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  1. when using my 60csx in town driving or out hiking I have noticed a problem. The unit always shows me a couple of feet left or right of the road, never shows me driving directly on the road....or shows me hiking 3 or 4 feet left or right of my actual physical location. I have calibrated the compass several different times and no luck, doesnt help anything. What the deal?
  2. if I import my tracklog/route from a hike how can I figure out the distance of that hike in mapsource?
  3. glad someone asked because I have been having the same problem with my 60CSx. Only cache logged into the calender is the very first cache I found. I also have to manually change the icon from the closed box to the open box.
  4. For the life of me I cant figure out how to delete custome POI's that I have loaded. Any help?
  5. I remember reading that somewhere too and I did a search and couldnt find it.
  6. I know alot of you are weight concious when going on long hikes but I am just curious if you carry when on day hikes or backpacking in the backcountry? If so, how and where do you carry? Also what make/model firearm do you carry along with what type of ammo do you carry? Do you only carry a full mag or do you bring along an extra mag with extra ammo? I always carry whether on just a day hike or a multi-day trip. I have a simple pancake holster on right hip at about 2-3. I usually carry a springfield XD40 with fmj 180gr rnds, no SD rnds out in the wild because if I have to shoot something I definitely want the rnds to penetrate. Day hikes I only carry a full 10rnd mag, multi day trips I take 2 10rnd mags.
  7. all great pictures. Lets see some more!
  8. are those carribean maps only viewable in mapsource or can you also load them onto your GPS or microSD card to be used on your GPSr?
  9. I also have the top pictured RAM mount with the larger suction cup. I recently had to test out RAM's lifetime warranty policy, and their customer service was top notch. I had a reply to my email within 5 minutes after sending it and all they required for part replacement was digital picture of the broken piece. Replacement piece was mailed off that same day with no fees on my end even for shipping.
  10. What kinda of knife do you take along with you when camping, hiking, or backpacking? I have an old k-bar from my marine corps days that I usually take with me but its a straight edge and I am now thinking I want a serrated fixed blade instead. Any suggestions?
  11. I bought one from sierra trading post for around $16. I found that some items I didnt need and there were other items that I thought I should add. The bag itself is nice and also waterproof, so I just built on what initially was in the bag with items I grabbed from work. Bag packed with all items is a little over 1lb. I am sure there are some items that I still need to add and I am also sure there are items in there that I dont need depending on the trip. So I ask you, so you feel there is anything I need to add or anything you feel I should take out? Listed are the contents of my first aid kit: 1. 3 pair nitrile gloves 2. ice pack (it gets cold once broken and compressed) 3. triangle bandange 4. gauze bandanges and rolled gauze 5. butterfly bandages 6. mole skin 7. 3M clear stretchy adhesive bandages 8. neosporin 9. alcohol pads 10. betadyne swabs 11. advil,ibuprofin, vicodin, percocet 12. safety pins 13. tweezer, scissors, and hemostats 14. dental floss --> recently replaced with needle and thread 15. small metal splint 17. medical tape
  12. where might you have purchased this protective neoprene case for the 60 and how much was it? if online could you provide a link?
  13. I can create and send/recieve tracks, routes, and waypoints using the mapsource trip and waypoint software correct? With the plugin I can download caches directly to my garmin. My garmin will mainly be used for hiking, fishing, camping, on road autorouting...........and occasionally geocaching. So my question is why would I need to pay for GSAK when the mapsource trip and waypoint software will send/recieve tracks, routes, and waypoints? Basically GSAK is a powerful cache management tool as another user stated. Caching is not my priority with this garmin so why would I need GSAK? My second time asking this and only one person chimed in the first time and I didnt even understand what he was attempting to convey So please someone respond and help me out.
  14. I'm gonna go with NO. Wait.....umm still no.
  15. forgive the dumb question but I havent messed around with GSAK too much as I just download all caches directly to my gps......but where in GSAK would one find the send to GPSr dialogue box?
  16. I found the basemap practically useless. For my area it showed I-10 and about 5 or 6 major roads in tucson. If your intent is using it for cruising roads around st. helens and mt rainier you would want to get the CN maps. I used to live close to st. helens and none of those roads around the area would be on the basemap.
  17. why buy off of ebay? You could probably pick up what ever camera you are looking for locally for the same price you will pay off ebay. That being said....Canons digital cameras are amazing. I have owned 6 different ones so far and have never been disappointed with the picture quality and their customer service was great the 1 time I had to contact them.
  18. Yes the 60CSx has the option of being set to track up or north up
  19. I couldnt agree more with you. Now I dont have anything to hide, yet I still refuse vehicle and personal searches when asked by LEO. I am not willing to waste my valuable time and let you invade my privacy just for your LEO "peace of mind". If you dont like the fact that I wont consent to a search mr. LEO, then I suggest you find another line of work because in your line of work you are required to uphold and enforce the laws not decide which ones you dont want to enforce and which ones you want to enforce. Remember....just because you are an LEO doesnt mean you are ABOVE the law.
  20. I just picked up a garmin GPSMap 60CSx along with city navigator NT8 and the newest US topo version on order. Now I have had the unit for a few days and messed around with it a little and it seems great so far. Maybe somewhat of a newbie question and didnt really find an answer using the search query here so figured I would ask you all. Basically what the heck is the difference between the mapsource waypoint softare, EasyGPS, and GSAK? I recently downloaded GSAK and EasyGPS but havent messed around with them enough to figure out what those two programs do that the mapsource software wont do.
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