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  1. to give you an idea of the size of the maps i only have an 8mb data card in my eMap. i can hold all of vancouver but if i want abbotsford then i can't have whistler (and vice-versa). Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Surrey, New West, Poco, Coq, and White Rock take up 5.9mb already.
  2. Great! Thanks CP. I hope you and your family enjoyed your turkey. Have a happy new year as well.
  3. What is the name of your store? Where exactly is it located (address please)? Please put one 6 D cell maglight (black), Model S6D016, aside for me. If you don't want to post to the details of your store (for whatever reason) then you can email me or PM me. Thanks, Capitalpete. Much appreciated. - Pat W.
  4. Yes. The richmond XS Cargo (#3 rd.) has some NiMH chargers and batteries there. These are great if all you need is AA. Unfortunately it can only charge AA sized NiMH cells and nothing else. They also have packs of 4 AA 1500mah NiMH for $7.99. I've never used them and don't recommend them but if they do crap out on you then your loss is under 10 dollars.
  5. So I checked with my guy who orders all our maglites, and we can get them no problem. Check with your local mag lite dealer and MAKE him get you one. Or call me and I will get you one. There really is nothing better than a 6Dcell Maglight for "a little extra lighting" or whatever else you need it for. Sure makes the cops look when you pull out a bigger Mag light than they use. There is the real answer of why they make it, "Mag Light envy" LOL......... I will look into today. The only mag-lite dealer I really know of is "House of Knives". Even though their merchandise is ridiculously marked up, they'll probably want to charge me some extra handling fees for placing this 'special' order. How much can you get the 6D mag-lite for? I'll see how much I can score it from House of Knives and will go the better route. Thanks, Capitalpete.
  6. Where did you get a 6 D cell mag-lite from? I can't find a place that sells it anywhere What does 'BFL' stand for? Big Fat Light?! I call them spot lights and own a few myself. I didn't get mine from XS Cargo but I know the richmond location has plenty left. They even had some 2 million candle power ones for $30 (not sure if they have anymore of those left though).
  7. not neccessarily for car rallies but car meets. our local import chat car club just had a vancouver food bank donation meet yesterday. most people have frs radios but i find them rather useless. a few of us are licenced so by spreading ourselves along the train of imports we were able to efficiently lead the convoy from destination to destination and finally to the food bank without having anybody get lost on the way.
  8. A little too South for Canada. Southern Ontario, maybe.
  9. Keep in mind that the TinyTracIII is an encoder (transmit) only - you can't use it to receiver (see where the other units are). It does listen, but that's only so it doesn't cause a data collision (doubling) when it goes to transmit. I understand it's a good little unit for building a station to be tracked. It's minimal requirements are great for portable operation. I have heard that it does have a tendency to lockup in transmit - probably an issue with the transmitted RF getting into the unit. But if you want to see other stations on a map, you better be looking for something else instead of/in addition to the TinyTrac Obviously the TT3 is a transmit only TNC. That is being used for the portable APRS station. That is totally separate from the home station. I was just wondering if there is any better software than winAPRS.
  10. I'm going for a portable APRS kit. I've got a Garmin eMap, Yaesu FT-51R (dual-band HT), and a TinyTracIII on order. Does anybody know where I can buy or how to build a cable to connect my 51R to the TT3? The TT3 uses a simple female DB9 connector and my radio has the standard Yaesu Mic/Ear jacks (ear 3.5mm, mic 2.5mm). Also, which software do you guys recommend for my computer? I'd like to be able to see my station as well as other nearby stations on a street level map. Is it possible to use the existing maps from Mapsource or MS Streets & Trips 2003? Also, will I be able to see the speed of moving APRS stations? Sorry for the newbie questions. I appreciate all the help. Thanks.
  11. too bad i live on the west coast "Napanee proud hometown of Avril Lavigne".
  12. A better idea is to get all the supplies and equipment and invite them all over to have an antenna construction meet. It'll be more fun than building several yourself and giving them out, plus you'll all get to meet, talk, and build together.
