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  1. A 6"2" tall ex rugby player with his wife and 3 dogs......... unlikely it's gonna be muggers dont ya think?
  2. I'm not familiar with the area, but a quick look on streetview shows signs stating that the road is a pedestrian/bus zone 7am to 11am and 4pm till 7pm https://maps.google.co.uk/maps?q=Friar+Street,+Reading&hl=en&ll=51.456591,-0.975933&spn=0.000407,0.00071&sll=52.8382,-2.327815&sspn=9.096682,23.269043&oq=Friar+St&t=h&hnear=Friar+St,+Reading,+United+Kingdom&z=21&layer=c&cbll=51.456591,-0.975933&panoid=vuZgG_ppaEjt1mMS2GJQ0g&cbp=12,84.08,,3,-0.93
  3. In my case, the user who had "My name" had no finds, no hides and had not "validated" the account And had never logged in since crating the account in 2001 It's the email validation that was the important bit
  4. Smurf

    Facebook Groups

    And with Facebook the group isn't really "closed", it's just that you need to apply to join it. The only difference I can see between "open" and "closed" groups, is that in a closed group you have to be a member to see/read the posts in that group. In an open group anyone can see the content, but only members can post.
  5. (my bold) Forgive me if I'm missing something here - but if "there was no cache" (your words) What exactly did you find and log ?
  6. Mine was on my profile within seconds of my logging this mornings finds
  7. Here's a little fellow visiting his friends in the back of my car ..... The one on the left looking at his GPS was given to me by Alba15 - our scottish reviewer. And the one in the middle singing his little heart out was given to me by the wonderful MrsB.
  8. I don't see why this sort of information needs to be included on the cache page for an event. When I go camping (or just head into a unfamiliar area for the day/weekend/week) I either 1, Research the area before I leave home. 2, Ask the camp site wardens (or other campers) on arrival (a lot of sites will include this info in their "welcome pack") 3, Look it up on my phone when i get there. 4, Have a drive round and use my eyes.
  9. I have done both of those, "Edinburgh's Royal Mile" I enjoyed very much, it took me off the main tourist trail a little and showed me some interesting history. .............Smurf
  10. I feel that this was in fact summed up in the first post Geography being the key word Nothing to do with polital bounderies
  11. I REALY can't believe I'm saying this - - - but - - - I agree with Moote
  12. Unlikely I'd say, the person in question has been a "member" for 3 weeks and has 32 finds
  13. Wow . . You have been doing for 4 or 5 years longer than it has existed []
  14. The GAC is "owned" acording to it's TB page by "UK Mega Event Committee" Surely any mission change is up to that committee (the current one - NOT previos ones)
  15. And from your original thread ----- Yup! So which one is the lie ????
  16. There will be a week-long festival of events with the planned potential Mega on the weekend of the 21st and 22nd of July, a week before the start of the Olympics. there - i fixed it for you
  17. I use a PDA (running windows mobile) and a bluetooth GPSr (sirf star III chipset) The whole lot cost less than $40 (ebay is your friend), and does exactly the same job as my mates $400 oregon (and does it just as well - in fact better, as it also runs tomtom for on road navigation) ok it's not water proof but
  18. I haven't worked it out in actual days, but in 2008 we only did 17 the whole year and 12 of those were during a weeks canal boat holiday. The reason ....... It rained . . . . Ok it didn't rain the whole year, but whenever we mentioned caching or even looked at the website the heavens opened, and we DON'T set off caching in the rain
  19. http://coord.info/GC2G817 Pop along and meet people, only about 10 miles from Stoke,
  20. I have CDO It's a bit like OCD ,,,,,,,,,,, BUT IT'S IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER
  21. I know of one cacher who wanted a user name that had been taken, the holder of the name had been a member since 2001, had zero finds, zero hides, had never "logged in" and never validated the account. The name was a name that the cacher who wanted it had a strong connection to, and he had been caching for a year or so using a different name, all the while yearning for the name he wanted. Eventualy he emailed Groundspeak explaining his plight but expecting a swift and final "Sorry but NO". 2 days later he recieved an email from missJen telling him that his request had been concidered and approved and to use the new name from now on So - it CAN happen, (but it rarely does) In this case it's that one find that will stop it happening In this case It's the fact the account has been validated (by veifying the email address) I beg to differ P.S. the cacher was ME !!!!
  22. A cacher local to me is comming up to his 1000th day, and is hosting an event for the occasion http://coord.info/GC2Q1E6 he has mentioned that he's hoping to get drunk enough to be too "ill" to go caching the next day, but we don't believe him
  23. In my opinion if you're going to display this in your car you may as well just put a sign up that says - "Driver away from vehicle a while, Please help yourself to my stereo/tyres/battery"
  24. If I were in this situation I'd archive it and list a new cache, 200 metres is Way too big a move to call it the same cache, also as far as i know, such a large move would have to be done by a reviewer and subjected to all the proximity tests etc that a new cache would be anyway, so might as well start afresh.
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