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  1. Congrats!!! Wow!! How'd we miss that??? 16,000!!! Congratulations, you two!!
  2. WoooooooHooooooooo!!! Congratulations, Ragfoot!!! Congrats Ragfoot! LOVE the SMILE! Amazing numbers, Fred!! Congratulations!!
  3. What else can we say but WoooooooHooooooooo!!! Congratulations, Tom! Now those are some big numbers We were glad to be there for the big event! Nothing better than Jeepin' and cachin' in the dez......... I feel a 'Moth Dance' coming on.......................... Congrats! The Splashes Please, please, please do the moth dance!! I LOVE it!!
  4. Congrats to Chuy! on 12,000!!! Mocha! told me it happened yesterday.
  5. Congrats to mmcgr on 4,000! I read the log and you two are really amazing!! Glad everything turned out so well!!!
  6. Congratulations , Ritz Crackers!!! Congrats on 2,000, Steve!! And congrats again to you, Harmon! 5,000 deserves it twice - don't you think?
  7. Very nice ole buddy...second only to a S.U.C. Congrats and Welcome Home! Jodi dear, How's my gal pal? I missed you while I was trotting about in Italy. No, seriously, I missed you ... honest I did. Yesterday I swapped the European chip out of my 60csX and loaded unfound home-zone caches into it. First thing I looked at was those danged S.U.C. caches along Mission Gorge Road. Back to the reality of local Geocaching once again and feeling way behind on the hiking trails. Sweet ol' Harmon Wow! What a great place for a milestone! Congrats on 5,000, Harmon!!
  8. Congrats Michelle and nice log. Yet another one that is going to race right by me. O well, nice work. And what, may I ask, was that photo taken with? Must be the flash-powder didn't fire off. Very clean fangers by th' way. ... stubby, but clean. Congrats on 4,000, Michelle!!
  9. Congrats, JJ Duo!!! Great cache for a milestone!
  10. The milestones just keep coming... Congrats to BlondHiLites on hitting 4,000!!!
  11. WoooooHooooooooo!!!! Congrats to Skillet on 5,000!!!
  12. Congrats to two VERY cool people on 15,000!! LegoCollin and I were honored to be there for the BIG milestone!
  13. Wow! So many milestones!! Team Fatman 4K Tombmaker! 10K ThePolarBear 3K @ 14k The Fat Cats 9K Hope I didn't miss anyone....Congrats to all!!!
  14. Way to go Linda 7,000 now that is a bunch. AWESOME Linda...we know you're having fun! WoooooHoooooooooo!!!! And you didn't even say anything at the event. Congrats! Congrats on 7,000, Linda!!!
  15. Congratulations yoyo ken!!! Love the pic and the log, but not the bit about the spiders crawling on you...yuck!!! CONGA RATS to yoyo ken on 500 caches! GOT SPIDERS? Yikes! boysnbarrie Good Job Yoyo Ken! Congrats to yoyo ken on 500!
  16. Are they splitting them down the middle? 7500 each? Congrats! Still having fun with each cache find! Congrats, you two!!
  17. Congratulations to FlagMan on hitting 10,000 and to Thunder-4 on hitting 6,000 together at the top of Mt. Whitney!! Tim Slaby and Don Zatyko were also there to celebrate at 14,497'. Congrats to all for summitting!!
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