When in forums, chats, or writing emails, I never say anything that I wouldn't say to that persons face. It's easy to be offensive online, you don't have to look in anyone's eyes.


    I usually find the forums to be informative and entertaining, but not today. I don't think that rudeness should be acceptable. Not from any member or moderator.


    I hope that Monkeygirl knows that not all geocachers are the same.


    Thanks for letting me rant. I feel better now.

  3. Bear with me as I make the analogy... I ride motorcycles as well as cache. I even ride the bike to the cache on occasion. I carry a pretty well stocked camelback bag when hiking, overpacked by some standards. I also wear a helmet and a pretty expensive protective jacket when riding. Even when it's too hot to be comfortable. Even though it's not nearly as cool looking as a tee shirt and a leather vest. - There's a saying in the motorcycle community: "Dress for the crash, not the ride." - I rarely need the protection provided by my helmet, jacket, and overpacked caching bag. But I continue to use these items because at some point things are going to get bad. I'll be prepared. And even if I never need them, it's worth it.


    Ever notice how it never rains when you are carrying your umbrella?


    Be Smart

    Be Safe

    Be Prepared


  4. The data needs to be modulated onto an audio signal that the radio is capable of transmitting, ie within the frequencys the radios can transmit and recieve. What you are transmitting probably has no usable information, but rather is just noise. Like stated before, you could build a setup with a couple of radios, TNCs and computers, but you would be be in danger of a visit from the FCC. You could do it, given the time and effort, but Rinos are inexpensive enough to make the homebrew system unattractive. So just get a couple of Rinos, or go ham.


    Predicting is difficult, especially when predicting the future.

  5. Not that I have anything worthwhile to add to this thread, but it's exactly the answer to the question I have. I just bought a whiz-bang top o' the line Sony Vaio desktop that does video editing, acts as a medaa server interfaced to my home tv sets and stereo system, and I think it pops pop-corn, but I just cant find the application on the start menu. It has six, count 'em, six USB ports, two types of monitor outputs, two analog audio/video inputs, an anaglog audio/video output, and two firewire ports, but doesn't have one stinkin 9 pin serial port. I understand that space is at a premium on the notebooks, but this thing is 18 inches high. Dang-blam-it!


    thanks i feel much better now.


    Predicting is difficult, especially when predicting the future.

  6. Like the general says - check your datum, it should be WGS-84. Also check to make sure that you are entering lat/lon as DD* MM.MMM and not DD* MM SS. These parameters can be found in the system setup on your GPS. If these parameters are off you could be nowhere near the cache. If these are set correctly set, keep looking. Mentally mark where the GPS said you are right on top of it, and start searching out from there. You will usually be within 20 to 40 feet from the cache, but I've been off as much as 120 feet. Most importantly please don't get discouraged. You will find it, and you will be quite proud that you did.


    Predicting is difficult, especially when predicting the future.

  7. It's a good chance that you found "Where's George" dollars. They are trackable by serial number on the www.wheresgeorge.com website. It's kinda like tracking a travel bug, but without the official bug. The jist of the dollars is this: you pick one up at a cache, and drop it off at another one. You log where you found it and where you left it. This allows the person who started that dollar and everyone who it passes through to track it's progress traveling from cache to cache.


    Predicting is difficult, especially when predicting the future.

  8. I live at about W75 12.000, so your coords are about a half an hour drive for me. Not a problem, as I go that way often. I would love to help you out and take part in this find. Just say so and I'll head out with my GPS and digital camera. I can have the photos for you tomorrow evening, my local time.




    I am not addicted to geocaching, really.

  9. Garmin eTrex Legend has everything you list. There are other units out there that also fit your description, but I'm not too familiar with the Magellans.


    I am not addicted to geocaching, really.

  10. Yep, I've seen her many times. I never knew anything about it, but you gave me the inspiration to do a google search.


    The Mary Murray was a Staten Island Ferry, built in 1937. She has been beached on the south bank of the Raritan River in East Brunswick since 1982.


    Check out this site.


    beached ferry


    I am not addicted to geocaching, really.


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