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  1. Blackberry with the Blackstar application is awsome and is totally free. You only need a premium membership to geocaching.com to use the application. I have it on my Storm and rarely use my handheld GPSr anymore.
  2. I downloaded the program and unzipped it. I try to install the applicatin using Blackberry desktop manager, but when I try to add the application, it tells me that there are no supported applications available to add. any other hints?
  3. I am also having difficulty adding it to my Verizon Pearl, any suggestions?
  4. thanks for the quick reply, I will stand fast until you post that the issue is resolved. Well first of all you do not need the web service. We are tying the same as wll on our end. It appears there is an issue but we are trying to determine if there is an issue with Boost or the content delivery system on their end. Larry (Trimble Outdoors)
  5. I recently purchased a Boost I425 and am in the process of loading in geocache navigator. Everytime I try to install the application, I get a 500 error stating the web application cannot be reached. Is there anything I am doing wrong? Do I need the web service to get this application? At a buck a day for the service, this is not the cost economical solution I was hoping for. I did read that the web service was not needed, so I am kind of stumped. I called Boost and they were no help at all, the lady wasn't even aware that this application existed. Thanks in advance,
  6. I use the foarm case and find it to be excellent. It really protects, and is lightweight. It isn't exactly the best looking case out there, but I think you would have a hard time finding any better.
  7. If your csx has a USB connection and can be powered by usb, then you can purchase a car to usb adapter and go that route. They are very cheap and work well. I use one with my Vista HCX.
  8. I have the Military Grade case for my Vista. I like it so far. It would be much more protective than the other you have listed. Yes you can use the 2gig card. I have one and can put two sets of maps for my entire state on it with some space to spare. Good Luck
  9. I believe you can upload coordinates with Mapsource via the USB cable, at least I can with my Street Pilot 330
  10. I use a Dell Axim X-5. You can pick one up for not much more than an older PDA and it can do so much more. I use it not only for caching, but for work and for persnal enjoyment (mp3 player and video player). If all you want to do is cache, then a very cheap pda is the ticket, but if you feel you will use it more than that, I would suggest the Axim.
  11. All you have to do is unzip your pocket quiery, then take the gpx file and copy and paste the file into your Dell using the Explore tab on your Microsoft Sync. The explore tab allows you to see the folders in your Axim and you can add or remove files through it. I transfer everything to the SD card, but you can place it anywhere in your Dell. GPX Sonar should pick it up right away, if not then use the import files prompt from GPX Sonar and it will search for and find it. Hope that helps. Rusty
  12. I use GPX Sonar with my Axim X5 and love it. I actually load the gpx files directly into a file I created on my SD card and they work fine that way. If you want to pluck out certain caches, and modify things more, then GSAK or EasyGPS will do that for you, but I don't have a need for it. I like the Axim. If I am in an area that has WIFI, I can connect and log my finds or search for new caches. Good luck, Rusty
  13. I have the camelbak Military spec HAWG and love it. It has plenty of room for a day hike and the 100 ounce bladder is plenty for a day hike. If you are hiking in extreme weather or longer distances, you can add an additional 100 ounce bladder. It carries everything I need and is comfortable to wear.
  14. I think it might be looking for a serial port, but there is no option to select a USB port, is there a way to change that?
  15. I am selecting the hot sync on my M125 as well as on the cradle. Still I keep getting an error that states "the connection between your handheld computer and the desktop could not be established, please check your setup and try again" I am pretty much out of ideas. Thanks,
  16. I recently purchased an Palm M125 to venture into paperless caching. I am having difficulty getting a hot sync with my computer and I was wondering if anyone had any other options. I downloaded the software from Palm's website (no disc came with it) which included palm desktop, hot sync manager and palm one quick install. I plugged in the cradle which is a usb connection and pushed the sync button. After a few minutes it says that the connection can't be made. I am using Windows XP Home Edition and did download the correct software from the Palm site for this OS. Any other ideas to get this to work? Thanks in advance. Rusty
  17. I have found that in this situation, it is easier to pull out the trusty old compass and follow the bearing the GPS gives you from a non-canopy location close to the cache. If you use proper pace count, you can get very close to the location of the cache. I always have my compass and a map if possible. Nothing takes the place of good orienteering skills.
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