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  1. Many requests came to do a personal editions, so we made a group coin of this model.

    The batch has been completed end of last month.

    Herewith a compilation of the batch:







    Could you please send me the info on this group coin, I love it!

  2. It has been a long time since I have been in the forums. I came in to see if there were any group coin buy ins like geo nerds, the guitars, ducks etc and I did not see any going on. Is this a change to the forums? Where do people go when looking for the group coins?



  3. Well Sweet But Evil, What did you think of your first Bash?

    HA I just noticed this! Funny how you made me walk the plank B) but I was a trooper! Got some wild stories and some good pics....hehe....got a good pic of you and me that looked like we were having way too much fun, if there is such a thing!!!!

    I will be there next year for sure! I might even do some more caching than I did this year.....but do not hold me to that!!!


    Beth whose cache name very much suits her!

  4. Jesus dollars??? what are these??

    :D yeah, I agree, what on earth is a jesus dollar?

    I think "Jesus dollars" are the religious pamplets that people leave all over the place. (That is what my guess would be.)

  5. These are my tokens as posted in other threads, looking to trade some for geocoins if I get any takers. They are fun to make none the less.




    Nice job on the others pictured so far.

    These look great! Very interesting and nicely done!!


    After seeing these cool coins I found one less than a week later in a cache in Canada while driving through to Niagara. I was totally jazzed and did a lil dance! Very cool indeed! :(

  6. I am looking for an eye patch and mug for adult beverages :( and making some cool sig pirate type coins to swap! hehe I am sure area 51 will be where I am located after dark. I reserved my camping spot and will be there, hopefully Thursday night, if I can get Friday off from work! I am looking forward to having some fun with everyone!

  7. This will be my first year attending the geobash and I would like to know what to expect. I did read the event page and check out the website but am still curious about what goes on. Will there be plenty of new/active caches set up in the area? Where does everyone get the event coins with their names on them...I have seen the duck ones last year and teddy bears this year. Are bears the only thing and if so, it must be too late to get some then...

    If you have been to a geobash just tell me about your experience!


    Thanks! :)

  8. AHHHHH! I missed out on these! Are these going to be ordered again anytime soon? I found the yahoo group before noting the post on here.....I have seen a few of these on ebay and wondered where they came from....please let me know if I have a chance at these! Thanks!

  9. Hi ! I signed up last May so I could learn about geocaching but did not get a GPS until recently in February 08. You can tell from my caches I just started! I only have a few coins and would love a few more. It is suppose to snow here again so I am really bummed as I have 4 days off for the holiday!!! Bring on the sun and warm weather!!! :laughing:

  10. I was searching ebay last spring and came across a geocoin. I was curious about what it was for and asked the person selling the coins. I know his name was sparky something...anyway he responded very excited about telling me what caching was. I totally thought that this was possibly the most inventive treasure hunting thing ever. I joined this site and finally purchased a GPS recently after having a bit of money to finally get one and some coins. :blink:

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