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  1. Hi, I am planning to buy a eee pc to but trying to leaving te xandros OS on it. Can I use Wine on the eee pc? and will work Gsak on it? I have usb to serial connector to connect my garmin legend to my laptop now. is there a chance this will work on a eee pc? Nice laptop the eeepc Hope this will work. The alternative is to install xp on it but the xandros OS still needs a chance. Greetings Ardligthart
  2. Hello, I personally think the bookmark list is a great way to maintain a collection of caches. A bookmark list is the only tool to extract data from GC.com and make a Pocket query out of it. Ok not the only tool. But THE BEST TOOL where members can create there personal collection. The bookmark list earns to be recreated again. Greetings ardligthart
  3. Hello Groundspeak coders, Thanx for your work ! Looks great. Is there a way to show the cache's from my bookmarklist ? On earlier Google maps my bookmark lists could be made visible. Maybe the square shape around the icon could be used for this. Example: I select a list and the cache's on that list who are also in the visible area apear with a BOLD linded square. This option will be my biggest wish. Greeting's from Holland
  4. There are tree things that i don't like: 1. the 15 miles thing. 2. my bookmark listing disapearing. 3. the maps are slow now. The new google maps changes please undo the changes (CTRL + Z) there are some thing i like: 1. nice view. 2. bigger field. conclusion: back to old maps!!
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