  13. Good job winners. If I had known about this race earlier then I would've participated. I'll try for next year. _____________________________________________________________________ Please visit the Ham Radio Forums at www.ham-radio.ca. Thank you. - VE7DPT Vancouver, BC, Canada
  14. That's a good deal! Here in Vancouver, BC the cheapest I've seen is 4 AA Energizer NiMH 1850mah for $14.99 or 2 packs for $24.99 at Superstore. Before they didn't offer the 'purchase in multiples and save' deal but now its always there. Not bad, not as good as SuperFlea. _____________________________________________________________________ Please visit the Ham Radio Forums at www.ham-radio.ca. Thank you. - VE7DPT Vancouver, BC, Canada
  15. quote:Originally posted by Coupar-Angus:I had a look at the online viewer and the new version does seem much more complete - although it doesn't seem to have Calgary in street level detail, although it has added the POI. What I'd like to know is if the Enhanced Basemap portion has now been calibrated properly. I live in Southern Ontario and once outside of the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) the EBM can be really out of whack - so much so that it becomes rather confusing to navigate some areas. I can relate with you on the basemap, Coupar-Angus. Often when driving up to whistler on the sea-to-sky highway (route 99), I find the GPS telling me I'm in the water. Unfortunately the eMap's roadlock feature doesn't work outside the metro areas. _____________________________________________________________________ Please visit the Ham Radio Forums at www.ham-radio.ca. Thank you. - VE7DPT Vancouver, BC, Canada
  16. You could always just get the patch and sew it onto an existing jacket. A good geocaching jacket for me would be a bright jacket with a removable inner layer, has lots of pockets, and of course the geocaching.com patch. _____________________________________________________________________ Please visit the Ham Radio Forums at www.ham-radio.ca. Thank you. - VE7DPT Vancouver, BC, Canada
  17. http://www.garmin.com/cartography/mapSource/mgCanada.jsp We've been waiting a long time and it'll soon be available. Finally some detailed road maps of places like Whistler, BC and also major cities in Alberta. GPScity.ca has it for $139.95 and should have it by October 20th. GPScentral.ca has it for $134.95 and should have it sometime in November. Both retailers offer advance orders at no extra cost. Can someone please explain DMTI Spatial data? As I understand it, Garmin got the maps from a different vendor which used this new and better technolody for greater detail and accuracy? _____________________________________________________________________ Please visit the Ham Radio Forums at www.ham-radio.ca. Thank you. - VE7DPT Vancouver, BC, Canada
  18. quote:Originally posted by EScout:I have made a sat. contact on a FT50R handheld, but it was in the Sierra mountains, 100s of miles from a major city, mid-day, mid-week. And they were calling me from several states away because I was in rare grid. Wow. May I ask what kind of antenna you were using? _____________________________________________________________________ Please visit the Ham Radio Forums at www.ham-radio.ca. Thank you. - VE7DPT Vancouver, BC, Canada
  19. Check out http://www.byonics.com/tinytrak/index.html for a small transmit only TNC. I'd get one but its expensive and Canada Customs will kill me. _____________________________________________________________________ Please visit the Ham Radio Forums at www.ham-radio.ca. Thank you. - VE7DPT Vancouver, BC, Canada
  20. quote:Originally posted by WCoaster: I think this new logo is the best idea yet. It is basicaly what everyone in the general forum has been asking for. It could simply be an extra option you click when you create a cache. Then we can all get off this nonsense and go caching. _____________________________________________________________________ Please visit the Ham Radio Forums at www.ham-radio.ca. Thank you. - VE7DPT Vancouver, BC, Canada
  21. Acuracura


    Garmin eMap. Great unit in the car, on the trail, or on my bike. No WAAS but I can live without it. Mapping is great and lots of neat features like address look up and trip timers/odometers. - This is my first GPS ever. It's been in production for quite a while now. When mine breaks, hopefully they still sell this unit or make a new one that is just as good. _____________________________________________________________________ Please visit the Ham Radio Forums at www.ham-radio.ca. Thank you. - VE7DPT Vancouver, BC, Canada
  22. I heard about this. You're trying to log a geocache, correct? It's a special one that uses your name to create the coordinates. Interesting, but very difficult. Good luck! _____________________________________________________________________ Please visit the Ham Radio Forums at www.ham-radio.ca. Thank you. - VE7DPT Vancouver, BC, Canada
