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  1. Boy if some thing these forums are cutthroat, they should go read some of the cooking/recipe boards....... Makes this place look like a playground...... Welcome aboard Spamiam......
  2. Auntie your killin me.........my side are hurtin soooooooo bad.....
  3. Auntie Weasel please Her way with words and humor are extraordinary! If you perused her field notebook (which she provides a link to) it will leave you yearning for more
  4. The stone wall locationless calls for a stacked stone wall without mortar. Definately not easy to find here in the southwest. We happened to find one about 300 miles from here, but did not have a camera with us
  5. Why thanks piglet!!! actually the only thing clogging the OT is my hairball.......
  6. A very good suggestion....it would make clear the reasoning of closure.
  7. I believe Carleen was refering to the rants being taken to *geocachinguk.com*, or any other non Groundspeak forum. WE are all up to speed on whats about here, especially carleen. I also think you know very well what she was refering to, and are choosing to be ornery.
  8. Your account status should appear on your cache page on the right side. It even tells you when you membership expires. If it hasn't been updated yet, you might wait a week or two and then if no change contact TPTB
  9. Well, once again, it would help to read ALL the words in a post carefully. I was thinking of the OT "Thread", not "Forum". I was then surprised to see the OT Forum and I knew I had to come back in here and fess up to having thought I knew what I was talking about, when I did NOT!! LOL. Mac Your forgiven....it will take you awhile to be assimilated.......
  10. You know, I've been gone long enough to have forgotten how to look up my member number. Obviously, you have this knowledege...hehehe. Please share!! Mac right click on your name and go to properties.......
  11. Yeah, that was a real tragedy. But apparently you don't understand the difference between 'an act of God' and the incompetence of Garmin. But I do know the difference between acting like a spoiled child, and being thankful (even with a small inconvenience) at Christmas.
  12. Asia quake death toll nears 10,000 Sunday, December 26, 2004 Posted: 3:39 PM EST (2039 GMT) (CNN) -- Massive tsunamis triggered by the largest earthquake to shake the planet in more than 40 years wiped out coastal areas across Asia as far as 1,000 miles away, killing almost 10,000 people. At least you have a Monday morning to wake up to
  13. Kids have a way of sorting through things with innocent logic...going from point A to point B in a straight line.......its us adults that make it so difficult.
  14. It's always sad to hear when something like this happens....at this holiday season, please be careful out there....keep safe and sound. lulu
  15. Well I think with Jeremys self published background on here, it stands to reason geocaching could be likened to a MMOG Massive Multiplayer Online Game.
  16. I think we have sorta become the MMORPG ......... Now were did I put my armor?
  17. Hey.....Im an old lady, and I understood most of that..... MUDs.....multi use dungeons D&D.....Dungeons and Dragons MMORPG.....Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game Ultima and Evercrack are role playing games Evercrack being very addictive I have been told...... Hope that helped.....
  18. You and I have to have a talk, piggy. Yeah piggy.......we have to talk is right.......
  19. Yeah.....there out there...in record numbers here, and something to be aware of at all times. Two of our caches are in big cat country, and we posted that on the cache pages. With all that have been seen, its very possible their territory with be expanding east, the most common food for them here are deer, but in recent years javalinas have started moving from AZ and western NM to this area and western TX in large numbers. Where they go, so will the cats.
  20. I find it amusing that someone who has no finds, and has been a geocacher for 17 days is actually being argued with to this extent.......it would seem to me that someone who has these well formed opinions, in such little time, of the workings of this website has had prior experience here, and most likely with the moderators. The Groundspeak Forums don't have to be fair, they don't even have to exist... If you can't see the advantage to the huge amount of information and experience shared on these threads, then the option is simple.......leave or just lurk. Just my opinion, and I have a right to them......you have a right to disagree....but you must do it nicely.
  21. If you have ever been/feel scorched by someones reply to your post, you definately know what a flame/flaming is........ but then there are those who like to add fuel to the flame
  22. I think it has to do with cache size envy Totem I think this site is amazing, changes are made to meet the needs of the players as best it can, and TPTB actually listens. Does'nt always agree, but at least listens. Change that comes about slowly usually lasts longest, because there is more thought put into it. Quick decisions can sometimes be costly. Well Done Jeremy!
  23. I was going to post that Karmatic could be a cathartic word, but after KAs post about spanking, I am not so sure.......
  24. When you start up your trail of caches, anyone else who comes along and puts one too close to yours would be noted by the approver and questioned. Unless the other cacher is registering his caches on another cache site, then there is little that can be done. As long as the other cacher (if he is using GC) keeps his cache 528 feet from yours, there is little you can do.
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