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  1. These are so cool! I love how everyone went in on them to get a better deal! Is this something that goes on all the time?
  2. That is because you likely accidentally left the search bar selector option set to the default option of "People". If you will search again on "geocaching" but this time search under the option "MySpace", you will find many dozens of pages of search return listings, including hundreds (if not thousands) of member profiles, dozens of groups, even videos and slide shows (in fact, some of the video/photo material has been posted by finders of my Psycho caches about their Psycho cache adventures.) Personally, I do have a MySpace account, but it is not primarily for use in connecting with the geocaching world. Frankly, I already know tons of people in the geo world, and I hardly need MySpace for that. BTW Beth, I visit Kalamazoo MI sometimes to visit a very dear friend who lives there (she is also a geocacher), and I just looked at the map, and you are located all the way at the NE tip of Michigan, about as far from Kalamazoo as possible! Wow! Thanks for that info!! Now I can do a correct search. I use to live over near Kalamazoo it is only about 2 hrs from here.
  3. http://www.myspace.com/greyhoundgirlbeth I even did a search on myspace and did not come up with much when looking for geocaching!!!
  4. I got my first geocoin today in the mail!!!! It is a black nickel I Love Geocoin that is very cool. It reminds me of an old school tattoo.
  5. I would not want to cache in those areas!!! Thye are not the safest and I think they are probably too populated....
  6. I have heard of people putting cameras in their caches for people to take pictures and I am wondering if anyone has ever developed the pics and what they found. Have you ever taken your pic with a camera in a cache? Let me know what your experience is with this. Thanks!!
  7. I have just gotten my Magellan 210 and my computer keeps telling me that the UBS device is malfunctioning. Has anyone else had this problem? I am using windows XP and the magellan website says that it is compatable but I cannot get the Geocaching program to work nor will it even detect the device. Does anyone have any ideas on this problem?! Thanks!!!
  8. Thanks for the responses. I will check into both of those units online. Have a good night!
  9. I am looking for a good used GPS. I know I can get a basic model for around $100 new but I would like something a bit fancier and if someone is selling one for around that price can you please let me know the details. I am very excited about going on my first geocache adventure and would like to get something that is user friendly and has the recommended mb's for caching. thanks! Beth
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