  23. quote:Originally posted by lesparrow:I don't post much But in my view the game is evolving which is what is stated in the Brief History Page Since the launch of the web site, the Geocaching sport has grown to caches in all 50 states and over 100 countries. There are now many variations of the game, including virtual caches, offset caches, puzzle caches, and multi-stage caches.( New ideas and new great games crop up every day.) The idea of stealing is WRONG but I don't think this is theft.Cach is found by pirate (I assume it is logged) Items taken, item left The original cache still in place. The next Cacher should be able to read the note and locate the Pirated goodies,follow instructions (left by pirate) and get a cache container to BOOT. Sounds good to me Send Pirate to the interior we need more caches here ( the coast has to many ) This concept might produce more caches That,s my thought lesparrow Nice to see you posting, lesparrow. I'm glad you and your family are doing well with all the fires and what not going on there. I agree that the pirate is not stealing, but the pirate is still unnecessarily moving all the contents of the cache to a coordinate-less location, no longer making it a geocache. Even if the pirate did leave some coordinates, that would turn a simple traditional cache into a multi-cache, even if the owner didn't want it to be. I do appreciate the pirate’s cache-duplication attempt, but it can be done without moving all the contents and turning it into a multi. The pirate could simply do exactly what he/she is doing now except move nothing, or trade like a normal geocacher, and still leave the hidden treasure map and pirate container as usual. That way geocachers who want to pursue the hidden treasure can do so, and those that don't want to can simply log and trade in the original cache without having to do a second hunt. _____________________________________________________________________ Please visit the Ham Radio Forums at www.ham-radio.ca. Thank you. - VE7DPT Vancouver, BC, Canada
  24. quote:Originally posted by Jomarac5:I agree as with this statement as well. It seems however, that the only pirate playing with any sense of fairness is our local pirate, Captain Urchin. The other pirates are taking caches and either not returning them at all, or are holding the contents for extended periods and then requiring the cache owner to travel great distances to retrieve the contents. I know I'd be pretty miffed if my caches were taken in the same manner as the the pirates in New Jersey or in Washington. I don't mind a bit, if they are taken in the same manner as our local pirate -- I don't see the harm in this, as long as he sticks to his word and only plunders the caches that the owner has given permission to do so. With regard to the pirates having approval from gc.com to pirate caches, I just simply don't see how this can be enforced. Zuuk, I don't think the pirates are going to ask gc.com to advocate the pirate concept -- these guys don't care about gc.com, as they've shown very clearly -- but our local pirate does seem to be respectful of those who do not wish to participate. By agreeing to contact cachers to get their approval to play his game, and by respecting those who don't want to play by leaving their caches be. I don't see where gc.com has anything to do with me or you agreeing to allow Captain Urchin to visit our caches, and quite frankly, nor should they -- if I give permission to allow the pirate to play his game with my caches, I certainly don't need gc.com (or any other caching website for that matter) telling me that I can't do this. It's my cache and I'll do with it what I desire. Gc.com is a listing service and that is the extent of it. Not to be inciting an argument here but what do you think gc.com could do about it anyway? What kind of uproar do you think they would experience if the people who don't have a problem with this new pirate were told that they cannot make decisions regarding their own caches? I'd guess that it would be much worse than the current situation. I see that Captain Urchin visited another cache this weekend -- I guess Geo-trekker's accusations about me are not as well founded as he'd like to think. ***** [This message was edited by Jomarac5 on September 22, 2003 at 10:36 AM.] I'm certainly glad we have established that the pirate will only pirate caches that he/she has been allowed to. So it is assumed that all geocaches are not pirate friendly unless otherwise noted. I respect the pirate for respecting us and ours. No argument here, as you mentioned gc.com is simply a listing service. They do not enforce anything regarding plundering, vandalism, or even stolen TB's. They can, however, work together with the pirate to categorize piratable and non-piratable geocaches. gc.com is not the pirates enemy, and in fact, gc.com is the pirates friend. gc.com's forums have certainly helped clear a lot of things up about the pirates intentions, as well as provide exposure and feedback from 'victims' and spectators. The pirate should actually be gratefull for gc.com as without it, he/she would continue to pirate caches without permission and without realizing everybody hates the pirate for it. The pirate certainly has grown to be a dynamic character though all of this discussion, a change for the better in my opinion. As for your last comment about Geo-Trekker, you simply could have stated that you're not the pirate since you were away for the weekend, rather than posting an immature "Look everybody! I'm right, he's wrong!" statement. Of course, after seeing this thread develop since the begining, it's no surprise that every chance to attack would be optimized. I've even seen simple grammer and spelling errors criticized and ridiculed. We're all here because we love geocaching, please, just let it go. _____________________________________________________________________ Please visit the Ham Radio Forums at www.ham-radio.ca. Thank you. - VE7DPT Vancouver, BC, Canada
  25. quote:Originally posted by canadazuuk:Any pirates for tennis? Haven't checked yet. Will check tomorrow night and will post update here. _____________________________________________________________________ Please visit the Ham Radio Forums at www.ham-radio.ca. Thank you. - VE7DPT Vancouver, BC, Canada
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