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  1. Not sure if this is the place to mention it or not, but there is a 3 page article (including some ads) on Geocaching and GPS receivers in the February issue of Scientific American. It is a very postive article written mostly for information on the GPSr. Check it out...
  2. I agree that there needs to be some way to delete some pictures. Mine include "mistake" pictures that were deleted after posting, and now they are there again. Also, my soon to be ex has a pic on his profile and since it was on a profile we shared before it now shows up on my pics... not a fun reminder... we need an option to delete pictures or something Not all who wander are lost
  3. Hmmm,when I was a teenager this was our favorite Halloween story,... not the car sideswipe, but the hunt in the woods and the hook hanging from the car door handle...but I still laughed, thanks for the memories. What is the alien abduction story? I could use a new one.. Not all who wander are lost
  4. Personally, as a single gal, I think it would be fun to meet someone who is a cacher as well... I mean, it is better than going to a bar, or being set up on blind dates by friends, etc... but I am here for the cache hunt, not the other, but who says you can't do two things at once... 'splaining caching to muggles gets old, and I want someone who enjoys it as much as I do, so as to avoid that situation where they say "You want to go find a cache now? Well, I am not going..." Not all who wander are lost
  5. quote:I want someone to talk to over my Christmas Dinner and share a bottle of my best Bordeaux wine. Of course I could come over there... (just kidding, but it was fun to think about)
  6. quote:I want someone to talk to over my Christmas Dinner and share a bottle of my best Bordeaux wine. Come on over, I would like a good dinner companion as well... although if I had the choice of France or Here, I would choose France, unless the company was exceptional... which could be the case Not all who wander are lost
  7. quote: What is a leatherman wave? A really cool mult-use tool I looked at yesterday, a bit pricey for me, so I am looking for it on sale.. it was nearly 80 bucks at REI. Not all who wander are lost
  8. I was the FTF at two different caches yesterday. What a rush. I started this thread to see if other areas experience what we experience around here. One person is the main FTF, but insists they are not competitive and don't try to be FTF. I am sure that if you have found all the caches in your immediate area that when a new one pops up, it makes you want to find it. But, why rush out there as soon as it posts? The ones I did yesterday were in neighboring towns, halfway between Austin and San Antonio, so not exactly "handy" for some folks to rush out and be FTF. I happened to have a trip to Austin planned, and so they were just a bit out of my way. However, I do get a big kick out of being the First, for the same reasons that have been stated here, and can't imagine that most, if not all, others feel the same. Not all who wander are lost
  9. 1. Leatherman Wave 2. A good sleeping bag for Central Texas 3. Gerber Knife (I saw it yesterday at REI, but the name escapes me.. 55.00) 4. A good man to go caching and camping with... among other things... Ok Ok I would settle for the first three, but the 4th one is the main thing I want. Not all who wander are lost
  10. 40 cal ammo cans are the most common that I have seen. Tupperware containers vary, but usually big enough to put some trinkets in. Not all who wander are lost
  11. I liked soapy guy/rinsey guy... where do I find a guy like that? And any man who can entertain with posts as well as that will always have my admiration... a man who can write and make me laugh, what a combo... his wife is a lucky woman... Not all who wander are lost
  12. quote:I've thought about using PVC pipe, but I asked at Home Depot, and they wouldn't cut the long sections down to a manageable length. Where do you get PVC pipe cut, or do you just cut it yourself? They have cheap pvc pipe cutters, but if you are going to do much of it, buy a good pair... I bought a middle of the road pair for my teenager and he broke them the first day... Not all who wander are lost
  13. Well when I get the hospital bill I will post again. Tore my ACL in a small jump done at a cache, but I don't think I would say that caching caused it... I think my somewhat early mid-life crisis talked me into thinking I was 20 instead of twice that.... and I felt I could just hop down.. other than that... gpsr (s) 300 gas close to 500 gear 1000 swag 100 feeling I get when I find the cache and esp. if I am FTF, priceless... It doesn't matter what it costs, what matters is how much you enjoy what you are doing and who you are with... Not all who wander are lost
  14. Austin cachers leave pretty cool stuff in their caches... I have received a $20 dollar gift cert. for being a FTF... of course I don't know what I did with it, and will have to drive to Austin to use it when I do find it... but it was a cool feeling to find it...and be the FTF Not all who wander are lost
  15. Seems some folks get somewhat competitive when it comes to being the FTF, and others don't feel they are competitive, yet turn up as the FTF quite often. My question is, how do you feel about being the FTF? Is it different than a regular find, and if so, why? Not all who wander are lost
  16. I teach, and these things will sell like hotcakes to teachers and students, I imagine, do you mind if I sell them, I will include your directions and give you credit? If it isn't cool with you, Joefrog, I won't do it. Not all who wander are lost
  17. To me it is obvious... I have an Alaskan Malamute named Chief. He is the smartest dog I have ever known, other than the fact he thinks he is human and doesn't know he could jump the fence, thinks he has to go through the gate like everyone else and knows how to open it. Malamutes are the smartest, family oriented dogs I have owned,they are protective, communicate well, playful... I think if I trained him he would find all the caches before me, that is why I don't take him along... well that, and the fact that he is stronger than I am, and if he wanted to take off with me, with a bum leg, he would be dragging me in two seconds flat... (he only weighs 125, and yes he is larger than your normal mal, his daddy was a Giant Mal) Not all who wander are lost
  18. I have seen some that look official with lines, but now I can't seem to locate them on the site and I have a cache to plant... help! Not all who wander are lost
  19. do you log a no find? most guys I know don't... I do, but I am not a guy.. Not all who wander are lost
  20. Single,40,Female cacher in San Antonio, TX area. Ex found out about it, and we started caching while we were still together, and now we both still cache, just not together... Living, eating, breathing for my next cache... hope to see you on the trails. I think we should have a singles mixer for cachers... just think what an event that would be. Not all who wander are lost
  21. My inovax5 just arrived, and it is awesome! So small, lightweight and bright... with a holder too. You gotta have one of these... Not all who wander are lost
  22. I want the tool for my pack, for when I need one to help locate a cache or whatever the circumstance might be. But thanks, I will remember not to put one in a cache, and if I see one in a cache, I will kindly remove it [] and save myself some money... lol Not all who wander are lost
  23. You guys were all so great recommending and commenting on flashlights! Thanks! Now tell me about the best tool to have along, whether a multi-use tool, or knife... I have been pricing them, and think some advice is in order. Thanks in advance, for sharing, you are saving me so much shopping around time... and the frustration of buying a no good piece of junk. Not all who wander are lost
  24. This is the one I decided on... seems to get rave reviews and they have the batteries on sale right now too... Inova x5 Tactical Flashlight Thanks for all the input and the link back to the other thread Not all who wander are lost
  25. I know I saw a posting similar to this one, but now I can't find it. I am in the market for a high quality, lightweight, great beam light... give me some suggestions.. Not all who wander are lost
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