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  1. I wish I had gotten at least one gig before it went poof!
  2. I could not say it any better the noob...
  3. El Diablo,Jun 27 2004, 07:10 PM Basically that belief is that you should go back to where you make the most sense...the AS thread. El Diablo That was uncalled for...you and no one else has the right to tell someone where they can post..This is not the first time you have made that statement. I guess if a certain person had their way a witch hunt to get rid of all that considered troublemakers... I don’t remember anyone being appointed the spokesperson for GC and the voice of the community in general, but the last time I looked this was a free democratic society that gives its citizens the right to voice their opinions in whatever venue without fear of repercussions or banishment without just cause. You made a reference to Hitler in an earlier post, was that prophetic of the cleansing being called to happen? I am not a trouble maker...if fact I am usually not much more then a fun loving person and a devoted geocacher. This post could very well get me my first gig on the bad-o-meter...but so be it...you went too far.
  4. If all else fails hold your GPS up to your ear like a cell phone occasionally. They will think you are pacing and talking
  5. Ay, I don't want to inflame the situation... I did not say you did...do you think you will be the only one who reads this and sends an email?
  6. Best way to handle it. You are gonna run into all kinds when you cache, and getting into an email war is never a good solution. If you have explained your position to the cache owner, that is about all you can do. The knowledge that you found it and know you did...nobody can take that away. I personally will not send an email to the owner, I think it just tends to inflame the situation. IMO lulu
  7. The best part for us is the sharing of time. Since there are not alot of caches nearby to us that we haven't already done, we have to travel further afield. So we try to plan on doing 3/4. The drive to these provides a non interupted time to catch up on the weeks doings, followed by caching, and then a stop at a scenic stop for a picnic lunch.
  8. I know this is true for the eastern timber rattler that is common in our local area, but is this true for ALL species of rattlesnake? In my recent travels out west, several people told me the rattlers out there were more venomous then what we are used to. Yup, pretty much all of them are non-lethal if treated properly. Most rattlesnake deaths are a result of an anaphylactic (allergic) reaction, much the same as bee stings can cause for some people (like me). The venom produces an allergen that can stop respiratory function. The venom itself isn't deadly unless you have a particular allergy to it. Who wants to let a snake bite them to see if they're allergic? And out west we have what is called a Pygmy rattlesnake...only about 12 inches long, but packs the whollop of the big one. My husband came down off the stairs from a oil tank battery after checking the oil level, and the minute he stepped on the ground he heard a rattle. Looking around he could not find the snake, but then looked down........he was standing on the head of the snake (the better end to be standing on IF you have come to be on one) so he ground the head into the dirt deep with his boot. He told me when he got home that that was the longest broadjump he had ever made! Last year was bad...he has 39 more rattles in his collection jar. Glad to hear you made it without disaster GeoSar. Be careful out there...
  9. And you also have a paypal account I'm sure...
  10. Because you are a homicidal cat with a deadly pencil...
  11. So is the mental picture of a 200 lb. chicken tumbling down the mountain side...
  12. We almost always do. Some of the caches are so far from anything, that here in the desert water is a must, so I just add sandwiches and anything else that will travel easy. We have spent some memorable time sitting overlooking spectacular views while having lunch.
  13. Good thread Duane...glad to hear your dog is alright, but sorry for your familys scare
  14. Good Story ... a laugh to start the day My husband was a cop, and I can appreciate that being caught in the headlights (so to speak) of a police officer with ammo cans in hand, would spook me in this day and age of homeland security...even being innocent.
  15. I will say a prayer for a quick recovery. Get well soon.
  16. I think benchmark hunters haves more of a use for them. We have been looking into purchasing one for this reason and just for the fun of it.
  17. We both like caching equally, so there is really no problem with the hunt. I tend to do all the email pertaining to our caches, and paint the ammo cans because I am the artistic one, and buy the trinkets. To my way of thinking, I would rather have a husband who was into geocaching, then into the bars. Just my opinion.
  18. How about been there, done that, trashed underwear...
  19. Those "wet ones" will stop the show every time.. Thanks for the laugh
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