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  1. I have a nice 5 gallon bucket that is hidden right in front of your nose for the ending of a difficult puzzle.

    You can't go wrong with ammo cans though.




    Ammo cans are the best container a person can use in my opinion.

  2. While not the best... I do like the LOST themed series "we" develop. I say "we" as it is obvious this is a sock puppet account to make it more interesting.


    Fun puzzle caches that build on each other and that try to glean something from LOST is what we try to do. I realize that given it is Phase II... we can go whatever direction we want.



  3. I have often left unactivated coins in my caches as a FTF gift for people who are participating in the Dharma Phase II study.

    I also will try to have activated coins of interest in them when a new station launches.


    As the original "handler" of the coins I leave when unactivated I reserve the right to log notes against the coins as a channel to communicate to our study participants.



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