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  1. WHoooo Hoooooo!!! Snake & Rooster 4000 The Lost Clan 4000 habu! 5700 Congrats!!!
  2. A huge congrats to The Splashes on their 11,000+ Milestone! They are an inspiration to many of us and plain ol good folks! I've been lagging again on this thread, so........ Congrats to: Denise 1000 The Fat Cats 4000 Kawikaturn 6000 SqrRigger 500 TR Violin 3000 Splashes 11000 Chuck 100 FTF's FATTBOY 2300 Awesome job everyone!!!!
  3. By gosh, I've got it ... a perfect layout for an Yrium TNG Lulu card. Hay FlagMan, I've got the perfect layout here for a Lulu499 Yrium card, isn't it true that she holds an active uDesignit card? O darn, that's right, she's already on an Yrium card. Well maybe a missprint layout instead. I think I've just figured out the difference between Hamlet and Harmon... Hamlet stopped digging once he found Yorick. Harmon gets into a hole and just keeps on shoveling until he finds the bottom... I'll second that, James! What did I do to deserve this abuse??? You can have that Udesignit card, Harmon.
  4. I knew him well...a man of infinite jest.
  5. Way to go Nancy! Congrats, Nancy! That's an awesome achievement! J&J - you guys are no slouches - I see your streak has been going for over 3 years! Wow! Not slouches? How dare you? They're tremendous slouches for getting THAT much time off! (Hi Mr. & Mrs. Kettle, I'm Mr. Pot, I noticed you're black!) Congratulations Nancy!!! (I think you're gaining on them!) WHoooooooHooooooo!!! Yay! One year!! Today I found the appropriate cache: A Cache a Day by Lucky Kid and Proud Parents! I'm not planning on ending the streak yet, but shhhhhhhh.....don't tell my husband. Thanks for the congrats, everyone!!! Also, a HUGE congrats to Jahoadi and John for 3+ years!!! Awesome!!!
  6. They are amazing, as well as all the other mega-finders of San Diego! Way to go, you two!!! Congrats, kwvers!!! 11,000 is awesome!!!
  7. 9,500 Congrats to all! The Fat Cats just reached 3500!!! Congrats to the two new stoners..Fat Cats and Duncan! Duncan! is fast approaching a BIG one. Congrats to The Fat Cats and Duncan! Woohoo! Big numbers! Congrats to Duncan! on 9500, The Fat Cats on 3500 and FlagMan on 6000!!!!!
  8. Congrats to all who have reached milestones, and Happy Birthday to Splashette (1/2), Jodi (1/4?) and Duncan! (1/6), three prolific cachers all born in the same week. Must have something to do with their astrological sign.
  9. Congrats to: kwvers!, The Fat Cats and FlagMan on the Fizzy!!! Skillet on 3000!!! Tanner_Scout on 1000!!! and Goblin_Girl on 1700!!!
  10. CONGRATS TO THUNDER-4 ON 3800 FINDS. Congrats, guys!!! Duncan! on 9000!! FlagMan on 5700!! Thunder-4 on 3800!!
  11. What an AWESOME accomplishment!!! Congrats, Splashes!!!
  12. Wow! I spoke with Jodi two days ago and Donna today, and I had no idea of these milestones!!! Congratulations to J & J for 10,000!!! Amazing!!! Congratulations to Canadian Grl for 1200!!! Whoo Hoo!!!
  13. Wow, kwvers!!! 10 Dancing Men??? Amazing!!! Congratulations!!!
  14. Congrats to: The Lost Clan on 3000!!! The Fat Cats on 3000!!! AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JAREDLOSER!!! 13 Years!!!
  15. I love geocachers, I love geocaching and, of course, I love my husband! Thank you so much to everyone that has congratulated me on either this thread or the SDCT, via email or by phone! I really appreciate it. And thank you so much to Ososeki for posting!!! Does this mean you'll start caching with me???? I know, I know, don't push my luck, right? You guys are all awesome!! Thanks!!!!!
  16. Looks as though LLOT has a LLOT to celebrate!! Congrats on 4000 Finds!!! Congrats on 500 Puzzles!!! And Happy Birthday (belated) to James!!! I'm honored that you chose my puzzle as your 500th!!
  17. Congratulations Triple Crown on 1500 on GC1DYTH!!!!! Awesome!! Thanks for your effort, Rob! It's been way too long since I've posted on this thread, so I've got some catching up to do. Congrats to: FlagMan for 5000 - almost 5100 now Map4Navigation 2000 The Splashes 9400 Canadian Grl 1000 LLOT 3800 Balcanthez 1000 Skillet 2600 Fat Cats 2800 Lost Clan 2800 boysnbarrie 700 DCTalk 500 halftrack guy 500 J&J 9000 kwvers! - milestone #'s changing daily U2U should be at 2000 before returning from Tahoe Congrats to all above and everyone else on their milestones!!!
  18. Thanks guys!!! Congrats to devhead for 3000 and Dillon Gang for 4000!!! Congrats to LegoCollin for 300!!!
  19. 9000 CONGRATS ON THE 9000 KWVERS! THE SPLASHES Wow!! Wish I had known when I saw you guys today!! Congrats!!! That's awesome!!!
  20. Honk!! We've been there! LegoCollin in all 4 states: http://img.geocaching.com/cache/log/thumb/...2511834f717.jpg We hope you're having a great time!
  21. Well done pop. Congrats! Congratulations!!! Sniff...I cried because Collin finished 3rd grade. I can't imagine graduation from high school and on to college!!! Sniff Sniff
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