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  1. Thanks for the link to the other discussion. I relaunched the browser and it's working now. There was a Windows update tonight that didn't reboot my computer, so maybe that's why. Thanks!
  2. I just tried from the search menu, and also tried switching to the "search" map from the "browse" map. Those options get the same response as above.
  3. I just clicked on "View larger map" from a cache page and received this message - did something change? I've never had issues before. Using Chrome on a Windows OS.: We’re sorry! The web browser you are currently using doesn’t support WebGL, which is needed to view this map. To view a map experience that supports your browser, please use our Browse map.
  4. I tried the macro and it worked well - thanks for the tip!
  5. That worked, thanks so much! Weird that it was only on the "search" map and not on the "browse" map.
  6. Usually when I'm in the field I'll mark my finds as drafts in the app to see what I've found, but I use my gps to upload my finds to GSAK for logging. So afterwards I have to manually delete the drafts and then they show up as finds on the map. For some reason a group of my finds from just one day a couple weeks ago are holding onto that draft icon, but I don't have any drafts when looking on my phone or the website. If I look at the individual cache page they show as found. I've made drafts since then and they behaved normally. I'd really love to see these !s turn to smilies. Any ideas?
  7. I really, really, really wish the "found by user" column showed actual dates instead of "4 days ago", "3 days ago", etc. Trying to figure out if it's the same time zone or which day is really annoying to me. Does anyone have a reason to know how many days rather than a date?
  8. When caching with a group, it would be really useful if you could not only choose caches not found by all, but also choose whether or not to eliminate caches owned by any of those cachers. Generally if you're caching as a group you want the caches to be beneficial to all, so you wouldn't want to include something that was hidden by one of the group, but I'm sure there are instances when that wouldn't be the case, hence the option to choose.
  9. Yes, thanks I figured that out after I wrote it. There is a big issue with it though. It doesn't suppress their hides, so you think you have a list you can go find together and then half of them are owned by the other person.
  10. I am not on the new experience, but something that I would really like to be able to do is to be able to filter out not only my finds, but a friend's finds... so we can see which caches we both need. Ultimately it would be great to be able to filter multiple people but one would be a fantastic start! Thanks for all you do!
  11. Never mind - I had an apostrophe in the name of the query. That appears to have caused it because it works fine once removed.
  12. I regularly use pocket queries when on vacation to get caches along a route. For some reason today, the files are not coming in gpx format and won't load into GSAK. I'm attaching what I got instead. - well, I guess not... it doesn't allow the file type either...ugh. The file name is 20811857_lewistontoKathy&#39 (which is abnormal) and the file type just says "file".
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