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  1. Rubbertoe has shown up a few times lately. Doc Dean and Seneca seem to have gone missing.
  2. How long ago was that? So far, I've not run into any problems. When this program format was first put into place....I guess about a year ago...they might have the bugs worked out....no biggy...
  3. You might have to log out and log back in...
  4. My understanding is that they do release the names if ASKED, and the name is found to be unused. Using spaces will work, but we had to change our name from woof & lulu to woof n lulu because the new program for the forums has trouble with symbols. Email TPTB and make your request...that is all you can do if you do not want to use a different path. lulu
  5. You could try adding a number to the name, or creatively replace a letter: y for i, k for c, etc. Just a thought
  6. Poor wee thing.......but at least he had a kinder, gentler end then if he had been left out in the wild. Bless you Auntie for your kind heart.
  7. This virtual definetly has the "WoW" factor.......
  8. No. Pity. He does kind of look like a muskrat. But he has long thin grasping mouse-like toes, front and back. Very definite ratty look to him overall, but for that hairy tail. And the giant head. He's still not a happy rodent, by the way. You can't really go by the head size in a baby of any species. Even a human babys' head is 1/3 their total length at birth. I would try feeding him canned milk 1 can diluted with 1/3 can water, and add a couple drops of Karo syrup. Keep up the warm wet washes on the nether end also and thats about all you can do. There is also the possibility the mother abandoned him for a reason....I don't mean to sound harsh....but it does happen...
  9. Its a nice thought SandLizard, but I think the adults here can take care of the problem themselves. Usually I nicely phrased email will recieve positive attention, and the matter is resolved. A go-between would not work well I think.
  10. I think what you have is: Groundhog/Woodchuck especially since he is exhibiting digging behavour. He very well could have crawled out of a tunnel on his own. If he is, the site above will give you a menu of food for him, plus their teeth grow to tremendous lengths unless they have something (piece of wood) to gnaw to keep them trimmed down.
  11. Name is Bob. Bob Vole. Glad he made it through the night with his "sockmomma", and good luck at work.
  12. Hey, that's a great idea! How very clever. He's sound asleep on top of the Mason jar now (got up there by himself), twitching in his dreams. What on earth do you reckon baby voles dream about? And yes, el D, I went out and did a sweep and didn't find any other wildlife. He's not in any way damaged, like he was brought in by the cat or anything. Little animals usually die of shock when that happens, anyway, even if they survive Puss. Though that doesn't mean his mother didn't meet a Terrible Fate. I'm totally mystified how he got here. This is a neighborhood, with yards and trees, but you can see downtown from my rooftop. There is a mucky urban stream at the foot of the hill, surrounded by waste ground that, I'm sure, harbors all kinds of varmints. But that's a good .2 of a mile away. How did this little varmint end up in my driveway? momma might have been transporting the little one somewhere else and something happened....... If you make the sock, dont overstuff it...you want to be able to form a kinda doughnut and put baby in the middle..then cover with washcloth...that should hold heat fairly decently.
  13. You could try putting dried beans or rice in a sock with a rubber band. That can be micro'd and will hold heat much longer. When it loses its heat the vole will still have his body heat to keep the area warm.
  14. Looking Glass Cache My favorite so far, other then some of my own.
  15. This might be more like it...... There is a little angel and devil in us all......
  16. Maybe if you refrained from using the terms pseudo approver and mock approver people would have more sympathy...just a thought... And I do believe the forums are open to everyone, everywhere...
  17. If you are a responsible cache owner and properly maintaining the caching (physically checking them periodically) and in so doing this gives others the pleasure of the hunt, then yes, you do restock your caches. If you are in it purely for the numbers and don't care once you place it, or care only in that it survives, then I suppose you don't. I prefer the former way....
  18. In the meantime you could always try this one This festival has only been around for almost 300 yrs....
  19. They come in here because GC.com gives them the right to put their grievance before a group of their peers. What we have come to learn is: That they are either trying to fudge their way through getting something approved by pulling a fast one. They are leaving major portions of their communication with the approvers out of their posting here. Or, they did not read the guidelines, and after doing all that hard work they believe they should have their cache approved anyway. Take your pick its an old story.....and not one that is stopped easily unless people are willing to do their homework.
  20. Another way to assure that your communication with your approver goes smoothly, is to make sure you read and understand the guidelines of placing a cache BEFORE you send your communications. If you try to get something approved that you would have learned it not allowed beforehand, you will save yourself alot of grief. By the same token, if you try to get approval by covering over certain facts, you will most likely be risking dissapointment. Very often that type of behaviour is what brings cachers into the forums to complain in the first place, and it always comes out that major information was withheld either in the approval process for placing of the cache, or in what is being told to the forum peer group about what actually took place in the communication process.
  21. Much Better ! When you look into the future, what do you see happening with Geocaching.com?
  22. I don't start new threads, and don't ask alot of questions. There are so many active helpful cacher/posters on here who come to the aid of people. I have learned alot without having to start repetitive postings. These people are part of the structure of the forums, always eager to help others, answer questions, and go out of their way...the true Citizen Geocachers. Thanks, and no matter what, please keep up you campaign, you are helping more people then you even know. edit for sucky punctuation
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